Tarot Readings/Holistic Treatments/Services

Services & Pricing
At The Healing Room we’ll customize a variety of holistic therapies to suit your needs.  Below is a brief description of our services and you can Click here for Crystal & Gemstone Jewelry products.  Gift Certificates are available for specific services or dollar amount.  Gift Certificates can be sent to your email directly
 or directly to the email of your recipient.

Schedule an Appointment / Request More Information:
All services are Appointment Only, here are ways to ask questions or make an appointment.
Ways to purchase: 
We accept all major credit cards, cash and personal checks.  To pay with a credit/debit card, simply click on the PayPal "Add to Cart" button.  To purchase with cash or a personal check, please call (302) 513-1826
                                                                                                                        $40 for a Limited Time for Gift Certificates...
                                                                                                                 Holiday 2018 Special 
     Running a December 2018 Holiday Special at "The Healing Room", Only $40 for any 60 minute Session(regularly $69)  purchase here, then go to
our email (thehealingroomcrystals@gmail.com) Letting us know where you'd like us to email it to - or pick it up here at The Healing Room              
611 Deemer Place, New Castle, DE  19720                                                                                               (302)513-1826                                                           



Special Promotion
45 Minute Treatment with
a complimentary Gemstone/Crystal pendant

Pick any treatment/consultation you like for 
45 minutes  and receive a wonderful, 
energetic gift - a gemstone/crystal pendant
45 minutes + gemstone pendant = $65.00

150 minute session which includes: 
Tarot and Angel Card Reading/
Reiki Healing/Chakra Clearing/
Numerology "Life Path" Session/
Tapping Session and a Quartz Crystal Reiki Charged Pendant of choice 
All for Only $149.00!
"The Big 3 1/2 Hour Combo with Crystal Pendant" Bundle
 120 Minute Tarot/Angel Card Reading with 90 Minute Service(s) of Choice, comes with a Quartz Crystal Pendant of Choice
ALL for Only $200!


Mix and Match 60 minutes Any Service $69
Mix and Match 90 minutes Any Service


Special Deals

$17 Special Rate For Various Services or Retail

$20 Special Rate for Various Services or Retail
$25 Special Rate for Various Services or Retail

$39 Special Rate for Various Services or Retail

$49 Special Rate for Various Services or Retail
$59 Special for Various Services or Retail

             OTHER SERVICES              

We can also Reiki charge our
crystals/gemstones to enhance the
healing and energetic properties of them

$59.99 Special for 60 Minute Gift Certificates
(Can Mix and Match Therapies)
 - Can Be Sent Directly to Recipient through Email or "Snail Mail" -  or we can Print It Out for you to pick up here at The Healing Room 


Tarot / Angel Oracle Card Readings 
In Person or by Phone
  Come in - choose a time frame  and we'll be
to help make your path a little bit clearer...
ble to do readings over the phone (same cost)
send an email 
( thehealingroomcrystals@gmail.com)
once payment is remitted, we will respond with
available phone time slots - for you to choose from.
20 minutes = $30.00

minutes =$40.00 
               60 minutes =$69        

Online Tarot Choose Email or Video!

Readings can now be done through Email
or Private Video, if you are unable to come
into our location!

Follow the steps below to receive your
reading within 48 hours
  • Pick which type of reading you like Below
  • Then pay by clicking on the PayPal Buy Now Button and Select Video Reading or Email Reading.
  • If purchasing Video or Email Reading, send an email to thehealingroomcrystals@gmail.com - with  specific questions you'd like to address.
  • I will generate the reading to your Inbox within  48 hours 
Tarot /Angel Card Oracle Readings & Pricing Online
Private Video Reading: 5 Specific Questions = $80.00

Private Email Reading:  5 Specific Questions = $70.00

Private Video Reading:  3 Specific Questions = $60.00

Private Email Reading:  3 Specific Questions = $50.00

(Emotional Freedom Technique)
By simply "tapping" on specific acupuncture
points on the body - one is able to release trapped  pain emotional, mental, physical  & spiritual                 
30 minutes = $40.00 

60 minutes =$69.00

Numerology/Wellness or Spiritual Consult

 Numerology $69 for Print Out and Session
In Person or Online

Herbs and Vitamins Consultation or 
Spiritual Counseling Session
In Person or Online
$69 Session

  Please Note: We Require 48 hour notice for cancellations           (exceptions made for unavoidable circumstances)
Thank You!


ONLINE  Tarot Card Reader Certification Course
Learn the Tarot and stop spending money on other card re
aders guiding you!  Start reading for yourself and others.                                                                        
ourse includes:                                                        
  • 5 Instructional Videos
  • Reference Worksheets
  • Final Exam & Certification (open book, easy)
  • Able to read cards professionally or for fun!
Incredible Value for ONLY $49.99
Tarot Certification One on One Instruction - In Person - At The Healing Room
If You'd Like to Come in for One on One Tarot Instruction, at The Healing Room.  You can Get Tarot Certified,
In Person for $125. 
Comprised of 5 classes (appointments) with certificate awarded at the end of the course
(Able to split the cost into 2 payments, if you contact us)
Reiki I & Reiki II & Reiki Master Classes!
Become a Reiki Healer!
Teach All Levels (same price)
Pick from:
Reiki I or Reiki II  Class/Attunement $144

Reiki Master Class/Attunement
ONLY  $144

Channelings with "The Collective"

The Healing Room also welcomes Intuitive Counselor
and Channeler, Colleen Boyle.  Along with years of study
in both Tarot and Metaphysics, Colleen has connected
powerfully with her helpers on the other side - otherwise known as"The Collective". 
Spend an evening with Colleen and "The Collective" -
$40 per person for 30 minute session-
$69 per person for 60 minute session
her channelings are done in small group settings.
Have a couple of questions prepared, and know
that "The Collective" is in charge,
so expect the unexpected.  

30 minutes =$40.00 
60 minutes =$69.00

 Reiki Healing/Chakra Clearing  Session
  $69 Session