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Asperger's and Autism are increasingly being recognised and treatment developed, yet there are a number of adults also on the spectrum who are ignored or unrecognised because they are also high functioning. They too need help but none is available. This site hopes to bridge this gap.


Who or What is a Hidden Aspie?

Asperger's Syndrome is part of the broad spectrum of Autism. People on this spectrum see the world differently and can appear socially awkward or eccentric. As it is a spectrum, individuals have different combinations of traits, and experience them at differing intensities. Many Aspies are high-functioning, particularly in their area of expertise, but socially isolated and therefore apt to suffer emotional problems. As their intellects help them to compensate, many higher-functioning Aspies remain undiagnosed or are only diagnosed later in life. As such they have no support to enable them to flourish either at work or in a social setting, and are unable to understand why.

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  • Brains of kids with autism are "noisier" than typical brains The excess “noise” in the brain may help explain why children with autism have trouble processing sensory information and tend to withdraw from social interactions, said senior author Roberto Fernández ...
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  • Oxytocin Inhalation Project A number of studies suggest that oxytocin (a peptide hormone) plays a key role in social behaviour and social understanding. In studies of typical individuals, increases in oxytocin appears to ...
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  • Girls are underdiagnosed Thousands of GIRLS may have undiagnosed autism because they can hide the signs better than boys Figures show that boys are nine times more likely to develop the condition than ...
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  • Brain differences found between Asperger's and autism "Children with Asperger's syndrome show patterns of brain connectivity distinct from those of children with autism, according to a new study. The findings suggest the two conditions, which are ...
    Posted 24 Oct 2013 10:41 by Valerie Carlin
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