Homemade Wheat Tortillas

Makes 8 Tortillas
1 cup white whole-wheat flour
1/4 tsp. sea salt
1/2 cup lukewarm water

You will also need 2 tsp. Earth Balance Butter (melted) and 1/4 cup additional flour.

1. Mix flour, salt and water together to make a soft dough.
2. Spray ball of dough and surface with olive oil and knead until smooth.
3.  Set the dough aside and cover with a warm damp cloth.  Let the dough rest for at least 10 minutes or more.
4.  Divide the dough into 8 equal parts.
5.  Make smooth balls and press flat.  Roll balls in flour and roll out until you have a 6 inch circle.  If the dough sticks to the rolling pin or surface, dust very lightly with flour.  (use just enough to help you roll out circle~too much flour will make your tortilla dry.
6.  Heat griddle while rolling out first two balls.
7.  Brush tortilla lightly with Earth Balance Butter on side that will touch griddle.
8.  When tortilla starts changing color and start puffing, flip over. 
9.  Flip again after a few seconds. Take a flat spatula and press lightly on the puffed parts of the tortilla.  This will help the tortilla to puff more.
10. Flip again.  The tortilla should have light golden-brown spots on both sides.  Do not cook very long because it will become hard.  You need it to be soft and pliable.
11. Keep tortillas stacked together on and under a cloth to keep from drying out.
12. Tortillas can be kept in container on counter for 2 days or refrigerated for 5-6 days.
13. ENJOY!!