Concerts at The Hall

Concerts at The Hall have been put on hold during the Covid-19 pandemic.  However, we are still providing virtual entertainment with our Social Distance Concert SeriesCheck them all out here.

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Past Headline Concerts at The Hall

Jimmy Rankin
JP Cormier and Dave Gunning
Mike Murley Trio
The Greater Windsor Concert Band
Willow Street Station
Bruce Guthro
Matt Minglewood and Jeff Stapleton
Dave Gunning and JP Cormier
Ryan Cook
Lenny Gallant
Kendel Carson and Dustin Bentall
Willow St Station
J P Cormier
Jimmy the Janitor
Joan Kennedy
Ryan Cook
Whitney Rose
Theresa Malenfant
Sean McCann
Double Double Duo
Lennie Gallant
Matt Minglewood
Ryan Willigar
The Brogue Saxaphone Quartet
Whitney Rose
Ryan Williger
Joan Kennedy
Greville Tapes Music Club
Good Brothers
Alana Yorke
Whitney Rose
Boxcar Boys
Joan Kennedy
Matt Minglewood with Bob Eliot
Laura Smith with Don Brownrigg
Stan Carew and John Campbelljohn
Gordon Stobbe and Greg Simm
The Good Brothers
Old Man Luedecke
Creative Voices
Prairie Sea
Asif Illyas
Catherine MacLellan
Whitney Rose
Eileen Joyce
Northland Ramblers
Alana Yorke
David Myles
Groyan Gumbo
David Francy
Old Man Luedecke
The Rhapsody Quintet
The Stadacona Brass Band
The Hupman Brothers
The Spinney Brothers
Charlie A'Court

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