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Road (site) Heraldry 101

I have been a voice herald since my second year in the society, when my powerful, booming voice was recognized for its ability for carry over long distances and articulate lots of information clearly. 

In the years since (1999), I have gone on to cry courts, lists, feat removes, and general site announcements. While typically called "site heraldry" locally, I am trying to begin a shift to "road" herald out of respect for a slightly more period term. 

In 2004, I submitted to teach a class at Ansteorria's King's college, this would be the first such class of mine (and one of a very, very few in the known world) to academically teach road heraldry in the classroom setting as a subject with a written curriculum. 

Recently, I was asked to composed a full research paper based on my bullet-point class notes. This would be submitted for review within the SCA heraldic community, as well as peers and GOA holders for service awards. 

The project will never be "done", but the current goal is to compose a single document that can adequately prepare someone for site heraldry at a baronial level event. 

I have completed the first draft of the actual written out paper for my site heraldry. 27 pages long (not counting the appendix with the original class notes), this is a complete how-to from the ground up for anyone in the SCA who want's to road herald a large event.  For those so inclined, there is an XPS file attached below for you to look at. 

Note: this is a draft, and yes, there are a lot of typos. Editing to follow.

With the help of my wife, we have completed the first editing/copy-editing pass on the manual. We also decided to leave off the appendix (for now, anyway). I'll post the next version here later today. 

Also, I have decided to take the advise of a good friend, and make a second version of the document, this one in the "Cliff's Notes" style for a much quicker read. Feeling a little punny, I am opted to call this "Foot notes", in reference to the original comparison. I haven't started it yet, but the overall goal is a quick and dirty, "here is how to site herald on 20 minutes notice" type work. 

Okay, short and sweet, the second draft is up, this one has been edited by someone else. Let the firing squads (caugh...) commentary begin!

Cisco Cividanes,
Jul 15, 2013, 8:32 PM