The Headacher's computer / music related trash. 


This site contains a lot of info that is useful to me, but might not be useful to others. I use this site to keep information I might otherwise forget or for reference purposes. 

I'm not in anyway responsible for any damage to anything that results from using the contents of this site. I upload this content hoping somebody might benefit from it some day, with nothing but good intentions. However, if something does break your system please let me know so I can fix it. 

Vector Linux Slackbuilds: I decided I'd better start using Slackbuilds for my packages so I don't have to keep reinventing the wheel whenever a new version of some piece of software is updated.   

Robot: I've been busy designing and building a robot for a few months now. This page is dedicated to my robot.

Jack on Vector Linux: Jack is a powerful tool for anybody who likes playing around with audio. This page describes how to get and  set it up on Vector Linux.

The Headacher's "music"

Using Madtracker with Wine on Vector Linux Madtracker is one of the best trackers out there. You can use it on Linux if you tweak the settings a little. 


More to follow later.