A Little Bit about Luke...

I'm Luke Michael Haskell and I'm the oldest of the Haskell Boys! 

I love numbers, LEGOS, video games and reading. I just finished Kindergarten, so I'm an official first grader now!  I loved school, but I have plenty to keep me busy this summer.  I am going to spend a weekend with Aunt Sara and Uncle Mike, attend VBS, join my 4H club for outings, vacation in South Carolina with Uncle Derek and Aunt Susan, celebrate my 7th birthday, crash at Nana & Papa's house and swim, go the county fair, go to King's Island and Great Wolfe Lodge, play YMCA Baseball and more!  My Mom and my brothers and I are all going to complete the Summer Reading Program at the library, too.  We can't wait to earn our free T-shirts! :)



Check out what I've been up to lately...

May 28, 2008

Kindergarten Celebration 

Me and all my Kindergarten classmates singing songs.  

Check out our leis and grass skirts!  



I had such a fun time at my Kindergarten Celebration!  We sang songs, tossed water balloons, hit a pinata, blew bubbles, played tag, had a dance party and made a craft, too.  My favorite thing was the pinata.  I really knocked it good on my second turn --candy went flying out everywhere!


                 Take that, pinata!


      I'll miss Mrs Springer next year :(

Time for one last class picture before we leave for the day...




Mother's Day

Me and my mommy with the gifts I made for her!

February 2008

My valentine swag from school!

January 2008

I lost my first 2 teeth!  They have been loose for months, but while wrestling 

with my dad and brothers, they both got knocked out!  My permanent teeth are already growing in!

December 2007

Fun in the snow with my brothers!

October 2007

My favorite thing to do at Leeds Farm was the zip line.

FLASHBACK to 2005...

October 2005

My preschool trip to Leeds Farm...I was 4 years old!

October 2007

I went fishing with Papa Lou--and we caught lots of fish!

September 2007

Riding a four wheeler with Daddy at Uncle Dan's house!






August 2007 

 I just started Kindergarten at Northwood Elementary!  On my first day of school, I sat down and got right to work as soon as my Mom and brothers dropped me off! I really like my class and my teacher, Mrs. Springer.  She makes learning fun by giving us stars to take home if we show "star behavior".  The picture above was taken on my first day of school wearing my construction hat because I was on "Springer's Crew"!  I really like school :)




 July 27, 2007


I just turned 6 years old and here is a picture of me with my birthday cake!  I wanted green cupcakes made into the shape of a six, and my Mommy made it happen :)  I got lots of cool gifts for my birthday.  Thanks, everyone!














 Summer 2007

I played my first season of YMCA Tball this summer!  I really liked hitting the ball, but playing the field was my favorite part of the game! 



 I also went to Cloverbud 4H Day Camp!  I had lots of fun making crafts and learning new things.  Here I am displaying some of the things I made--the flip flops and tie-dyed shirt--and holding the rosette I earned for going all week long!



Also this summer I loved going to Nana & Papa's pool!  The last couple of years I've been too timid to enjoy myself, but this summer I relaxed and had a great time in the pool with my brothers!  I even ventured into the deep end while wearing my swim vest.  By next year, I'll be swimming laps! :)

I also went to see a Columbus Clippers game with Daddy this summer.  It was dime-a-dog night!  I had fun and even got a Clippers pennant to hang up in my room!  



Another big thing that happened to me this summer is that I learned how to ride my bike without training wheels!  I took my bike to Nana & Papa's house and practiced on their long driveway--it didn't take me long to balance and figure out how to ride.  I still need practice, but I'll be riding great before long!













  June 30th 2007


 I was the ring bearer for my Aunt Sara's and Uncle Mike's wedding!  My brothers and I danced the night away on the dance floor.  We all had a great time and lots of people told me I looked handsome in my tux.  Sara and Mike looked pretty nice, too! :)








 June 2007

A 4H Cloverbud Field Trip to Marmon Valley Farm!  

I rode on a horse named Angel.

June 1, 2007

Graduation from Trinity Lutheran's Alternative Kindergarten




 May 2007

I helped Aunt Sara open gifts at her Bridal Shower in New Philadelphia.  

 I also got fitted for my tux and got to hang out some with Uncle Mike.





 January 2007

Luke's 100th day of Alternative Kindergarten!