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nearly 400 items sold since April 2012

"Thank you SO much, not only is it (the donut) such good value for money but my buns love it already!"

"I highly recommend thehareapparent to anyone interested in their bunny's comfort. The bunny bed [Ugli Donut] is so well made, soft, & snuggly! This arrived in the USA from the UK so quickly & I couldn't wait to give it to my bun, Yuki. Yuki showed interest in the donut from the moment I presented it to her...sniffing it all over & she climbed right in! Thank you so much ... from both me & my bunny!"

"This item [Bun-velope] is truly amazing, wished we had one when we first got our buns! We have a nervous little bun who hates being picked up and carried. This has made him, and us, more comfortable as the handles mean its close to the floor if he jumps out. Thanks so much for this great item!!"

"My rabbit loves it and so do I! Many thanks, I am very happy to support your shop and your cause ♥"

"I am so happy with this! It's so cute and really well made, my bunnies actually started using it right away."

"I have a little 3 pound lop and a 9 pound rabbit, and this fits them perfectly to snuggle together. This has become the little one's new sleeping spot. As always, this is very well made. I would highly recommend this, great rabbit bed."

"Lovely and sweet, well-constructed bed [Bunny Hugger] for my rabbit, can double as a carrier liner. I have bought a number of things from The Hare Apparent because it's all well-made, rabbit-friendly and benefits a great cause."

"Just received it today and my rabbits love it! Thank you!!"

"This is my 2nd Bun-velope. They're marvelous as beds, blankets and carrier liners. Beautiful and well-made. Love this product!"

"1st bunny got a donut, kitty was stealing bunny donut. Soooo Had to get kitty just hers. Crime has stopped! Two babies very happy. And so i am. Always come wrapped with care and pretty fast ship from UK to USA. "

"Thanks again, the bunnies love their new beds."

"Second purchase from this seller. Very, very pleased. Beautiful fabric, sturdy construction, rabbit-approved. Fast shipping from the UK to US. Thank you so much!"

Why buy a bed from my shop for your bunny?
  1. It's handmade of wool or acrylic, and stuffed with wool or recycled polyester woolly stuffing, which they are very unlikely to eat
  2. None of my beds contain any foam, which can harm your rabbit if eaten
  3. Buying these beds is good value for money
  4. I am as environmentally green as is possible and animal ethics is important to me with materials, manufacture, and even shipping bags are made from recycled plastic
  5. You will help support our bunny rescue sanctuary
  6. I am a cottage industry, everything is made right here in England by myself and my two knitters from very high quality materials
  7. I campaign to improve the lives of rabbits in the UK
  8. Here is a pet bed of comparable size to the medium sized Ugli Donuts, for sale for £25 at a leading large "discount" retailer, made of polyester ("suedette") which can harm your rabbit if eaten, and containing foam in the bottom: