BEFORE Surgery Information

Pre-Operative Instructions

How to prepare for my pet’s surgery appointment:

    • Be sure to have a place that you will be able to restrict your pet’s activity during the recovery period (7-10 days). Suitable area will be inside in a small room (bathroom, laundry room, garage) or a crate for dogs.

    • For pets that live outside, bring them in the evening before to make sure they don’t eat anything. Bringing cats in also ensures that you won’t have a problem catching them in the morning!

    • No food after midnight the night before surgery. Water is fine, just no food or treats.

    • For puppies and kittens under 4 months of age, you can feed them up until 6am the morning of surgery.

    • If your pet has had vaccinations or bloodwork done elsewhere, please bring it with you!

Check In process:

    • Check In is at 7:30am, at the Newnan Office. Transport locations check in for all pets at 8:30. PLEASE ALLOW UP TO 30 MINUTES FOR CHECK IN.

    • Please leave ALL pets in the car until AFTER you have checked in. There are a lot of animals in our lobby in the morning, and this will ensure that your pet doesn’t get stressed out, or get away from you while you are filling out paperwork.

    • PLEASE SIGN IN UPON ARRIVAL, and then complete an admission form, located on the black desk, and then we will call you up in order of signing in. Be sure to check off on the form any additional services you want us to perform (like vaccines, testing, microchip, etc)

    • You will need to pay when you drop your pet off. We prefer cash, but also accept credit/debit and PayPal. We do NOT take Care Credit or Checks.

    • If your pet is coming in under any special program, or if the surgery is being paid for by a rescue, be sure to advise the admission staff at the desk. If you do not advise in advance, this may result in you being charged for the services rendered. If anyone other than you is paying for the services, we must hear from them prior to check in.

    • Once you have checked in, go out and get your pet, bring it back in and one of the technicians or assistants will take him from you.

Check Out process:

    • Office check out is at same day at 4:00 for the Newnan office, and is EITHER 9am or 2pm the day following surgery for our transport patients. It is important that you confirm your checkout time at drop off, and then be on time for check out. We appreciate your cooperation.

    • Remember to bring your dog’s leash.

    • We will already have cats and puppies loaded in the pet taxis for you.

  • We will go over release instructions. We will discuss individual concerns or treatments with you as needed.

    • Release goes very quickly. Plan on spending about 15-20 minutes total to get instructions, check out, and get your pet.