Ugli Donut Beds

The original bunny donut bed that I invented in 2011 and began selling in 2012.
My inspiration for inventing the Ugli Donut was our precious Cassie. The first ones I made were for her as she was a tripod and Bibble 
kept peeing on the cat beds and pillows I bought for her. 
She was willful, independent, and brave. 
I will miss her forever.

Bunnies will sometimes wee on a cushion or pillow, but they tend to not wee on a doughnut shape if it is hollow inside. 

I suppose this is because it replicates the feel of when they nap or relax together, as they will often lean against each other or lay in a pile with one on top of the other crossways. 

In that way it must be comforting. Bunnies like the feel of wool and are unlikely to chew or eat it. 
Also male bunnies tend to wee in a bed with raised sides and a bottom in it - but not in one that's hollow inside. I have a few who will wee on flat cushions as well. No one has yet weed in an Ugli Donut in our house or outdoor runs!

All are machine washable wool or hand wash cycle, cold water, and hang dry.

 All bunnies will enjoy one, and they are very good for a 3 legged rabbit (which is why I started making them - for our tripod Cassie), or bunnies with head tilt. 

Cats and smallish dogs will also enjoy a donut bed. Its shape encourages sleeping in the half moon shape they so love to nap in. Couples can snuggle in the loaf shape. 
All made with the softest of materials and pet and child safe stuffing.
All the fillings that I use for my products are clean, of exceptionally good quality, low environmental impact, and British sourced. 

No animals have been harmed in the making of any of my products. Wool is trimmed from sheep in spring when it is warmer weather and they live a healthy free range life in the UK. 

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