Events & Classes

Tarot Certification Courses
Learn the Tarot and stop spending money on other card readers guiding you!  Start reading for yourself and others.                                                                           

On-Site Courses
Work one on one -  bring your own new Rider Waite standard Tarot deck (able to purchase at Barnes and Noble or online). Entire 5 week Tarot course cost is $125.00 if you come in to our Location (can split cost into 2 installments). Certificate is awarded at the end of course.

Get Certified in Tarot Online for under $50!!
Purchase your own new Rider Waite standard Tarot deck (able to purchase at Barnes and Noble or online).  Learn at your own pace with 5 instructional videos, downloadable course materials, online or phone final exam and you'll receive your certificate of completion via email.

Video #1 = The Major Arcana       
Video #2 = The Minor Arcana up to 6
Video #3 = The Minor Arcana 7 thru 10 & Court Cards
Video #4 = Tarot Card Spreads         
Video #5 = Tarot Tips                         
Along with downloadable PDF course materials to follow along with.
At the End of the last class, you will Email me a Very Easy Spread you've done for yourself, (that I explain thoroughly in the 4th Video) and your interpretation of it - in order to  receive your Certification.

Reiki I & Reiki II Classes
Become a Reiki Healer, $144 to Become a Reiki 1 Healer, Reiki 11 Healer, or a Reiki Master

Channelings with "The Collective"
The Healing Room also welcomes intuitive counselor and channeler, Colleen Boyle, along with years of study in Tarot and Metaphysics. Colleen has connected powerfully with her helpers on the other side - otherwise known as "The Collective".  Spend an evening with Colleen and "The Collective" - $40 per person for 30 minutes and $69 per person for 60 minutes - her channelings are done in small group settings. Have a couple of questions prepared, and know that the "Collective" will give you the information they feel is the most important for you to know. 

Channeling is a very natural process done constantly by each and every one of us. Our ideas, our seamless fluid conversations with one another, our moments of knowing what to do or what to say when presented with stressful, critical situations is all evidence of higher guidance - of our army of invisible helpers. Gone are the days of sinister, fearful, spooky, dark "other side" superstitions - we are constantly helped and guided beyond measure, and it's time we open up to receive.  

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