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Happy Endings

Happy Endings


Meet Little Billy. he is a  crimson rosella , otherwise known as a pennants parakeet. He arrived in June 2012, at  5 years old and was confirmed to be male and in good health by our avian vet . 
He has dived inside as a pet but was not happy so for the last 18months he's lived in an aviary situation. where he seemed happier,  and so he really needs an outdoor home with the company of other birds with adequate provisions for wet and cold weather. 
Little Billy went to live in Southampton with a lovely man who has several other rosellas. We wish him a long happy life there..


This lovely little pair are Pea and Nut, a pair of celestial parrot lets which are a year old.  
Pea and Nut left us in July 2012  having  gone off to their lovely new life, where there are several other parrots and three little boys  they will have all the attention they could need. We wish them a long happy life in their forever home.
                      PEA                                                            NUT


Bonnie and Clyde were with us from January til April 2013 as they were in need of an aviary home and yet were not acclimatised so had to wait til spring. However as it turned out a lovely indoor aviary home came up for them which was absolutely perfect. we wish them many happy years there.


Bella and Fizz the two cockateils came in March 2013. They had previously lived both outdoors and indoors and were 2 and 3 years old at the time.
This lovely pair went to an indoor aviary with Bonnie and Clyde. we wish them a great life.

                    BELLA                                                  FIZZ


Meet the Redrumps Daisy and Bow. This pair were previously reserved but that has now fallen through and they are, once again, available.
Daisy is the most vocal of the pair and much more outgoing, she "tells me off" if I go to clean out the cage or change dishes etc. she is about three years old according to her band. 
Bow is much quieter and very shy, he has no leg band but we have reasons to believe he is older than Daisy.
Daisy and Bow went to a local family. Where Bow doesnt often leave the cage , Daisy likes to land on peoples heads! After some time out she will make her way back to be with Bow.


MARCH 2013
Sparky has now left The Haven and moved on to his forever home. It was lovely to see how happy he was when  he met his new companion there, another little rescue cockateil called Sugar. He showed this by singing her the most beautiful tune within just a few minutes. We wish him every happiness for the future there.
Sparky has been returned to The Haven along with his lady friend Sugar to be rehomed as sadly their owner has found they bring on his asthma. However, a perfect  new home was immediately found for them before we even got to really advertise them. 



This is Alex, an adorable little ringneck i May 2013 thought at the time to be female.. Alex was part of a scam currently operating in the UK, where she was taken from an aviary when a few month old, her wings hacked right back disabling her from flying whatsoever, and then sold as being tame. Tame she was not, very scared she was, but she couldnt fly away with her wings butchered .
Alexs previous owner was a victim of this scam and when she realised it she asked us to take Alex , she wanted her to have the best chance of becoming tame and having an enjoyable life..Alex ended up staying at The Haven for over a year until moulted twice enabling proper flight. 
On a recent visit to Alexs forever aviary home i was amazed to find Alex was actualy male, his ring must have came through after leaving us.
I have added a small picture of Alexs wings on arrival. This should never happen to any bird.

21ST MARCH 2013
Here is our latest  arrival, Odin, a male alexandrine parakeet whos  past is a bit of a mystery, as he just walked into someones conservatory  Autumn 2012.. Nobody claimed him despite him being reported to local vets, RSPCA and The Parrot Society.  The lovely family who have been caring for him would like him to find a new forever home.
A local lady who came to volunteer here in the hope of learning how to care for a parrot before getting her own fell for Odin and in Spring 2013 he moved in with her and her family. He now has a beautiful aviary to enjoy in nice weather and another parrot to share it with. 

This little guy is Monty, a disabled grey who quite strangely fell out a tree at a guys feet some six weeks ago. he has been extensively advertised as found to no avail so we were asked to find him a permanent new home.
Monty went straight to a lady friend of mine who has several greys, some of which have disabilities so we felt he would do well there with others of his kind and her expertise.  we took him to the vets to check out his leg which was at a 90 degree angle from the other one, but our avian vet is confident this leg has been deformed since being a chick in the nest, and is causing him no pain,and he has known no other way so is best left as it is.  Monty has gone to live with a friend who has several disabled greys.

This is Charliie  the ringneck. Charlie had an owner who loved him but felt he was unhappy, as he spent all day just sitting on top of his cage not doing anything. 
He came to the Haven to learn there is more to life than just sitting still all day. Here he met a female ringneck whose story will follow. Charlie and Ringo have been paired up together, both helping each other along the way with confidence issues.
Charlie and Ringo were going to be handed to an aviary home but unfortunately Charlies wings have been clipped so short  he cant fly more than a few feet. I have taken the advice of our avian vet and hung onto the pair and will look again at rehoming after he has had a moult and hopefully then will be fully flighted. 

Meet Ringo, a ringneck, thought to be female. We cannot yet confirm Ringo is female as the deciding ring can appear as late as 18mths and she is only a year now. 
Ringos story is  sad one, and so common in this country. She was aviary bred and at approx 5mth old she was caught and sold to a large garden centre to be offered to the public as a pet. The garden centre also keep the birds in an aviary and so they are not handled before being sold on.
A local lady bought Ringo as a pet at christmas time along with a beautiful big cage. She brought her home and then spent the next three months watching this poor bird throw itself around the cage in fear  of being trapped in a cage which is a totally alien environment for her.
She rang The Haven for help as she felt the bird needed something different than what she was trying her very best to offer her.  I collected her the next morning. Ringo was so frightened it was over a week before I could even get a photograph of her for the site.

Ringo and Charlie spent quite some time at The Haven waiting for Ringos wings to grow in before both being rehomed to a lovely heated aviary. we wish them a long happy life there.
Ringo                                                                        Charlie and Ringo

This is a group of five delightful little budgies who all live together in what is known here as the 'Budgie Mansion'.  There is Barney and Rubble, the two yellow budgies, Wilma the little white and blue one (who is the only female in the group) and then there are two bigger budgies of green coloring called  |Bambam and Pebbles.
This group of budgies have all been exposed to the Polyoma virus, otherwise known as french moult. Two have actual feather damage from the virus which affects baby budgies, the other three are totally unaffected but as they have been exposed it is possible they may now be carriers and pass the virus to any offspring. It is therefore paramount that this little broup are not bred from and are kept separate from other birds to stop them becoming possible carriers also. It's important however to realise the two affected by it are in no pain or discomfort whatsoever, it has stopped their feathers growing properly so they cannot fly but are otherwise found healthy by our avian vet.
The flintstones with their mansion house are now happy living at the seasid with a very special lady who keeps a little flock on budgies with this disease.

This is Jaz, he was a two year old male  ringneck when he  arrived with us here on  December 2013.   He is in love with a hamster ball and plays with this , pushing it with his beak. His caregiver would put a scarf in it at bedtime and Jaz would climb in and go to sleep. I  found this the easy method to return him to his cage, he will climb on the ball them step off onto a perch in the cage.
Jaz has gone to his forever home where he has other parrots for company. He still loves his hamster ball but im told its now less of an obsession  now hes used to mixing with other birds. We wish him a long happy life there.

Basil the ringneck came in 2014 . he is a lovely enteraining 10 year old  little guy who is extremely tame. He had been with one owner his whole life who gave him up as he was no longer getting the time he deserved. 
He was a very easy parrot to rehome, quickly attracting an application from a young local family. Basil now loves nothing more than to hang out sitting  on the playstation controller with his dad. we wish them many happy years together.

Arriba is a yellow naped amazon, a very quirky bird  who had obviously lived in a house with a baby at some point, her mimicking skills of a baby crying was amazing. She also loved to shout her own name. She came into The Haven following a relationship break up . Being a bit differant from the usual personalities  i thought she may be harder to find the right home for, but the right person applied at exactly the right time, they met and hit it off right away. 
i get regular pictures and videos of Arriba enjoying her new life  its lovely to see how well she has fitted right in!

Buzz the OWA came in in Autumn 2014 at 8 years old  as a very frightened little guy who had lived with his previous owner since he was 12 weeks old. everything was strange and new to him here, and it was very quickly decided The Haven was not a good environment for him to be in. He was moved to a foster home where there was just one other parrot and there he learnt to accept new people into his life and to interact with them could be as fun as in his first home. 
He then came back briefly while we found him a permanent home in December where he is the only parrot and very much adored. wewish him many happy years with his new owners.

Willow the cockateil was in the free paper in the area a friend lived , she quickly asked if she could pick him up as she was worried for his safety being given away. She had sustained some kind of injury to one side of her , his wing had been broken and set wrong, she had a limp and he had a sore eye. The exowner denied anything had happened to him. 
Willow saw the vet the next morning  and had treatment for his eye but sadly he lost the sight in it despite the treatment given. He came to The Haven and went to our vet to ensure he was not in any pain and was assured although blind in that eye and that hed never fly again that he was painfree and ready to find a suitable home.
Willow found her forever home with a good friend of mine who takes in disabled birds. She has a companion now and loves to potter round on the floor .

Popeye the African grey came in in Summer 2014. he was 8 years old at the time. Popeye came from a loving owner but changing circumstances and a new baby had upset Popeye who was randomly flying and attacking people. After a visit to his owners house and a long conversation it was agreed the best thing to do was let Popeye come to The Haven and find him a new home . Popeye came to The Haven and remained here for some time while we waited for the behaviour to surface here but it never did. Popeye then went on to a loving new home where there are no children in the Autumn where he has became a valued member of the family. 

Freddie joined us in Autumn 2014 after his owner downsized to a retirement flat and Freddie could no longer have a large cage. His owner felt he wasnt happy without the space he previously had so asked The Haven to find him a new home. 
Freddie was a very shy but very gentle bird, and was found a home with a local family who he suited totally. Freddie then surprised us all by laying an egg after living there only three weeks, showing she was very happy in her new home. However the name Freddie stuck even after discovery that she was a girl! As Freddie is local i have been able to visit her a few times since she moved.

Pompom , another African grey arrived unexpectedly after a call from a local breeder who had just had a seven year old bird she bred arrive back  at the door unwanted.  Pompoms owners had tried to sell him , but he had bitten both people who came to see him.  I quickly went up and fetched him and brought him into The Haven.  I had a visit from a friend a few weeks later before i had put Pompom up for rehoming, and on meeting her he was ecstatic !  sometimes a bird chooses his new owner and this was one of those occasions.
Pompom is now a part of the family and very much loved. He does still bite as all parrots do at times but in a knowledgeable home where they have the skills to divert his attention away from bad behaviour this is controllable and of no problem.

Charlie the grey joined up in early December 2014 , he came in after a relationship break up where neither party could keep him on a full time basid. Charlie is a very quiet bird as in he doesnt talk, but he makes up for it with whistles and bongs!
Charlies main want in life is to be out of his cage sitting with his person. And from the minute he arrived at The Haven his person was Kerry , one of our staff members. He instantly took to Kerry and on the days she wasnt here took very little interest in me as an alternative.
So after a quick assesment period and a clean sheet at the avian vets Charlie went home with Kerry in time for Christmas as she had a couple of weeks leave booked.
Charlie Grey will still be returning to The Haven, he comes with her on Sundays now the aviaries are back in use after the winter so he can hang out with Lunar and Rocco both who he met when he first came in.

Bobby the blue fronted amazon originally came in for emergency boarding  in Oct 2014 after his owner lost her home. We kept him for several months but sadly the situation did not change and it was agreed by his owner it would be fairer on him to rehome him in March 2015. While here Bobby had not bonded with anyone , but a very experienced home was offered for him where i was certain he would settle. Sure enough as soon as he arrived he took straight to the gentleman of the house and spends all his time with him but has a real dislike of the lady . However having several other parrots and knowing they choose who they want she is happy that he is happy as that is what matters most.

Zak who is now renamed Jack is an Eclectus parrot. I got a call one Saturday morning asking me to take in Zak, it was a very hard decision by a lady who had had him his whole life (10 years).. He had started becoming jealous of her toddler son which meant he was needing to be caged if the son was in the room, or he had to be shut away in a room on his own and she felt it unfair. As i was already in the area a quick handover for the same day was agreed. We were so busy i called on one of our staff members to foster Zak and arranged to drop him off on the way home.
Well within an hour Rebecca was smitten , and when i collected him for his vetcheck two days later she said how lovely he was and how she felt he would fit in great within her flock.
So after another while just to ensure everything went smoothly Zak became Jack and was adopted by Rebecca. As Jack loves to go out in his harness and is great in public you may see him at one of our fundraising events.

Morgan is a blue headed pionus, and spent his first 27 years with the same family. When mum and dad passed away their son took on Morgan but in February felt he was no longer happy as his feathers were falling out in areas.
On collecting Morgan i knew some things needed attention and we got him booked in for the first appointment aavailable. He has cataracts, and he has a severe vitamin deficiency which was causing a skin condition and feather abnormality. His nails and beak were also in need of attention. 
Morgan was not rehomed, he has stayed with a close friend of mine as a lifetime foster so his various problems can be closely monitored and  the costs involved in that  will be met by The Haven.

Sunny the budgie and Freya the cockateil came to The Haven in April 2015. Their owner loved them very much but was moving to go to college and her accomodation would not allow the birds so sadly she had to give them up. 
Sunny and Freya passed their vetcheck and was then able to go to a young local family with two little boys to join their existing flock of a cockateil and three budgies. 

Laurel and Hardy are two little budgies who came to The Haven after one of our staff members seen them being given away without any safety measures for their protection. Once here they had a vets check and were found to have scaley mites so were treated at the vets and again two weeks later before going off to their new home which was found during that time. They have gone to become part of a flock of six budgies in a lovely aviary .

Basil was a very quick visit to The Haven  as he has lived in an aviary for the previous ten years we did not want to stress him by keeping him here where he would need to be indoors overnight, so Basil was collected vetted and delivered to his new approved aviary home the same day. By the time i left hi, he had already made friends.

These two delightful cockatiels have gone to an aviary, good luck.