Les Amants Bleus Marc Chagall - 1914 

Dans la Nuit - Sans Mirroir

Ils ne savaient pas - ils ne voyaient pas

face a face


You FELT Love! A Superior Love! THE PERFECT KISS – A PACT, reserved to Angels!
Prepared TOGETHER & for a very long time! For two years! Remember!… Rebel Rebel!
A correction! For the Historical Crime Romeo did to Juliet, be it an a-Historical Example
(A Revolution!) GOD KNOWS! YOU called ME, you’ve set My Mouth on this Parabole  
Your hands helped my cheek to reach the focal point of our Kiss many times! no Surprise!
And when My Lips Effloresced at last the Surface (of your Reality), it opened Your Eyes…!

So yep, sorry dear old Bill!… Honestly! Just see us NOW! Romeo can go back to sleep!
I’m bringing a modern El Desdichado’s heart to your Crime scene! Here! Let it bleed!
It’s a just but world of Love Lies! No Poet ever dare say loud: “Romeo was a bastard…!”
Claiming being a pilgrim! Him? Using Such an Old Trick just to subdue a poor Girl unaware?…
Leaving us all blinded, dubitative whilst witnessing only Violence and harsh Social discard?        
His Kiss was the main Lie! Juliet’s Death... the testimony of an egoistic lack of Care!

In one shot! We got experts in this, The Kiss! (the "Elementary particle” of Love Action!)
A Lips Light Touch “transformed" into a Sparkly Look  defiying Physicality or Chemistry!
Believe in a Scientist-Poet! A Dr Strange Love who figured out new “Desire Equations”…!
Love gestures are meant to be that! Realities mixing the Senses SLOWLY Oh! Alchemy
So many simple things in Love are to be reinvented, I even Wrote for the blinds, a Manual!
Cos ALL are blind but US! WE‘VE PROVEN IT: yes, Eyes can Talk! With Touchy Smiles!

Surprised but also spied that night, you last found a safe position so I could whirl, Dance 
All around you. The newly Born Love Bound expressing a Unique Excited Confidence!
Touches driven the Beat: close, hey! not Our fault! Who can resist such a flow of Innocence?
Who can resist to a Love reversely promised by Woman to a Man without defiance?

Since, we kissed twice, Splash! and we agreed we should warn! Stained Chances
In the Painting of a Love-Destiny in Reality Promised to Reveal its real Essence