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For a preview of future plans, see our Strategic Plan 2019 using this link.

An (almost) complete record of the projects undertaken to revitalize The Hall can be reviewed here.

18 June 2019

While many major projects have been, and will be completed at The Hall in the course of the restoration, it is the constant efforts by small groups, working far too often unheralded, that continues to maintain the appearance of the structure.
Today was no exception as Glen and Kathy Levy saw the call for volunteers and came out to help Trish touch up the paintwork on the ramp and steps.

(Apparently Trish took great delight in "supervising")
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
17 June 2019

The Parrsboro Band Association is pleased to announce that they have just installed 3 heat pumps at The Hall on King Street. The project has been going on for the last week and there is also a new fuse panel being installed.

Tenders for this installation were made public in early May and of the two bids received, that from Advanced Heating Solutions was selected.   The work is now complete and NNSP will be at The Hall on Friday to inspect the electrical work.   The pumps will then be turned on and used to control the climate inside The Hall for all occasions.

Funding for this project came from fundraising and donations from the members and the community at large.   The Board of Directors wishes to thank all those who supported this, and all the other projects which have been completed on the restoration of The Hall.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
29 October 2018

Today saw the installation of the eaves troughing over the front of the new canopy at the front entrance to The Hall.   Just another small but significant step forward.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
01 October 2018

The first phase of the installation of the new cladding on the tower is complete, and looking great.   Work will continue on the West side of the tower shortly.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
28 September 2018

In spite of the chill, damp day work progressed well on the replacement of the exterior cladding of the tower.   The replacement of the original, deteriorating exterior will protect the integrity of the structure and ensure that The Hall will continue as a vibrant contributor to the community for  years to come.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
27 September 2018

Yet another project was started this morning by Eric Henwood's team as they began the process of replacing the deteriorating cladding on the tower.   The replacement process will ensure the integrity of the structure for many years to come.    All cladding will be replaced by historically accurate pieces which will also preserve the historical appearance of The Hall.

Tremendous progress in one day
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

14 September 2018

The week ended with the new front entryway canopy almost completed.   What a fabulous job Eric Henwood's team has done, and in such a short time.   It looks great and will serve the patrons of The Hall well for many years to come.

At the same time the new marquis has been installed at the front of The Hall and will be completed early next week.   Bearing a remarkable resemblance to the sign installed on Main Street earlier, this will announce future events at The Hall.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
10 September 2018

Another day of progress and you can really get a 'feel' of how the canopy is going to look once completed.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
07 September 2018

At the end of day two of construction, the front entry canopy is starting to take shape nicely.   This is going to be an addition to The Hall which will provide for the comfort and safety of patrons as they arrive for events.   The construction of the canopy was made possible in large part by a grant from the New Horizons programme of funding for seniors and will make The Hall a much more 'user friendly' facility for the entire community.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
06 September 2018


The mystery of the concrete stump at the front step of The Hall was solved today when construction began on the canopy that will shield the front entryway in the future.

Funding for this project was made available through the New Horizons programme, along with internal fund raising, and the canopy will protect patrons from the elements as they enter for the various functions at The Hall.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

11 April 2017


Once again our fabulous volunteers were back at it, painting the trim in the main hall, putting finishing touches on, and painting the hallway to the accessible washroom.   And while we were able to get some photos of the team in action, they all insist on inserting into here sideways, which makes them less than useful.

However the change to the appearance of the interior is spectacular and we cannot thank them enough!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
08 April 2017

The paint elves paid a visit to The Hall on Friday and more quickly than could be imagined, completed a paint over of the interior, managing to almost completing the painting of the Bernie Burke Auditorium a warm buttery brown, giving it a wonderful new appearance.

It never ceases to amaze how the volunteers for the Band Association pitch in and help out with such a variety of activities.   But this time they were in and out so quickly that no photos of them in action were recorded.    And all that is left to do is a bit of touch up.

Many thanks to the paint team of Lori Lynch, Brenda Moore, Janice Horton and Tom Strutz.  Wonderful job.

04 December 2017


The Hall made the papers as Cumberland News published an article which contained more details of the upcoming solar panel project which will reduce energy costs dramatically.   Read the article here:   www.cumberlandnewsnow.com/news/going-green-at-the-hall-163402/

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

22 November 2017


This fantastic image was photoshopped by Tommy Strutz to increase the clarity, remove the telephone poles and wires and add the Association logo.  What an incredible job!    Thank you so very much.

Work is now complete on the second major restoration project at The Hall in 2017.   The fixed seating project kicked off the year and now to finish it, the entire roof has been replaced with a durable metal roof which will protect the structure for years into the future.   This investment in the future of the community will ensure that all of the arts programmes and community involvement currently being offered by the Band Association will continue for many years to come.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
10 November 2017

The Board for Parrsboro Band Association is thrilled to share the following exciting announcement:

More solar panels will be popping up in Antigonish and Parrsboro through the Solar Electricity for Community Buildings Pilot Program, announced today, Nov. 10, by Health and Wellness Minister Randy Delorey on behalf of Energy Minister Geoff MacLellan.

"Nova Scotia is a national leader in reducing emissions and addressing climate change,” said Mr. Delorey.
“Today’s announcement is about building on that success and helping more groups in communities across the province participate in a cleaner energy future.”

Through the solar program, the Parrsboro Band Association has been approved for 35 kilowatts of solar electricity on its south-facing Band Hall roof. To learn more about the program, visit novascotia.ca/solar.

A total of 18 successful applications were chosen across the province. All applications were overseen by Clean Foundation, the independent procurement administrator. The impact to ratepayers is capped at 0.1 per cent, which is already built into the rate stability plan.

Here is a link http://bit.ly/2zpOtDT for all approved Solar Projects in Nova Scotia. A special thank you to Peter Allen for his support of our project.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

10 February 2017

Just in time for the first event, the seating project is complete.    Well done and many, many thanks to Eric Henwood and his team of miracle workers who managed to become creative in order to complete the installation.

This has been a major project for The Hall, made possible by the efforts of many, many people, most of whom work in the background for no recognition nor praise but simply for the joy of seeing this magnificent old building being revitalized as a key component of the fabric of Parrsboro.

Now let the festivities commence, beginning this evening with the film at 7:30, continuing with the first Open Mic on February 10th and watch for the return of the concert series to The Hall in the very near future.

Want to be part of this exciting project?   Become a member, join in.   Help out or come out and join one of the groups which make music by and for the citizens of Parrsboro.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
30 January 2017


Most of the seats are now installed, with only the final 18 to go.   A small bump in the road has delayed their installation until seat legs can be created.   Of course something had to go astray, as the whole project has gone so incredibly well up to this point.    Completion of the final installation will come soon, however The Hall will be open for the film on Wednesday evening, as predicted and as advertised.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

27 January 2017

At the end of only three weeks of work, a remarkable transformation has taken place to the fixed seating at The Hall. 
The new carpet on the seating area looks fantastic.  There is still more to be done.  Completing the heating arrangement, finishing up the electrical work, reinstalling the theatre seating (more of them than before) and getting the extra speakers installed at the rear of the seating area all still need to be completed (and probably a few more minor items) but the main work, and mess is done. 

Concurrently some of our wonderful members volunteered to tackle a reorganization of the storage for all sound equipment, canteen supplies, kitchen cupboards and a new coat of paint by Billy Wheaton in the 'green' room.  

The first 'event' which will take advantage of all this effort will be film night on February 1st.   Make sure you come out, see a great film and take a look at the incredible progress made.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
26 January 2017

With the new drop ceiling and recessed lighting now installed and the installation of the carpet begun, the seating renovation is just that little bit closer to its completion.   And what an amazing difference it has already made to The Hall.

However our volunteers were once more busily at it, this time giving the 'green room' a fresh coat of paint, which is actually green!  

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

25 January 2017
The acoustic drop ceiling is now in place over the seating area and is just waiting for the installation of the new recessed lighting.

In the meantime, the painting has progressed amazingly, making the whole area 'pop'.    When the carpet starts to get installed on Thursday we will be just that much closer to the conclusion of an amazing upgrade of the seating.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
23 January 2017

As the seating project moves ahead, volunteers were quick to take advantage of the opportunity of new spaces to reorganize and clean out, looking ahead to a more convenient and efficient method of operating at The Hall.

Rob and Sasha completed moving and organizing all the sound equipment into the space behind the new seating, making it much more convenient to bring into use, and freeing up space in the 'green room'.

Nancy shows off the newly reorganized cupboards

However using the opportunity to do a major clean out and reorganization of support materials, some of the Divas got in there this morning to reorganize the cupboards in the old kitchen and the green room.   Some interesting items were unearthed in the process, evoking the history of The Hall in many ways.

It is only with the efforts of the volunteers that all the activities at The Hall can be supported and expanded.   We are truly blessed.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
22 January 2017

While the major renovation to the seating area is taking place, our volunteers have not been idle, continuing on other, smaller projects which will improve operations at The Hall.   Last week the two 'walls' which cramped the area to the left of the seating were removed, and this week the 'support post' (which supported not much of anything) was removed, opening the space up completely.  
Now concealed behind a door this open area will make a great storage area, however the major advantage was the opportunity to achieve one of Rob's goals:   to move all the sound and light equipment into a prepared area behind the seating area.

Monitors, mics, mic stands, cables of all description, extension cords and numerous other bits and pieces (various mixers included) have been stored in the green room off the practice room, making it look junky and not really useful for visiting performers as a space to relax before going on stage.

Rob and Sash began moving all this equipment into the area beside and behind the seating area on Saturday.   Hooks will be installed to hang all the cables in a more organized manner, and shelves will be put in place to hold the boxes of mics, small equipment and other bits and pieces, making them more organized and much easier to use when setting up for events at The Hall.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
20 January 2017

At the end of the the second week of work, the main room at The Hall looks to be a scene of chaos, but there is a plan.    And there has been tremendous progress toward the completion of this massive renovation of the fixed seating.

With the risers installed, electrical and heating ports have been cut and installation of both the heating ductwork and some of the wiring has commenced.   In addition the new walls are now in place, the under-seating access hatch now has a door on it, and insulation and acoustic tiles are on standby for future installation.

It is gratifying to see the new seating area taking shape so quickly.  

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
18 January 2017

Work on the seating project continues at a brisk pace, with wall board now installed creating the new walls surrounding the area.   This improvement will make the seating space not only warmer, but safer as there will no longer be the possibiliy of someone toppling out the sides.

In addition, the holes for the heating ductwork have now been cut, ready for the installation.   The heating will also improve the comfort of patrons of The Hall so no more comments about 'cold toes'.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
16 January 2017

The heating ducts are now installed and connection will soon be complete.   The result of this part of the seating project will be toasty toes during the cold months while taking in the wide variety of entertainment at The Hall.  When putting this project proposal together, one of the most common complaints was "my feet got cold" so this improvement was included in the seating renovation project.

Not to be outdone though, volunteer work continued apace when David, Johannes and Sasha spent the best part of their weekend ripping out the walls which enclosed a relatively useless space at the foot of the stairs to the upper levels.   It was obviously a messy process, tearing out old lathe and plaster but the end result will be improved access to the rear of the seating area.   With the ease of access, much of the sound equipment which is currently filling the 'green room' (the small room off the rehearsal space) can be stored more conveniently, making it easier to get in place for events, and making the small 'green room' a much more useful, and tidier, space.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
13 January 2017

At the end of the second week of the renovation to completely overhaul the seating at The Hall, the amazing visible progress has slowed.  However work continues as the under seat heating ducting is in the assembly phase, the wiring for the aisle lighting is in place, the whole area has been measured for new carpeting and interest in the project is growing.

What wonderful things can be accomplished by a group of like-minded individuals, with firm goals in mind, and given the support of a tremendous number of people who believe in the vision and the governance of the association.   When taken in conjunction with the other improvements made in the past year, the community should be justifiably proud of how The Hall has progressed.

Thank you to all who have supported The Hall and believe in the restoration.   Stay tuned, great things are still to come.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
10 January 2017

The progress on the new seating has been impressive.    The final result is taking shape very quickly and boarding it in has started, bringing this amazing renovation closer to fruition.  The final result will be safer, warmer and increased fixed seating.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
7 January 2017

The new seating is taking shape after only a week of work.   The fixed seating was removed and the old risers were removed quickly and now you can see the new, safer walls in place and the risers beginning to give a hint of the appearance of what will become safer, warmer and increased seating.

Completion of the entire project is scheduled on or before January 31st.,

* * * * * * * * * *

You may be wondering where the announcements for concerts, films and Open Mic nights are?    Has The Hall gone dormant?
The answer is definitely not.   The jazz and guitar groups, and the choir will resume practices next week.   But for the month of January the main auditorium will be out of commission as work has now commenced on a major renovation to the fixed seating.

This major change will see an increased capacity, with regular steps, under seating heating, lighted pathways, and actual walls where before, behind curtains there were a couple of two by fours for 'safety'   This is a major renovation, the first to the seating since the 1970's when The Hall was overhauled to provide for the band from its former use as a secondary facility for the school.

This renovation has been made possible in large part by a $25,000.00 grant under the New Horizons programme which is intended to build stronger communities, with increased involvement by and for seniors.   Meeting the remainder of the cost of this effort was made possible by the continued strong support and backing of supporters of The Hall.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
14 December 2016

The renovations to the lobby were not very visible from the street view of The Hall, however today's repair work, replacing deteriorating clapboards, was highly visible.   The process of replacing the siding on the building is a challenging and costly effort, so is being taken in stages as funding comes available.

However, the preservation of the heritage exterior is a critical part of the overall plan to restore The Hall to its position of focus in the community.   A bit of original colour paint and the replacement boards will blend right in.

None of this progress would be possible however without the ongoing support from the community, the municipality and of course the dedicated volunteers who all support The Hall.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
10 November 2016

Eric Henwood's team has been hard at work in the foyer of The Hall, refurbishing, replacing and repainting.   The ceiling and flooring had both been damaged when the roof leaked during one of our major storms and desperately needed work.

The ceiling is now in place, drying and waiting paint; the old carpet has been removed and hauled away; the old bell rope hatch to the tower has been replaced  (and that was a special kind of nightmare apparently as it was 12" deep in old pigeon droppings); and the trim is being painted.   The walls will be repainted as well, refreshing the look of the whole foyer.

While not as visible as painting the exterior, or placing of signs, this work simply continues the rejuvenation of The Hall as a center for Culture and Community.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
27 November 2015

It was almost perfect conditions for the much needed repairs to the roof to be done today.   A bit breezy but mild and roof is now secure for the winter weather to come.

Thanks to Eric and his team for a great and timely job

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
24 November 2015

Recently there was an occasion at The Hall on which we would have liked to provide a little extra assistance to a guest who was having some difficulty, even with the ramp, gaining access to The Hall.  As one of our principal goals in the revitalization of The Hall has been accessibility, this was unacceptable to us.

We put out a request on social media asking if anyone had one that they would like to donate. Ernie and Verlie Pettigrew and family stepped up and donated one that was not in use. Thank you to the Pettigrew family for their kindness for the donation
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
20 August 2015

We announced at the beginning of the OM season last September that our goal for the proceeds from Open Mic nights was to purchase a new digital keyboard for The Hall.   At our last open mic we were able to announce that, with the support of the musicians, volunteers and most importantly, the faithful patrons, that we had achieved that goal.

And voila, one digital keyboard,  Unpacked and tested as magnificent by Rob Bentley

Thank you all, so much, for your support in achieving yet another small goal of the restoration and revitalization of The Hall.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
3 July 2015

Today marked the end of the use of the large, handmade screen that has served so solidly for the past several years.   This screen enable the Film Society to start operations at The Hall, showing first rate movies and inspiring the Parrsboro Film Festival.   It also served as a 'stage' backdrop for concerts and other entertainment.    Special thanks to Michael and Krista for the building of the screen  in the first place and to Helen & Rod Tyson who  had a vision that movies could be successful and who have put so much effort into making that vision happen.

We say farewell to a faithful friend with mixed emotions however as it was large, cumbersome to move and added considerably to set up times for any event.
With the installation of the new drop down screen, and now the backdrop curtains the screen can now be retired.

It was dismantled, the actual screen material set aside and saved for other uses in town.   Its removal makes the interior of the main auditorium seem absolutely cavernous and much brighter while set up times between various events have now been reduced to the simple act of pulling the curtains into place.

6 July   And this morning the screen was disassembled.   It had been so well constructed with the joints so heavily glued that attempting to knock it apart just shattered the wood.   So out came the reciprocating saw and in less than a half hour the deed was done.   All agreed that it was too much fun to be considered a chore.   Thanks to Greg for stopping by and helping out, many hands make light, and quick work.

And look at the difference to light and space in the main auditorium.   Simply amazing.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
30 June 2015

This morning the two ceiling fans were installed at The Hall.   These two fans, moving the air in the main auditiorium, should provide energy savings in the winter as they drive the rising warm air back down, and provide extra circulation in the main auditorium in the summer months, increasing habitability and comfort.   Small measures perhaps, but still significant progress.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
29 June 2015

Installation started this morning by Eric Henwood and his gang of magicians on the support rail which will hold a new set of backdrop curtains for the performing/stage area in the main auditorium at The Hall.

Installation of these curtains will permit them to be drawn aside to the walls when not in use, freeing up the central space and then pulled into position with much less effort to perform a backdrop for concerts, performances and other staged events.   And by 5:00 pm, the curtains were in place.   What a difference!

This also means that the large wooden screen that has been in use up until now can be gracefully retired.  It has provided yeoman service now for several years but will not be missed, simply because it is large, cumbersome and takes up an inordinate amount of space.

And tomorrow the ceiling fans should be installed.   These fans will permit better air circulation in the main auditorium, aiding with cooling and with helping prevent heat loss in the winter.

One more step toward revitalizing The Hall for the community.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
03 June 2015

Another small milestone was reached today when the first phase of the eavestoughing was in stalled on the East roof and along the roof facing the parking area by the Annex.    Another item on the Strategic Plan for 2015 completed. 

The installation will help prevent continued damage to the window sills and sills at the base of the facility, preserving the paintwork.  Having it installed to match the heritage colours of the building merely enhances the overall appearance of The Hall.   Once again this small step was taken with the support of the community, and no governmental grants as The Hall truly is becoming a center for "culture and community".

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
21 May 2015

In order to maintain the appearance that has been so hard come by, and to continue to preserve the integrity of the outer shell of The Hall, maintenance is constantly required.

Today it is the replacement of some of the deteriorating clapboard and finally concealing the old loading dock door.

And eight short hours later.... what a difference!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
25 March 2015

This morning saw another small but noteable milestone reached at The Hall when two condenser microphones were installed.   Not very large, and certainly not very impressive to look at, stuck up near the ceiling as they are, these two pieces of equipment will assist in augmenting the sound to the hearing assistance system, to the live streaming (which to date has depended on one little microphone in the webcam itself) and sound production for such things as stage presentations of plays, or choral music.

As Rob Bentley described it "The sound here is excellent but these are just the icing on the cake, taking us to a whole new level of production capability"

The new microphones will see action for the first time at the Open Mic so those who tune in via the internet will hear a much higher quality of sound.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
14 March 2015

It has been a long time coming but The Hall is now fitted with a full size drop down screen which can be lowered electrically from the control booth, eliminating the need for the large moveable screen that has been in use up until now.  The screen was put into action for the first time on March 3rd and received unanimous approval from the audience.

The screen has been on hand for a while now but the engineering had to be worked out, and then the money to pay for the installation had to be set aside.  Other small crises such as roof repairs delayed the installation until today.  However a donation to The Hall by Atlantic Towing, from St John NB in the memory of  Lester Wheaton enabled the project to move forward to completion.

While the Board is justifiably proud of achieving yet another milestone, many thanks go out to those whose ingenuity and ability built the 'portable' screen which has permitted the Film Committee to present many fine feature films at The Hall.   It will be retired with honour.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
3 November 2014

The Board of the Parrsboro Band Association is pleased to announce that one more milestone was reached today with the delivery of a Hearing Assistance system for The Hall, making it truly fully accessible for all.  This is an internal FM broadcast system which will enable users to pick up a receiver and lightweight headset, and then dial the volume either up, or down should the volume be too loud to be comfortable.  During the screening of films, only one channel will be selected to permit the dialogue to be clearly heard above the background music, explosions and other features of the film being shown.

The system was installed in The Hall and will be available for all future events.   For this initial acquisition, seven receivers have been purchased along with two different headsets permitting use of the system by patrons either with, or without hearing aids.   A test of the system proved that it provides clear and reliable reception anywhere within The Hall.

Purchase of this system was made possible through the support and efforts of many who participated in specific fundraisers.   A local quilting group donated a hand made quilt in memory of Linda Towns which raised almost half the required funds.   The Two Pressed Men raised funds at their appearance on the bandstand this summer, while the Wazoo Blues Band donated the proceeds from their Hallowe'en Dance to the cause.   Special and heartfelt thanks go out to these and all other donors who helped us reach our goal of making The Hall fully accessible to all.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

March 4, 2014
More Progress at The Hall

With the assistance of even more volunteer painters and with donation of some paneling from Ron Levy, the cleaning gear closet built by Billy Wheaton was covered in and finished blending it in with the remainder of the room.

Another great week of slow, gradual, planned progress at The Hall.



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