Other Bunny Beds

What's different about the beds I make? No foam for one thing, and nice thick fabrics for another. Foam (synthetic rubber) is toxic to bunnies and they do like to chew it. My flat beds are filled with British made quilt wadding. Also I anchor them in with sewing to make the insides stay put when washing.

Buggs in Italy enjoying his soft flannel cotton mattress bed.

Treacle bouncing and running on a flat mattress bed.

crochet bunny mats
A nice flat mat bed for your bunny that you can put on the sofa, bunny's favourite chair, or your bed. You can put it beneath the Ugli Donut bed too. 
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Bibble in his Ugli Donut on his mat
 Flat Bunny Mattress Beds

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Some bunnies like to lay on a flat mat bed. This one is big enough for a large bunny to relax on as well as multiple smaller bunnies.
The mat can also be put to other uses: as a carrier liner in larger carriers, on the sofa or your bed to keep fur off, as a big cool pad cover on very hot days, in outside bunny houses for sleeping (all our outdoor bunnies here at the sanctuary live in big aviary runs or sheds with houses that have beds in them). 

The fabulous Onion in Somerset enjoying his flat bed from my shop.