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Tarot Certification Courses
Learn the Tarot and stop spending money on other card readers guiding you!  Start reading for yourself and others.                                                                           

On-Site Courses
Work one on one -  bring your own new Rider Waite standard Tarot deck (able to purchase at Barnes and Noble or online). Entire 5 week Tarot course cost is $111.00 if you come in to our Location. Certificate is awarded at the end of course.

Get Certified in Tarot Online for Only $69.00
Purchase your own new Rider Waite standard Tarot deck (able to purchase at Barnes and Noble or online).  Learn at your own pace with 5 instructional videos, downloadable course materials, online or phone final exam and you'll receive your certificate of completion via email.

Video #1 = The Major Arcana       
Video #2 = The Minor Arcana up to 6
Video #3 = The Minor Arcana 7 thru 10 & Court Cards
Video #4 = Tarot Card Spreads         
Video #5 = Tarot Tips                         
Along with downloadable PDF course materials to follow along with.
At the End of the last class, you will Email me a Very Easy Spread you've done for yourself, (that I explain thoroughly in the 4th Video) and your interpretation of it - in order to  receive your Certification.

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Reiki I,  Reiki II  or  Reiki Master Attunement Workshops
(Become a REIKI Healer)
Become a Reiki Healer, $169 to Become a Reiki 1 Healer, Reiki 11 Healer, $199 to become a Reiki Master

PayPal Simple Storefront

PayPal Simple Storefront


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