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Meet the Residents


Sinbad is a 14 year old Senegal parrot.  He came into rescue with a friend of mine a year ago in a pitiful condition.  He was almost starved, he had plucked his feathers out due to stress and had a terrible smell to him.  When he had been fed it was eg pizza and chips.  My friend quickly realized although he was improving with him, Sinbad needed someone who was around all day, with a busy environment to turn him into the happy healthy little chatterbox he is now. Sinbad has not plucked since he came here a year ago.  He goes out daily with the Quakers in an aviary where he struts around thinking he's the boss!  Sinbad will remain here where he is happy and settled.

Sinbad after a couple of months of being in rescue.
Sinbad now back to being healthy and happy!


Pickle is an Orange Winged Amazon Parrot , known to be at least 8 years old.  His previous owner loved him, but, couldn't give him the lifestyle he knew he deserved.  So he made a brave decision to give him up for rescue.  He's only been here a few weeks, but, I have already seen big changes in his personality.  He now meets my other parrots, goes outside daily in an aviary and is happy to take food out my hand.  But, still gets nervous around hands, as he wasn't previously hand tame.  Pickle doesn't talk but has recently started making new little vocalizations. So, its a possibility for the future. In the last week he has started showing interest in playing with his toys in the cage having learnt from watching the other parrots here.


Pickle on the right meeting Big Billie on the left for the first time from the safety of the next aviary. This pair are now inseparable.


Big Billie is the latest permanent addition to The Haven. Billie was extremely aggressive to humans in his previous home bit with a lot of hard work he has now become  more amicable towards myself, but sadly that improvement  has not extended towards anyone else and can still not be relied upon. Since arriving he has paired up with Pickle, their first meeting is shown above, and they have become extremely close. I have decided therefore, it's in both birds best interests to remain with me as a non breedng pair here. Billies behavioural issues will be continued to be worked on on an ongoing basis and progress will be continued to be updated on here.

 Big Billie enjoying a strawberry


Say hello to Jimbo, our most recent and largest resident. Jimbo is a mealy amazon. we are unsure of age but believe him to be at least 12.
Jimbo was given up by his last owner  purely down to noise related issues.  He is indeed extremely noisy, and she was clocking up complaints with the local council so sadly he had to leave.
Before being in that home we are unsure exactly of Jimbos past but both homes agree they suspect he has been beaten with a stick at some point before there.  Half of one of his wings is missing so he will never fly again.  At the previous home of 5 years although they gave him loads of confidence back to the point where he loved to have his head tickled through the cage bars he did not come out his cage by his own choice.
Im happy to say since coming here Jimbo has taken he next step and loves to climb in the cat carrier every morning to spend the day outside in  our aviaries, Here he spends most of the day climbing around and chewing big pieces of wood provided.


Meet Poppet, an adorable but extremely demanding 35  year old Goffins cockatoo.
Poppet has sadly had 3 previous homes in the last two years, and his previous owner asked us to take her to prevent her bouncing out of any more.
Like many cockatoos Poppet has serious overbonding issues, she adores men, putting on a great show for any who visit here. however if this is not very strictly controlled it soon causes misery as she will call persistantly at any time her chosen person goes out her line of vision. this includes you going to work, to the toilet and while you are in bed! once bonded she also sees any other family member as a serious threat and shows aggression flying at you to bite you. sadly with young children in the last home this could not continue there.
Poppet is also very scared of the dark. every night he starts calling at dusk and if you ont put the light on he becomes extremely scared. i have tried a nightlight or a lamp and it wasnt enough, i think because it leaves darkened cornrs in the room. however the overhead light brings him immediate relief and e will settle down and sleep quietly.
Because of the problems poppet has exibited here a decision has been made that he will become a permanent resident here.


This is Keiko,  Keiko has recently started to pluck(summer 2013)  when there is any change is the household routine and it has proved extremely upsetting to his owner. She has therefore asked if he could come to The Haven to look for a new life ,hopefully where he wont feel the need to continue plucking himself.  
KeIko went out on a home trial after spending a lengthy time here without plucking.  He went to a home were another of our parrots had been homed.  There he would have a parrot for company, an aviary to play in on nice days and a family of his own. Sadly after just two nights he was surrounded in feathers he had pulled and a decision was made to return him to The Haven. His excitement when he realised where he was on arrival back was heartbreaking to see and so he will not be leaving here again.


Eric and Ernie are quite the little double act, a bit like Laurel and Hardy!. Wherever Ernie goes Eric is right on his heels. They joined us in Summer of 2014 as permanent residents after their owner was put in touch with us by our avian vet.
Both of them suffer quite severely at any change in the normal routine, and will firstly feather pluck but will then take it a step further and mutilate themselves. This caused huge distress to his owners , and after a weekend away caused little Eric to remove all his wing feathers til he had no chance of any flight and was indeed chewing on the wing itself both boys were granted a place here at The Haven.  As there is a set routine here and the same two faces as caregivers they have thrived, and Eric can now fly again having grown back sufficient flights .
there will be times where one or the other will still feather pick as Eric still does, but hopefully it wont get to the stage it previously did before coming to The Havens environment.

An example of what Eric does when he's stressed and on occasions he will chewed his wing to the point of bleeding.


Lunars story I find  an extremely upsetting one. He was found in September 2014 by a member of the public who stopped in the road in the dark for what he believed to be an injured pigeon. it was Lunar.  How does a plucked parrot which cannot fly at all end up out in the street on his own  in the dark at night?  what a heartless thing to do to any creature!
thankfully the good samaritan took Lunar to my vets, where he stayed a few days and then came to The Haven. Lunar was not tame, and his condition would suggest hed been kept in close confinement as he had no chest muscles for flying. i would say he/she had just came out of a breeding box, perhaps no longer laying eggs or the partner died etc who knows?
It has taken Lunar several months to build up trust in me , although he still wont let me touch him without a grumble. i dont think he will ever become tame as such, but hes learnt going back in the cage when asked means he can avoid touch and getting in and out a travel box when asked (to go in and out to the aviaries) also means avoiding being touched ! Lunar very much deserves his place here at The Haven, we do not rehome birds for breeding or to breeders, and he is totally unsuitable as a pet bird , so he will live out his days here doing his thing knowing he is totally safe here.

                            Before                                                                    After


Rocco came to The Haven in November 2014  following a tragic accident in his previous home.  He got himself tangled in a rope toy and was found hanging upside down by one of his feet in the morning, with blood all over the cage. He had eaten off two of his own toes in an effort to free himself.  He was immediately given vets treatment, but an injury like that is not easy to heal with a parrot. After he made himself bleed a couple more times in the week following by biting it his owner felt out her depth and called The Haven.
It took a couple of months of treatment, daily bandaging, a surgical collar and two general anaesthetics before Rocco could be classed as having healed , as each time the dressings were removed he would try and bite the foot due to nerve tingling in his foot. Within that time due to so much very close contact while unwell Rocco formed a strong attatchment, and it seemed wrong once he was fully recovered to sever that bond and rehome him. So although he remains here at The Haven and very much  part of the gang  he has now been transferred to be my own personal pet as in all Roccos costs along with Charlie Cockatoos are covered by me personally.


Charlie deserves a mention as hes frequently seen in photographs of The Havens birds. Charlie is my own personal pet. he came in 2014  and did not come in as a rescue. He is best friends with Poppet our elderly Goffins.
As Charlie is my own pet all his costs and equipment are covered by me personally and not by any funds from The Haven.


Dollys story is very sad. i believe Dolly to be 5 years old. I was asked one night if i could take in an umbrella cockatoo. Her owners had moved out the house and didnt take Dolly to the new flat as she is too noisy . She had had four failed rehomes in the year previous to that and had kept being brought back. It was horrible knowing she was home alone in an empty house so i quickly arranged to go and bring her to The Haven the following morning , which involved a 300 mile round trip.
Dolly was so glad of company that day  she clung to me on arrival back here , and two months on she still clings to me at every opportunity. She  is still plucking at present.  Dolly is also  extremely loud and i can totally see why she has had so many failed rehomes, this is her seventh home that im aware of and this plucked little lady will not  need to find an eighth.  Sometimes you just know a bird needs to stay, and Dolly needs to stay


Bluebell is a 5 year old female Indian Ringneck Parakeet, she came to me as a rescue in 2011.  She had been a present from a mans wife to him and was unwanted as she wouldnt talk, so was given up to rescue.  It has been quite hard to gain her trust, she is very very independent and for a long time had no interest in human company.  Now, she will climb on to my offered hand to go in and out in her travelbox and eagerly waits for her morning toast and her fresh food bowl every afternoon, she has a fantastic appetite!.

Bluebell is the only bird having ever been given a residents place at The Haven and then moving on to live elsewhere.
It became apparent that Bluebell wanted a differant life than The Haven could offer her. She was always last in every night, and only came in to avoid being left alone. She stepped up only so she could get outside. i the three years she was with me she shrugged off any attempt to tickle/stroke her.
I got a chance to rehome her to a friend who has a beautiful heated aviary , with a green pair she knew from here (Ringo and Charlie ) and with a single blue male. 

Within a few weeks she had paired up with the single male and on my second visit hid from me which i think was a good hint she was happy and wanted to stay.

It was the right thing to do for Bluebell to make her truly happy, which is what i aim to do with all our birds.