A Little Bit About Evan...

Evan Taylor Haskell 


I'm Evan and I'm the youngest of the Haskell 
Boys--but only by 4 minutes!

 My twin brother, Will, likes to bully me because he is older, but really, I am 

taller and stronger than he is---I just don't like to throw my weight around yet.  

But when I do, he better watch out!  I'm a cute little guy with a strong tendency 

to whine.  But I'm working on that.  Now that I'm four I can do all kinds of new things--including giving up my precious blankie.  But I do still need my 

Teddy, T-Bone :)  I like to have a good time and enjoy myself.  Starting

 preschool has been the most fun--I love going to gym and playing

 something new each time!


Famous Quotes by Evan: 

"Bees make honey by taking 'connector' from the flowers!" 



Check out what I've been up to lately...



May 2008

I graduated from Preschool!  My teachers told my Mom at graduation 

that I had been showing my silly side in recent weeks :)




 April 2008

I'm playing soccer this spring, but I'm not sure how I feel about it.  My mood changes minute by minute--as shown by the pictures my Mom took above!





March 2008

Pajama Day at Preschool! 




February 2008

My valentines form preschool!  Don't I look thrilled?! 




 Pouting at the Honda pool...we've been swimming a lot this winter, but I'm 

pouting here because Will has chosen to get out of the pool, and I 

don't want to go in alone.




 Holding my new book...a Christmas gift from my preschool teachers!






 December 2007

Sledding with my brothers!




 October 2007

Mommy and Daddy took me and my brothers to Leeds Farm.  I really liked the zip line...when I was on my preschool trip to Leeds Farm, I disappeared from the sandbox and my mommy found me in line to do the zip line!  I was getting on the zip line before she could stop me!  Yeah, I'm sneaky like that :)



October 2007

Picking pumpkins at Leeds Farm on my preschool field trip!






 September 2007

 Celebrating my birthday at Chuck E. Cheese!





September 25, 2007

I turned four years old!  Will and I had a blast opening up all our gifts and blowing out the candles on our cakes.  My favorite color is green, so I chose my cupcake cake to be the same.  But Luke is sorta my hero, so the fact that his birthday cake was green most likely  influenced me, too :)  




 September 2007

 Riding a four wheeler with Daddy at Uncle Dan's house




September 2007

I started Preschool!   My teachers, Mrs Cande and Mrs Deb are the best!  I like playing in the gym the most, but I like everything about going to preschool!





 August 2007

 I love my blankie and my teddy bear, Teddy T-Bone.  I happily pose for 

a picture with both of my favorite things! 






 August 2007

  Will and I at one of Luke's TBall games!






 July 2007

My first visit to the Dentist




 July 2007

Uncle Mike tosses me high in the air!  

I love it when he does that :)





 July 2007

Spending some quality time with my twin :)





 July 2007

Me and my silly T-shirt






  June 30th 2007

Aunt Sara and Uncle Mike's Wedding!  

Will and I got to pass out programs and then we boogied down at the reception!  

I even got to dance with the bride!




 June 2007

Will and I got to tag along on Luke's 4H Cloverbud field trip to Marmon Valley Farm!  I got to ride a horse for the first time.   My horse's name was Nugget.  I very much wanted to see the pigs and cows--I even wanted to ride a cow?!  But I settled for a ride on Nugget :)