Lifestyle Solutions for Bunnies

Ugli Donut washbag £8.00
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Large drawstring washbag made out of British sailboat strength ripstop nylon mesh, with a thick organic cotton drawstring. Custom sized for Ugli Donuts and large/giant sized Bunny Huggers. Made right here in The Hare Apparent workshop. They will keep your bunny beds safe and sound in the washer and help them to keep their shape and prevent napping of the wool.
Measuring 22 by 22 inches lying flat (44 inches total width circumference).

hand knit sweater for elderly, poorly, or self chew bunnies size Large £5.00
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Hand knitted jumper for bunnies who over groom themselves, or for post op girl buns to discourage chewing their stitches. It can also be used to keep an unwell or elderly bun warm. It is made of soft acrylic and this one will fit a larger bun. In pastel stripes as in the first photo. The model wearing a green and orange sweater is our Herman, who weighs 4.8 kg and is a stocky German Lop. The sleeves will easily roll up and stay put and so will the bottom edge for a smaller but equally stocky bunny. 
The acrylic is not fuzzy so it should not irritate the wound of a post op bunny.
Post op buns will be feeling a lot less energetic and so are more likely to wear it without being fussy about it. Herman actually surprisingly tolerated wearing it just fine and had he not been modelling it for me to sell he would probably have worn it all night.
 cool pad covers £4.00 each
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*come in many choices of fabric
*snug fitting to resist chewing
*fit the Scratch and Newton cool pad (UK)
USA customers, I can include a cool pod if you want one, in a custom listing with the cover, just ask. The cool pods cost £8 new and shipping is another £10 (because they weigh 600g, which is over a pound); it will take up to a week extra as I have to order them from the company and wait for delivery. Send me a message and let me know if you want one and I will create the listing with the cover + pod.