An Introduction

My name is Alison Little and in 2007 I got my first parrot, Poppy a 12 week old Congo African Grey baby.  My only parrot knowledge was from books, before placing a deposit on him from a local breeder.  But luckily I bought from someone who would not let that parrot go without ensuring I knew how to care for him before he came home, dangers, toxins etc.  Within a very short space of time I was totally besotted with parrots.
I started becoming aware of parrots not all being as lucky as Poppy and the huge amount of parrots who lose their home within the first 3 years of life.  Often when they matured into adult birds with strong wills rather than the cuddly babies they started out as.  I also became aware that sanctuaries and rescues were overrun with birds needing placements.
Over the next four years I took in various privately rescued parrots, and learnt different things from each one.  Following the tragic loss of one of these, Peanut, a little cockatoo that was here for 2 years, I had 4 other birds brought to my attention within two weeks, three of those already had rescues involved.  So at that point the fourth, Pickle the Amazon came into my care, and I also made the decision at the time the best way forwards was to set up as a small rescue. 

In the last year The Haven has grown to the point I decided to bring in three ladies who are as passionate about birds as I am.  They will now
support the rescue and I would like to formally introduce them as The Haven Parrot Rescue Welfare Officers. 

Sarah Hilly

I'm Sarah, I am based in Birmingham and I've recently been lucky enough to join the 'The Haven"
as a welfare officer.  I'm very excited to come on board, I have known Alison for a couple of years now as a friend and also my flock visit for holidays and through natural love of birds and over 20 years experience I have always been drawn to rescue. I have 6 parrots here of my own :- 5 Greys, Ruby, Mr Pickles, Pom-Pom, Bailey and Norman, also I have Bertie my little Sun Conure 
to which are my world and my passion.

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