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Childrens Cupcake Parties

The Happy Cupcake Kitchen offers Children's Cupcake Parties perfect for all ages!

We bring pre baked, homemade Cupcakes and fluffy butter icing for your little ones to create beautiful yummy cakes!

Your Cupcake Party will include:

All decorating supplies, We bring all bowls and equipment needed, and take them away so you dont have any mess or washing up!!!

The Aim of Your Cupcake Party is:

fUN - The parties and fun and creative! Children love to decorate and eat their mini works of art!!

The Cupcake Party might just inspire the next James Martin or Nigella Lawson!

Who will love a Cupcake Party?
Perfect for all children, girls and boys!

All ages from 4 + 


We offer 2  price options for Childrens Cupcake Parties;
Cupcake Party ONE     £15.95 per person    
  • Includes 4 pre-made, homemade cup cakes for each child
  • Pre-made butter icing,
  • Use of icing bags and cutters
  • Lots of Sugar paste colours
  • Sugar paste to create shapes for decorations
  • Gift box to take their cakes home.
Cupcake Party TWO     £21.95 per person    
  • As per "party package two" but with the addition of a Candle lit Giant Birthday Cupcake to serve 20 people