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Bunny Hugger Beds

About this bed:

I invented it, as I did the Ugli Donut, as something supportive for our tripod bunny, Cassie. But I realised, like the donuts, 
it also will be nice for any bunny to enjoy. At right is a beautiful rescued bunny named Magic, who lives at a different rescue
sanctuary than ours. She is enjoying her own Bunny Hugger bed. I have sold several of these beds to vets, who
bought them for their own bunnies.
Bunnies like to lay on wool and other knitted fabrics such as acrylic, and they are much less likely to chew or eat wool or acrylic 
than other fabrics (cotton, viscose, and linen are plant based and as such quite chewable). 
Wool and acrylic are also water resistant, fast drying, do not hold onto odours, and are good at temperature regulating. 
And it is highly unlikely a rabbit will eat acrylic or wool. None of ours have. 
A bunny will find this shape comforting and supportive to lay between, especially if they are feeling poorly, 
are lonely, are 3 legged or with head tilt. I suppose this is because it replicates the feel of when they nap or 
relax together, as they will often lean against each other. Also handy to stabilise them when clipping their nails. 

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