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Posing in front of Mom's rose bushes

Here we are posing with Madeline.  She will just be 2 next month, but she can easily hold her own with us 3 wild boys.  She's sweet, laid back and easy going just like her 

Momma :)  We liked having her visit with us!

June 2008

Here we are catching up with some of Mom and Dad's college friends at Der Dutchman.   Megan and Madeline were in Ohio visiting us from Florida while Greg was away training for his new job in Houston.  Nate, Hannah & Henry joined us, too, but had to leave before we remembered to get some pictures :(  Sara & Tyler are expecting their first baby any day now!  We took this picture with a camera timer--and we got this shot on the 2nd try!

May 2008

We played our first season of soccer!


For even more pictures of Will & Evan's soccer season, check out the website of their coach's husband.  He has a photography business and took the team pics and tons of snapshots that he was nice enough to let us download for free!

April 2008

Going to the Zoo with Nana & Papa and Grace and Bill!  

Happy Easter!

Nana bought us Mario T-shirts!



Mario and Luigi 2.0

Luke decided to make Mario and Luigi hats a couple of weeks ago...I helped him put the brims on, but the rest of the design idea was his.  Now he decides to complete the look with stick on mustaches and noses!  He sheepishly asked for doublesided stick tape and I had no idea what he needed it for, so

 I told him to use a gluestick.  Then he pointed out he couldn't put that on his skin, and only then  did I realize what he was planning!  Now he and Evan wear their costumes around all the time...the hats have been taped together numerous times and the noses have been omitted in the 2.0 versions.  Will was into the idea for about 5 minutes and then he decided it was too much trouble.  I guess Luke has moved on from his first obsession--Sonic the Hedgehog :(  Now it is Mario and Luigi talk all the time!  Luke's even been begging me for a pair of overalls...hmmm...wonder what he'll want to be for Halloween this year?!

March 2008

Tagging along with our cousin Alex to the Circus in Cinci!

All excited to go outside and play in the snow!

Opening a Valentine Package from Uncle Derek and Aunt Susan!  

It was full of great stuff...

February 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!





 Swimming at the Honda Pool...Luke takes swimming lessons while 

Will and Evan "swim" with Gigi!


 January 2008

Our first time bowling!  We were in Gallipolis visiting with Nana & Papa 

while Daddy was out of town.




December 29, 2007

Taken at Siler's first birthday party... all the Haskell great grandsons!

CoCo Key Indoor Water Park!

December 25, 2007

December 22, 2007

A visit to see Great Grandma Haskell

Our Christmas Card picture...we have bubble beards!

Catching our breakfast at Honda's Breakfast with Santa!!




Taken after Will & Evan's preschool Christmas Program


December 2007

Our first ever Gingerbread House!

December 6, 2007

Helping Mommy celebrate turning 32 even though she was sick with a bad cold!


November 21, 2007

 Helping Nana celebrate her birthday! 

Halloween night: Trick-or-Treat! 

 Our cousin, Siler, went trick-or-treating with us!  Evan was 

feeling a little under the weather, but he soon perked up 

as he got more and more candy. :)


Oh, how things have changed! 


 Luke 2 years old!


 Will 1 month old!                            Evan 1 month old!


October 2007  

A family trip to Leeds Pumpkin Farm.  We even made it through the corn maze!

October 2007 

Playing with our cousin, Siler




September 2007

Celebrating Will & Evan's birthdays at Chuck E. Cheese with Papa Lou, 

Uncle Dave, Aunt Emmy and Siler



 September 25, 2007

Will & Evan turn 4 years old!



September 2007

Watching Nana's brother and sister, Uncle Hollis and Aunt Christine, peel apples 

for the Myers Family "Secret Recipe" Apple Butter!




 September 2007

The first day of preschool for Will & Evan :)




 September 2007

Spending some time in Gallipolis




 July 2007

Fun at the Union County Fair!

July 2007

The Beaver family picture at the Myers Family Picnic

July 2007

The Haskell Boys get their picture snapped

July 2007

Nana and her little men

July 2007

Learning to ride a Segway at Nana & Papa's house

July 2007

Great Grandma Haskell visits!  

We read books together and she brought us treasure boxes to keep 

under our beds with all of our important things inside!

July 4th

Hanging out with our cousin, Siler, after the 4th of July parade!

July 2007

Wearing our silly T-shirts at Nana & Papa's house!

June 30th 2007

We had so much fun at Aunt Sara and Uncle Mike's Wedding!

We got to dance with the bride and then we tackled the groom!!

June 2007

Luke's 4H Cloverbud field trip to Marmon Valley Farm!

May 2007

A trip to the Columbus Zoo!

May 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

April 2007

Our playset is all finished thanks to Daddy and Papa Lou's hard work!

April 2007

Happy Easter!

March 2007

A spring break trip to the Ohio Caverns!  This picture on the left was taken when we were 90 feet below ground!  In the other picture, we are on the playground after we toured the caverns.  It was a beautiful Spring day!

March 2007

Our first warm Spring day!

March 2007

A trip to the Circus with our cousin, Alex!  Luke is holding our youngest cousin, Siler.

February 2007

Building a snowman with Nana & Papa...Luke named the snowman Harry!

February 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!

January 2007

Meeting our new cousin, Siler!

December 2006

Our first ever picture with Santa at the Columbus Zoo!

November 2006

A family picture at Nana & Papa's house