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The Bag

If you have followed my blog, you probably know about my bag already. If not, however, I wanted to go ahead and talk about it here a little. 

Short and sweet, I'm bringing in some of my modern/mundane EDC mentality ( as well as my long-standing sense of pragmatism), to assemble a bag that will let me carry about a lot of my normal activity-specific eventing items. The overall idea is convenience, but also I want something that lets me walk around an event without shattering the medieval setting for everyone. 

What is in the bag presently:
  1. Illumination/Scroll painting

    Scroll Painting

    Charter illumination was one of my first activities in the SCA, even before voice heraldry. I'm hardly peerage level in my quality of work, but it is something that I do, that I count myself good at, and something that contributes to others enjoyment of the SCA as they receive my scrolls.
  2. Note taking/drawing/illustration

    Notes taking/Drawing

     This isn't a small item, really. After 15 years in the society, and working as a herald, a journalist, a blogger, and a regional officer, the ability to just pull out a pad of paper and take notes is a life saver on so many levels.
  3. Knife Throwing

    Throwing Knives

    I've wanted to get into knife throwing for a while, and decided that now was a good time. These are good enough for me to see what I am capable of. 

And some future additions I am looking to add:
  1. Sunscreen and Aloe (sunburn gel)
    1. Bottom line, even in cool whether, people need this at almost any outdoor event.
  2. Specialty pens
    1. While I don't actually do calligraphy, I do enjoy the feel and weight of a good writing implement in my hand, and if I am writing something for someone else to read, I like to make it look more than just presentable. I don't know what I will look for specifically, but something better than a Bic ball-point would be nice.
  3. Parchment
    1. This isn't overly hard, but it's not cheep. I want to get a box of decent, heavy parchment for the express purpose of people able to pull out my bag and make a nice letter (letter of intent, lever of declaration... hell, I'll even write a small illumination love lever is the pay is good) for whatever a client might want.
  4. Heraldic paperwork
    1. I really should have some court report forms, as well as some blank submissions sheet soft names and devices. 
  5. Some personal medical supplies. 

The Breakdown
 Item Cost Notes
The bag(Christmas gift) about $16.00 Link to Hobby Lobby Listing for this item Messenger bag
Gouache paint(Christmas gift) about $15.00 25 colors, 22 of which are documentable, 18 are common in period scrolls
Brush set(Christmas gift) about $10.00 11 brushes, assorted sizes
Notepad$5.00 for a set of 3 (staples) 9" x 5" spiral bound note pad, graph paper
Pencil bag  (Christmas gift) part of set modern, blue with heavy canvas and zipper
Writing implementsAssorted3 Bic pall point pens (fine point)
2 mechanical pencils
1 Sharpie
Knives$20.00 3 x mid-range throwing knives, SOG brand