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Hesperos' Home

Welcome to my crazy, dark, and surreal world!


My name is Todd Lucero Sales, though I am known by many other names. Please have patience with me as you go over my seemingly never-ending babble. I love to talk, first and foremost, so it should not surprise you that I have an opinion on almost everything.


I also love to read, so that means I do not just shoot my mouth like many crazy and unenlightened so-called activists (many of which are still left in my university Alma Mater, UP Cebu) and criticize people or events or countries without actually learning, or trying to learn, all sides to the story before flouting my opinion about something.


Most of all, I love to write. This site is a testimony to the many things I’ve seen, read, heard, or done. If you have the time, please read through my work. All of these may be used freely (if you find them useful, that is), as long as you cite me in your references. Just cite this website in your bibliographic entries or endnotes, or both. That should be enough.


Here you will find different articles about me, politics, genealogy, and everything else under the sun.  I also have poetry, short stories, my almost daily random thoughts, photos, books and movies I've read and seen, and places I've visited. 


Alright, here we go. Read on and if you have a little more time, please tell me what you think. Send me an email  so I will know how my words are received by others.



  •  Xlibris -  an American, print-o-demand publishing company that has operated in the Philippines since 2004. 
  • Xlibris - a company that loves to hire the best, suck them dry, and dismiss them without respect for Philippine Labor Laws.
  • Xlibris - in 2006 a bomb threat was made against Mango Square.  While management told FILIPINO employees to continue with work as the threat was allegedly a hoax, all its CAUCASIAN bosses conveniently had to go home.  What if there was a bomb?
  • Xlibris - I and my team made almost A MILLION US DOLLARS in revenue for 2006, and they terminated me in March 2007 for reasons unknown to me.  
  • Xlibris - after terminating me, still continues to use the PUBCON SUPPORT SITE that I made.  This is a clear violation of my INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS as I made this as a personal project, and nowhere in my contract was this mentioned.