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TNR Program - Feral Cats

We have all seen homeless cats who hang around neighborhoods and businesses in our community. Many of these cats are “feral” – wild because they have had no human contact. They cannot be tamed as pets. They usually live in groups known as feral colonies. "Stray" or “community” cats are homeless tame cats that sometimes join these colonies and produce feral offspring. 

We discount surgery cost to those cats that are unable to be tamed and are living within feral colonies.  This is called our TNR Program, where entire feral colonies are humanely trapped, then evaluated, vaccinated, and neutered. Cats are returned to their familiar habitat to live out their lives under the watchful care of sympathetic neighborhood caretakers.  This service is not available to pets that can be safely handled by our staff, or are intended to be adopted out.  The TNR Program is to stabilize the feral/stray/community cat population.

We accept feral cats only in humane traps, and will decline any feral cat coming in a pet taxi, as this is unsafe for our staff to handle.  We will accept feral cats Monday-Wednesday, and they must arrive at 8:30 a.m. on the day of surgery.  If you are attempting to catch more than two cats, please call the office to schedule a date.

We do have humane traps to catch the feral cats in available for use.  We require a $100.00 deposit, which is refunded upon trap return.  The deposit may only be paid with cash or credit/debit card.  If you pay by credit/debit, there will be an additional $5 transaction fee.

We will NOT allow our traps to be used to take cats to Animal Control to be euthanized.  

For tips on TNR Trapping, please visit Alley Cat Allies.