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The Quill and Parchment

As a writer by habit, I have dabbled in narrative verse, poetry, song writing, history and written letters of merit or recommendation. While I don't ever refer to myself as a "master" within the art of the literary work, I do believe I have a talent with the written word. This is my online library of SCA related works, made available for public review and properly cited, unedited, free use. 

This is one of my largest, and frankly most controversial projects. One of Mooneschadowe's most well known organisations is it's fighting unit, the Liondragon guard, or "the guard" as it is known locally. In early 2013, I became aware that I was one of a very few people who were fully aware of some stories of the guard's history and background. Furthermore, some of the commonly held believes being passed down to our newer members did not correspond with my own recounting of certain events. With this in mind I set out to collect and condense as much of the guard's history as I could into a single document. Needless to say, this was not universally popular, though I consider my commitment to history more important than my popularity.  While there will probably never be a history that is completely verifiable or accepted, I present this work in progress as an honest effort to preserve what still remains of the guard's origins and history.

This is actually one of my earliest heraldry articles, when I was beginning to move from a learning to a teaching process. When I wrote this, I was ten months into my personal crusade to study heraldry in the three northern-most baronies of Ansteorra. A huge portion of the credit for this information is due to the instruction of Lord Kevin Keary of Northkeep.

This was an article I wrote for the local newsletter back in 2009. There had been some considerable conversation about households at the time, and a good majority of it was both negative and horribly misinformed. After speaking with a number of people familiar with the topic, I submitted this article. 

In the fall of 1999, my college English class was given an assignment to “write about how a song or poem affected you at one time in your life.” This document was my answer to that question. While written as a factual account, several elements of the background history have sense been clarified as different from what I knew when this was written. Still, I stand by my account of what I was there for. Also, writing for a mundane audience, I had to more or less gloss over some of the details for the sake of brevity and readability while explained some others in a little more details that I would have liked. 

This is a far cry from my normal fare of writing for the SCA, but I thought it belonged here none the less. After several minor incidents in Northern Ansteorra one year where people were mildly burned, or small fires were accidentally started, a call went out from one of the neighbouring baronies asking for basic instruction in campfire safety. While this hardly adds to a medieval ambience, I felt like it was still appropriate for SCAers who didn't have a lot of camping experience already. 

When I was in middle school, we read a poem called "I am the grass", by Carl Sandburg, I vaguely remember it being taught as some sort of an anti-war piece, but I was more interested in the poem than the lesson around it. (I also had, and have, little respect for the interpretations we were being fed for a lot of stuff in those classes, but that's another story) The following hour in science class, I pulled out a notebook and began playing with some words that were rhyming in my head. Half an hour later I had a good sketch of the emotion I was trying to capture. By math class, I had something. I didn't know exactly what, but when I read it to my classmates, a lot of them were slack-jawed, and even those that weren't art enthusiasts were giving me reverently approving nods.

I pull this out at bardic circles very carefully because I know that it really invokes what most people think of as a modern war setting. But when I have pulled it out, the effects are usually powerful. |

Where Did it Go? (Using OSCAR)
wrote this for my office as deputy for Submitter Relations in Ansteorra. Its intended as a "low-impact" introduction for non-heralds on how to look for their submissions on the SCA's "Online Submissions, Commentary, and Returns" heraldry site. 

This is my own newcomer's class intended for new and transplant SCAers freshly arrived in Ansteorra. This is a .docx file intended for printing and distribution wihtin the SCA.