A Little Bit about Will... 

William Walker Haskell 

I'm Will and I'm the middle Haskell Boy--but the oldest 

of the Haskell twins--by 4 whole minutes! 


  I was named after my Mom's Maternal Grandfather, William Myers, and my Dad's Maternal Grandfather, Walker Moore, but my looks and personality seem to be inherited from my Dad's paternal family,  the Haskells.  Go figure!  I'm a sweet little boy with lots of tenacity and a real stubborn streak.  I love to have a good scrap with one of my brothers or my dad.  You might say I'm a bit of a bully, but with a soft side :)


Famous quotes by Will:



"We're going to 'Derek' Queen!" (Dairy Queen)

"Tomorrow is 'Mario' Day!"  (He meant Memorial Day!) 




Check out what I've been up to lately... 



 May 2008

I graduated from Preschool!  I sure will miss Mrs Cande 

and Mrs Deb and all my classmates :(





April 2008

 Evan and I are playing soccer together on the same team. 

 Here we are at practice!




March 2008

Pajamas Day at Preschool! 




 February 2008

I LOVE to color now!  I never used to care if I colored outside the lines, but now I take my coloring VERY seriously!  I can usually be seen with my tongue hanging out if I'm concentrating hard on what I'm coloring!




February 2008

My valentines from preschool! 




Holding my Christmas gift from my preschool teachers! 



 Hugging Santa Claus!!



December 2007 

Fun sledding and playing in the snow! 



 October 2007

Mommy and Daddy took me and my brothers to Leeds Farm for more fall fun.

 We loved the corn maze, the big slide and the zip line!



 October 2007

Picking pumpkins on my preschool field trip to Leeds Farm




 September 2007 

 Celebrating my birthday at Chuck E. Cheese

September 25, 2007


It's my birthday!  I turned 4 years old today and I wanted a cupcake cake that looked like a 4.  I chose orange for the cupcakes because it is my new favorite color!  I got lots of cool gifts for my birthday.  But my favorite gift has to be the Wii, from Papa & Nana.  I am an amazing player to be just 4 years old.  My favorite game is Tanks, but I also like to play Wii Sports a lot--especially golf, tennis and baseball : ) 

 September 2007

Riding a four wheeler at Uncle Dan's house


 September 2007

I am such a big boy-- I started Preschool this month and I love it!  My teachers, 

Mrs Cande and Mrs Deb are very nice and help us to be creative and have fun.

August 2007

I lost a tooth!!  I was wrestling around with Luke and I ran at him full blast.  Unfortunately, my mouth made contact with his noggin and I ended up splitting 

my tooth in half!  I cried a little bit when it happened, but I didn't cry a bit when 

our dentist had to pull the rest of my tooth.  This picture was taken of me the evening my tooth was pulled.  I don't look to be in too much pain, do I? :)





August 2007

Here Evan and I are at Luke's Tball game!




July 2007

Riding the Merry-Go-Round at the County Fair 





 July 2007

My first visit to the dentist!



July 2007 

 Uncle Mike and I are buddies!  I might have been scared of the water last

 summer, but this year I am fearless!  I let Uncle Mike catch me when I jumped in 

the water time after time after time! Good thing Uncle Mike doesn't tire easily :)





July 2007

Having some summer fun with my good buddy, Evan.




June 30th 2007 

Aunt Sara and Uncle Mike's Wedding!  

Evan and I passed out programs and then boogied down at the reception! 





 June 2007

I got to tag along on Luke's 4H Cloverbud field trip to Marmon Valley Farm. 

My #1 squeeze was there, too...Miss Gigi Bix :)