OSGi GPS Map Mashup Servlet for Nokia N800

HOWTO for trying out demo from JavaOne 2007 

Required Hardware

  • Bluetooth GPS receiver that supports NMEA 183 formatted output and serial port profile, e.g. from i-blue or Nokia's LD-3W
  • SD cards insertedinto N800 to store gps logfiles

Install Steps for N800

Running Demo

  • From N800 Applications Menu, start the gps-saver process (Extras -> Activate GPS saver). You should see the Bluetooth icon on the N800 screen turn green to show it is interfacing to your gps receiver.
  • From OSGi console, resolve and start osgimash bundle. You should see these active bundles:

  • Now on the N800 browse to

  • If your N800 is on a public network, follow the link "Check your Public IP Address" on the page. Now that you know the N800's public address, you can browse to that address to see the N800's location from another system, anywhere on the Net.

References for this Proof of Concept