Sable Flur

I painted a number of Sable Sparrows last year, but this this was my first try at its A&S cousin. While I was at Provincial Games yesterday, Derega worked on a Flur, and produced a stunningly beautiful final product, so when I finished the AOA I was working on, I decided to try my hand at a flur myself. She ribbed me for being shown up by her (a charge I am not in disagreement with), but all told, I wanted to try my hand at this one for some time, and this looked like a good chance. 

I started with my traditional color, red, jut because I like it and am used to working around it. Then I tried the yellow ocher, and I have to say that was an unpleasant surprise. The pain came out of the tube looking like wet, yellow talcum powder, and felt like I was picking up sand on the tip of my brush. Still, I liked the color, so I worked with it (for a LONG tome) and got this much done before I had to pack up with the close of the event. 

(Click for larger image)