Citizens' Choir

The choir , initially formed in March 2012 as an attempt to provide a choral contribution to a gospel concert, has been adopted by the Band Association and formally became the Parrsboro Citizens' Choir in May 2012 and is now a vital and energetic part of the Parrsboro Band Association.

At its first performance after the gospel concert, the choir dispelled any belief that it would be a 'gospel choir' by performing a series of secular pieces which surprised many with the challenging and entertaining repertoire.

Since its inception the choir has sought out additional opportunities to perform, appearing at the annual tree lighting celebration, at Ottawa House on Canada Day with the band, at the annual Spring and Christmas concerts, at the band stand on Band Day and indeed on its own one Sunday evening.   For the past two years it has been seen up and down Main Street, caroling in various businesses in support of the Board of Trade's annual 'Heritage Weekend'.
The choir even went to far as to perform a 'flash mob' in the Co-op before moving up to the Care Unit to perform for the residents there.  

In 2014 the choir staged its first full choral concert and repeated it again in 2015 and even more successfully in 2016.

The choir is  non-auditioned community group and is open to any and all who simply enjoy singing.   Members do not necessarily need to be able to read the music (as they do learn as they rehearse and perform).    The intent of the choir is that the choir will perform to a high level which retaining its single goal:  to have fun.

The choir rehearses only twice a month, on the second and fourth Thursdays and the doors are open to anyone who wishes to just come in and join.

Currently the choir is in hiatus due to the health restrictions imposed by the Covid 19 crisis.  Rehearsals will resume when it is deemed safe to do so.

If there is anyone willing and able, and who might like to participate in this vibrant and fun group, please come out and join us.  We would love to see you.

If you are interested in more information about the choir, visit

09 October 2020

The choir has just completed it's first ever virtual, socially-distanced performance.   What started with a great deal of trepidation on the part of most ended up being a fun way of reconnecting everyone in the middle of the pandemic shut down.  We are now going to take on another.

To view this performance you can go to the Live Web Events page, Virtual Open Mic X or you can follow this link:

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01July 2019

The Parrsboro Citizens' Choir once again represented the Band Association at the Canada Day celebrations at Ottawa House.  While the weather failed to cooperate completely a good turnout sang along as the choir presented several much loved tunes.

There was of course a special anniversary piece of music prepared by the choir to recognize the 100th anniversary of the Handley-Page crash landing.    The audience responded with laughter when we tore off into a rendition of "Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines"

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14 June 2019

The Parrsboro Citizen's Choir was one again pleased to be part of a celebration of Spring into Summer in Springhill on Thursday evening, June 13th.  

In what is becoming an annual event the choir was one of three choirs and a men's vocal group, along with several solo and duet performances to celebrate an evening of song.    The evening was capped with all the voices joining together for two songs being performed by close to 80 voices, and of course the audience joining in with pleasure and enthusiasm.
(See one of the performances by the massed choir here.)

Many thanks to Jim Scopie for once again inviting us to participate and enjoy this wonderful evening of music.
(Photos courtesy of Rick Sylvester)
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08 July 2018

Saturday night saw the Parrsboro Citizens' Choir out to take part in the festivities of OFSN.   Starting at the bandstand to see the unveiling of the fabulous new sculpture which will grace the corner of the park, they had to skip the cake and treats to move down to the bank parking lot to spend the next 45 minutes providing participants with a variety of old rock'n roll songs.

It was great fun to once again participate in this event which saw perfect, if breezy weather fill Main Street with a great crowd.

One more summer event awaits the choir's participation:   Band Day at the bandstand on July 22nd.
(Photos courtesy of Dearran Towns and Ruth MacLean)
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01 July 2018


Canada Day celebrations were held once again this year at Ottawa House, and once again the Parrsboro Citizens' Choir was in attendance to provide some musical entertainment and lead the attendees in the singing of the national anthem while the flag was being hoisted.

Musical selections were made which would encourage audience participation in the singing, and one medley of tunes remembered the 100th year since the ending of WW I. 

The choir is pleased and honoured to be included in this celebration every year, looking forward to being able help celebrate Canada's birth date.

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26 May 2018

The annual Spring concert at The Hall was well attended and the community music programmes being offered by the Association were well represented.    The choir opened the evening with several numbers, covering a wide variety of genres, tempi and styles and was well received by a very appreciative audience.
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23 November 2018

The annual tree lighting at the bandstand attracted a large crowd again this evening, all willing to brave the extreme cold to kick off the festive season here in town.   The Board of Trade is to be commended for organizing this terrific event which, brief though it might be, reflects a great deal of hard work and volunteer time in order to create a unique evening.

Once again the Parrsboro Citizens' Choir represented The Hall, leading children and adults alike in a selection of seasonal favourites and it was encouraging to hear many of those in attendance joining in with the singing.

To finish the evening off in grand style, it would appear that most who were at the tree lighting headed up to The Hall immediately afterward as 70+ people were in attendance for the free holiday movie presented by the Band Association making this truly a community event.   All enjoyed seeing "Home Alone", reported to be one of the funniest 'kids' movies for the holidays of all time.   

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08 July 2018

Saturday night saw the Parrsboro Citizens' Choir out to take part in the festivities of OFSN.   Starting at the bandstand to see the unveiling of the fabulous new sculpture which will grace the corner of the park, they had to skip the cake and treats to move down to the bank parking lot to spend the next 45 minutes providing participants with a variety of old rock'n roll songs.
It was great fun to once again participate in this event which saw perfect, if breezy weather fill Main Street with a great crowd.

One more summer event awaits the choir's participation:   Band Day at the bandstand on July 22nd.
(Photos courtesy of Dearran Towns and Ruth MacLean)
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02 July 2018
Once again this year the choir was able to participate in the community Canada Day celebrations at Ottawa House, presenting a varied half hour repertoire prior to leading the participants in the national anthem while the flag was being raised
The choir looks forward to this event every year as it performs music well outside its normal repertoire.

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14 January 2018

The local health authority held a day to promote healthy, active living, featuring groups and individuals instructing various types of activities which would keep people involved and active.   The event was held at the Fundy Geological Museum and both the Citizens' Choir and the King Street Strummers were featured as activities in which members of the community could become involved.
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20 December 2017

Once again this year the Citizens' Choir participated in the annual Christmas Concert at The Hall.   This year's repertoire featured novelty numbers, some sacred pieces and a performance of the Huron Carol in the original Wendat, the language of the Huron nation in which Brebeuf wrote it, accompanied only by a single drum.

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1 July 2017
The Parrsboro Citizens' Choir once again participated in Parrsboro's celebration of Canada Day at the Ottawa House, providing a mini-concert to kick off the festivities, and leading those who gathered in Oh Canada at the flag raising.

There was a remarkably good crowd on hand, considering the weather and the choir's performance was well received by all.

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27 May 2017
The annual spring concert at The Hall was the best attended in recent memory with an almost full house.   The attendees were treated to some terrific music by the choir, the King Street Strummers, the Jazz Ensemble and the Elastic Big Band.   A completely successful concert of 'home grown' community based music.

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20 November 2016

The Parrsboro Citizens' Choir participated Saturday night in the Ships Company annual Christmas show.   An annual event that marks the beginning of the Christmas season the Ships show has been running for 32 years and is a fun filled night celebrating Christmas.  

This year, for the first time, the Parrsboro Citizens' Choir was invited to participate and closed the first half of the programme, performing three seasonal tunes, concluding with "Silent Night" in both English and German to the delight of the audience.

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(Photo courtesy: Jacquie Wilson)

The Parrsboro Citizens' Choir participated for the first time in Old Fashioned Saturday Night, kicking off the festivities at 6:00 pm from the porch of "From Away"....fortunately.   The first few drops of rain began falling just as we began to sing, and then the skies opened, ending up pouring down, while the sun shone.   However the choir carried on, performing a series of rock'n roll, folk and other popular favourites from the 50's and 60's.   Warm applause was heard from those huddled under shelter and within range to hear.

Our next venture will be (we hope) be participating in the Old Home Week parade on July 13th.

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02 July 2016

The Parrsboro Citizens' Choir helped the town celebrate Canada Day at Ottawa House again this year, performing in front of an appreciative and enthusiastic turnout.   Many favourable comments were made on the turnout and performance, and the nice new 'Canada Day' look of the white or red tee shirts for all, featuring the logo of The Hall

The choir will next perform this evening on the porch of 'From Away' for Old Fashioned Saturday Night, singing some old rock'n roll so come out to hear, and join in the fun.

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17 April 2016

For the second time this week The Hall was filled with music, and people.   The third Choral Concert featured the Citizens' Choir, the Parrsboro Elementary School choir under the direction of Elizabeth Estabrooks and the all female barber shop choir 'The Cobequid Funtones'

The evening was filled with great music from a wide number of genres.   The children performed four wonderful numbers, most of which had the entire audience laughing and applauding wildly at the end in appreciation.

The Funtones provided another wide variety of music, featuring tight harmonies, totally a capella (without accompaniment).   The enthusiasm and joy of this group was contagious as they performed.   it was a privilege to be able to host, and hear them.

The choir hosted the visitors to a light luncheon afterward which was greatly appreciated as apparently few of them had managed to get a meal before the performance.

It was a wonderful evening of music, with many compliments received from the audience on the quality, variety and completely evident joy in singing by all participants.

(Photos by Jacquie Wilson, Sharlene Lake and Margo McCully)
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15 November 2015

The Board of Trade holds its annual Vintage Christmas weekend on the weekend of the Tree Lighting and once again this year the Parrsboro Citizens' Choir participated in the event by visiting each business on Main Street, caroling for the entertainment of all.

From the comments heard and the reaction on social media (with two videos posted from the Anglican Church Hall and Tim Hortons) once again their efforts were appreciated and enjoyed.   In fact, others decided to join in the festivities and sing along with the group.

Another fun community event to which the choir added a special 'note'

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9 September 2015

A ceremony was held today at Ottawa House recognizing and celebrating the date upon which Queen Elizabeth became the longest reigning monarch of the modern era.

Initiated by the town, which was the first community in Canada to contact Ottawa about holding such an event, and hosted by the Historical Society, the choir was pleased to have been invited to participate, performing the National and Royal anthems.
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1 July 2015

The Parrsboro Citizens' Choir performed this afternoon at Ottawa House as part of the Canada Day celebrations marking the 148th birthday of our great nation.  An excellent turnout for the festivities expressed their appreciation and admiration for the performance by the choir, with many compliments on their tuning, repertoire and sense of fun.

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12 April 2015

Saturday night saw The Hall filled to capacity for the second choral concert to be held.   The Citizens' Choir opened and closed the evening with a variety of choral presentations which tested their skills to the limit.   Their final number of the evening called "What Is Life" was a dramatic and moving presentation.

Featured for the evening was a vocal quartet from Oxford.   These four talented and dedicated ladies call themselves "4 Fun" and the two sets they performed proved beyond a doubt they they not only sing for fun, but they are great fun to listen to, providing a variety of music drawn from all genres and delivered in a 'barber shop' style.   A wonderful addition to the evening we hope they will consent to return at some point in the future.

One of the highlights of the evening was a performance by the choir from the Elementary school.   The children sang with authority and enthusiasm, entertaining all present with their very clever presentations.   Their teacher, Elizabeth Estabrooks, is to be commended for bringing their wonderful talents to the forefront.   They were joined in their final number by the adults of the Citizens' choir for a delightful rendition of "Do Ra Me".

The audience was treated to a surprise closing with the performance of a reworked sea shanty with Martin Langford leading, Rob Bentley and David Towns providing the supporting vocals.   No one who was present will ever forget their rendition of  "Haul Away Snow"

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15 November 2014
Citizens' Choir Regales Main Street

Eighteen members of the Parrsboro Citizens' Choir spent two hours this evening visiting businesses up and down Main Street, celebrating the "Vintage Christmas" in song.

A clear cold evening, mercifully without wind or precipitation made the trek actually enjoyable for the choir and hopefully for those who stopped to listen, and some to participate.  

Much thanks goes out to the choir members for helping to support this community event, and many thanks to the Porchlight Restaurant for staying open later than normal and serving up some MUCH appreciated hot chocolate.

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July 1, 2014
Choir Provides Music For Canada Day

The choir was in attendance at Ottawa House for the annual municipal Canada Day celebrations, providing music prior to the ceremonies and leading the large crown in the national anthem

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June 19, 2014
Choir Invited to Perform in Springhill Concert

This month the choir was invited to participate in a concert celebrating voice at the United Church in Springhill.   The group opened the concert with that national anthem and then performed two sets, one in each half.

The choral presentations were very warmly received by an appreciative audience who joined in enthusiastically in the closing number, a rendition of "Working Man"

One of the clips of the choir performing can be viewed here and here

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May 26, 2014
Choir Participates in Spring Concert

Sunday afternoon at The Hall the choir showed continued improvement to a small but appreciative audience.   Opening the annual Spring Concert with the national anthem, the choir performed three pieces in each half of the concert.

Augmented on two numbers by Martin Langford on the tin whistle, and David Howe on flute, the choir would not be nearly as accomplished as it has become without the talents that Jim Scopie brings to the keyboard.   As an accompanist, Jim is second to none and his efforts go all too often unheralded.

The group performed choral versions of "Working Man"  and "Hallelujah" for the first time and will present these same two at a June 19th concert in Springhill.   

You can hear two of the pieces performed here and here.

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May 06, 2014
Choir Performs at Relay for Life Gospel Concert

Sunday May 4th saw the choir appear once again at the annual concert of gospel music at the United Church in aid of Relay for Life. 
The choir was initially formed two years ago for just this concert, but was immediately 'adopted' by the Band Association as an official element of the Association.  Since then the choir has become an integral part of the Association and has branched well out from 'gospel' music with a greatly expanded repertoire and has taken on a greater role in the cultural fabric of the community.

This year the choir opened the concert with the national anthem and then closed the first half, performing four numbers to a very appreciative audience.  With Rob Bentley filling in for the regular accompanist the choir demonstrated its ability to rise to almost any musical challenge with great good humour.

Videos of the choir performing can be seen here.

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April 13, 2014
Choral Concert a Stunning Success

The Hall rang with glorious choral music Saturday night as the first choral concert, hosted by the Parrsboro Citizens' Choir, filled the facility to capacity.   A wonderful turnout as the choir performed a wide range of choral music from heartwarming to amusing.

The children of the Parrsboro Elementary School Choir strutted their vocal 'stuff' as well, performing two wonderful pieces on their own and then were joined by the adult choir for a terrific rendition of the most appropriate "I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing" to close the first half.

Sandwiched between were the amazing vocal stylings of the all male vocal group "The Fellas" from Amherst and area.   Combining tight harmony, entertaining delivery the group delighted the audience with music that ranged from deeply felt gospel to highly amusing 'traditional' music.

Special thanks go out to Nancy Curleigh who did such a wonderful job hosting the evening and to Jim Scopie who as an accompanist to the Citizens' Choir is second to none.

We are looking for still more images taken during the evening and thank those who have contributed the ones we are able to use so far.
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Other Choir Events - 2014

The choir kept busy during the winter months as well first organizing and participating in a Benefit Concert for one it's own members whose family had lost just about everything in a house fire.

The choir also participated in a Groundhog Day Variety Show at The Hall, and was to provide music for the Legion's Heritage Day celebration, until inclement weather led to its cancellation.

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