Grading Expectations

Grading Scale:

1-   Outstanding- Student has a complete understanding of concepts

2-   Exceeds grade level expectations- Student has a better than average understanding of concepts.

3-   Meets Grade Level Expectations*- Student understands concepts

4-   Developing- Student is beginning to understand concepts

5-   Needs Improvement- Student lacks understanding of concepts

*Please note that a 3 on the report card will mean your child is working at grade level.  If they are meeting goals (at that time) for each objective and subject you will see 3s.  If they are going above and beyond the expectations, then you may see 1s or 2s.  See Second Grade Expectations below. 

Math Facts Grading/Monthly Expectations:

We have set a goal for each month with the number of problems they should answer correctly on a 5 minute timed test (100 problems), for both addition and subtraction facts.  Help your child achieve these expectations by working with them at home using flash cards, worksheets, or online activities.

September- 20 facts

October- 30 facts

November- 40 facts

December- 50 facts

January- 60 facts

February- 70 facts

March- 80 facts

April- 90 facts

May- 100 facts (100%- YEAH!!!)

DIBELS Benchmark Expectations:

Students will take the DIBELS test for fluency 3 times during the year.  September, January, and May.  Remember this is not a speed test, we are testing for accuracy as well.  Students need to read at a pace where they can be accurate and understand when they are reading.  Help your child achieve these expectations by reading with them at home.  In November they will be bringing home reading fluency stories to practice.

September: 52 words per minute



STAR Expectations:

Students will be tested 3 times a year to find out their reading level.  Help your child achieve these expectations by reading with them at home.  Please help them choose stories that are in their current reading range so they will have the best success.

September:   2.0 -beginning of second grade

January:   2.5 - middle of second grade

May:   2.9-3.0 - end of second grade/beginning of third grade