Parrsboro Citizens' Band

Mondays   7:00 pm   Lessons

Tuesdays   7:30 pm   Lessons

Everyone welcome to drop in and visit, bring an instrument and play.

The Parrsboro Citizens' Band is one of the oldest, continously performing community bands in the country.    With a recorded, pardon the pun, history going back to 1877 it still performs in the community for various community events such as Canada Day and presents several concerts a year.     Down in numbers from its hey day under Bandmaster Bernie Burke, a small dedicated group of musicians travel every Monday from Amherst, Springhill, Diligent River and the community to meet at 7:00 pm for two hours of rehearsal.     Carrying on the tradition of the Parrsboro Cornet Band the current group continues to add to the cultural life of the community of Parrsboro in a vibrant way.

The band is open to any and all persons who are interested in ensemble playing and anyone who wishes should drop by The Hall, 44 King St any Monday evening.
If anyone is not sure of their skills having set their instrument aside for several, or many years, they should stop in on Tuesday evenings when a mixed group of youth and adults learn, or relearn the joy of playing.
The band numbers unfortunately continue to dwindle and anyone who has played, or would like to return to playing is encouraged to come out and join in and help the band continue this 136 year old tradition.