Tarot Readings/Holistic Treatments/Services

                   Text or Call (302)513-1826                                    Email:   thehealingroomcrystals@gmail.com                                        Contact us at:  www.thehealingroomcrystals.com                                                                                                     (clients seen by appointment)     All Credit Cards/Debit Cards Accepted                                                                                                                                     

Very Special Promotion
Very Special $49 Discount
For Hour Long Appt.
Any Service or Gift Certificate

"The Big 3 1/2 Hour Combo with Crystal Pendant" Bundle
 120 Minute Tarot/Angel Card Reading with 90 Minute Service(s) of Choice, comes with a Quartz Crystal Pendant of Choice
ALL for Only $200!


Special Mix and Match 90 minutes Any Service 

$17 Rate For Various Services or Retail

$20 Rate for Various Services or Retail
$25 Rate for Various Services or Retail

$39 Rate for Various Services or Retail

$59 Rate for Various Services or Retail

             OTHER SERVICES              

We can also Reiki charge our
crystals/gemstones to enhance the
healing and energetic properties of them



Tarot / Angel Oracle Card Readings 
In Person or by Phone
  Come in - choose a time frame  and we'll be
to help make your path a little bit clearer...

minutes =$45.00 
               60 minutes =$75.00        

Online Tarot Choose Email/FaceTime 
Follow the steps below to receive your
reading within 48 hours
  • Pick which type of reading you like Below
  • Click on the PayPal Button and Select Email/FaceTime Reading.
  • Email thehealingroomcrystals@gmail.com - with  specific questions you'd like to address.
  • I'll generate the reading to your Inbox or schedule a FaceTime appt. with you - within  48 hours 
 Email or FaceTime Reading (Facetime for those with Iphones):  5 Specific Questions = $99.00

Email Reading or FaceTime Reading (for those with Iphones):  3 Specific Questions = $79.00

(Emotional Freedom Technique)
By simply "tapping" on specific acupuncture
points on the body - one is able to release trapped  pain emotional, mental, physical  & spiritual                 
30 minutes = $45.00 

60 minutes =$75.00

Numerology/Wellness or Spiritual Consult

 Numerology $75 for Print Out and Consultation Session
In Person or Online

Herbs and Vitamins Consultation or 
Spiritual Counseling Session
In Person or Online
$75 Session

  Please Note: We Require 48 hour notice for cancellations           (exceptions made for unavoidable circumstances)
Thank You!


ONLINE  Tarot Card Reader Certification Course - (Become a Professional Tarot Card Reader for Only $75)
Learn the Tarot and stop spending money on other card re
aders guiding you!  Start reading for yourself and others.                                                                   
ourse includes:                                                        
  • 5 Instructional Videos
  • Reference Worksheets
  • Final Exam & Certification (open book, easy)
  • Able to read cards professionally or for fun, if that's your preference!
Incredible Value for ONLY $75.00
Tarot Certification One on One Instruction - In Person - At The Healing Room
If You'd Like to Come in for One on One Tarot Instruction, at The Healing Room.  You can Get Tarot Certified,
In Person for $125. 
Comprised of 5 classes (appointments) with certificate awarded at the end of the course
(Able to split the cost into 2 payments, if you contact us)

Reiki I & Reiki II & Reiki Master Classes!
Become a Reiki Healer!
Teach All Levels (same price)
Pick from:
Reiki I or Reiki II  Class/Attunement $144

Reiki Master Class/Attunement
ONLY  $144

 Reiki Healing/Chakra Balancing Session
  $75 Session