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Handing a Bird into the Rescue


Surrendering a much loved pet can be very emotional for both the owner and the pet, but please be assured we will do everything possible to make it as stress free as we can. If at all possible we prefer birds to come with the cage they are used to , so we can reduce added stress to them of changing it at the same time as their environment.  We are available by phone to discuss the surrender process with you if you are considering giving up a bird.

We are aware there are many reasons birds need to be rehomed and you will find we are not judgemental, Our priority is purely to get needy birds the help they need asap. Sometimes parrots can show undesireable behaviour such as biting, lunging, plucking and persistent screaming . We can address this behaviour but we ask that you are totally honest with us about it so the bird can get the right help and have the best appropriate foster placement for its particular problems right from the start. 

While staying here under assessment  parrots will get the chance to spend time outside (weather allowing) in our aviaries. This is often the first time birds ever get to experience this, and it can be a really exhilarating experience for them, With outdoor spray baths, meeting new friends (human and feathered),  regular handling and sleeping or playing on the rope perches in the sun. No birds are  left out overnight. We can build up a picture while here of exactly what the bird needs to be happy in their new home .

We are also happy to take in parrots and parakeets for rehabilitation/rehoming from other animal rescues  not specialised in birds. Please call for a chat.

Alison Little ( Welfare Officer Manager) -  Mobile 07973261377  PLEASE CALL IN THE FIRST INSTANCE
Sarah Hilly (Welfare Officer) - Mobile  07947147492
 Ann Wilson (Welfare Officer) - Mobile 07551903584 
Kerry Bulter (Welfare Officer) - Mobile 07772811180