Travel to the Tropics

timely tips for travellers to the tropics


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Babies, Childcare, Nursing Homes:

Clear Shield II may help to protect against diaper rash in babies because it can provide a barrier that protects the skin from urine that can cause irritation, rashes, and sores. Even though Clear Shield II™ provides this protection, it remains non-toxic and safe for use on infants. It also provides the same type protection for adults who have bladder control problems. Skin barrier creams are widely used in nursing homes.

Beauty Salons, Nail Technicians, Cosmetologist

Technicians are advised to continue wearing their gloves when applying dyes, since some of the deep colors, due to their unique molecular configuration, may pass through the barrier as well as discolor the fingernails.Food Service Industry

Hospitals, Medical & Dental Offices, Labs, Emergency Service Personnel

Clear Shield II will not provide protection against the inhalation of airborne latex particles.



Tips for travelers to the tropics


How I managed my health and well-being during extensive travel to tropical countries The knowledge and experience I gained during more than 20 yearsof traveling to and living in countries in Africa, Asia and the Caribbean will, I do believe, help you as you organize your travels to tropical areas today

 The information is purely preventive and consists of actions that you should consider taking before the trip and during the trip. After the trip I am happy to return and plan the other one.


It concerns being conscious of what to eat, where to eat, what to drink, where to drink.  In addition, information on how to engage in social graces like handshaking and keep healthy habits is addressed.

  Before the tripmake packages of   almonds, walnuts, goji berries, pumpkin seeds, apricot seeds, whatever country trail mix you like –enough to last throughout the trip (which for me was usually 7-10 days)


Carry an assortment of sizes of glad  ziploc bags, as well as  drinking straws; a pair of rubber slippers/thongs

      Make sure that you have mosquito repellent (Avon's skin-so-soft worked well for me, as well as Cutters); and a good sunscreen


Ensure that you wear your invisible glove (Clear Shield provides great "cover" to hands, see sidebar)


Carry a fan – even though one might be fanning hot air,  the act of fanning seems to keep one cool; wide brimmed panama (folded) or baseball cap/visor  also help to reduce the glare of the sun

 During the trip – the pre-trip ammunition above worked well for me at all times as I was never hungry given the nutmix


Eat only fruits that can be peeled -a source of great enjoyment as there are many fruits in thetropics to enjoy


Always splash the mosquito repellent (skin-so-soft oil)on your skin – exposed legs and arms and face – day and night


Drink beer if very thirsty especially if the source of the water is doubted. Or drink local bottled, imported bottled water is preferable and is usually available – (I would drink quite a lot of water).  REMEMBER - NO CRUSHED ICE IN LIQUIDS...


Use the straws to drink directly out of the bottle if you feel averse to using glasses or cups 


Drinking a lot of water means going tothe bathroom/toilet regularly.

Regarding field trips or safaris, or taking trips outside of the capital city to places there might not be the convenience of sanitation and latrine facilities


I would never, ever wear pants/trousers or a jumpsuit on field visits. I would always wear a very wide skirt and take a lot of tissue paper in my handbag, which is usually very large.   There is a saying that there are four categories of latrine users – sitters, squatters, washers, wipers.  In the field and outdoors, squatting is the preferred method for women, hence the wide skirt


Avoid buffets, flies love them –  only eat  cooked through meats and other dishes, while hot***


Always wear sunscreen and a wide brim, foldable panama hat or a cap with visor for shading from the sun


The protection the clearshield lotion provides helps in reducing hand-to-hand transfer of potential diseases, since the lotion wraps the hands like an invisible glove.   Repeated application reinforces its efficacity and protects the hands themselves.  Even when hands are washed, the protective lotion does not wash off easily


Never walk indoors or outdoors barefooted.  The rubber thongs protect the bottom of the feet from those little worms looking for an opportunity to burrow into the soles of the feet - called the hookworm


Have fun and never be anxious.  Share nutmix, straws, clearshield, skin-so-soft so as to not draw attention tothe fact that you are taking preventive action. 



When you are relaxed, you deal much better with other issues that come up.  Be sure that other issues will always arise.


As for other challenges, especially medical ones, always have the name of a local doctor;  I always, always made sure that I had extra medication as well as a prescription, just in case. Do not carry them in the same bag



These behaviours served me in good stead during my many excursions as part of my duties while working internationally.   It was always fun to share my goodies with friends and new acquaintances. There was no clash with the local culture as nothing was done with disdain or superiority or as a show of a set of dominant behaviours.   It was somehow streamlined and accepted.

Enjoy the world, travel and remain in health 



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