Open Mic at The Hall

Open Mic Nights have become a regular feature at The Hall, being held on alternate Friday nights from September through May.  Initially begun on the evenings when Diligent River was unable to host their OM nights during the winter, the OM nights at The Hall rapidly became one of the most popular open mic nights in the county, with as many as 18 - 20 entertainers coming out to lend their talents and their time to support the revitalization of this iconic building.

The funds raised from the Open Mic nights are all directed to various projects which maintain or improve the facility.   A large portion of the funding to replace the main roofing on the West side of the building was realized through the donations received at Open Mic nights.    Currently the funds are being directed exclusively toward the purchase of a permanent fixed sign to be placed near town hall on Main Street to advertise both the location of The Hall and upcoming events.

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07 March 2020


(Two "Hooligans" kicked off the night with a couple of distinctly Irish tunes)
(Photo courtesy of Harriet McCready)

Friday night saw The Hall almost filled to capacity as over 18 entertainers donated their time and talent to making it a great night of music and laughter.   With a somewhat 'Irish' flavour to the night, the fun went on for over three hours to the delight of all present.
(Claude's Irish renditions had all toes tapping)
Open Mic will return to The Hall on March 20th, just in time for spring!   See you all there.

(The "40 D's" paid homage to International Womens' Day)

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23 February 2020

(Patrick kicked the night off, warming the crowd with a hot blues number)
A great crowd warmed up the the 'theme' of cold at Friday's open mic at The Hall, with cold jokes, cold song titles and yes even a couple of cold songs performed.   The place rocked with laughter and to great music as the mid-winter blues were dispelled.
(Connie was the only one to take on a 'cold' song with her great rendition of "Cold, Cold Heart")
Many thanks to the entertainers who share their time and amazing talents to make these evenings at The Hall the best variety entertainment in the county.

(It was great to have Donna getting back out.   Welcome home!)

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8 February 2020

Friday evening The Hall hosted its bi-weekly open mic night, in spite of the inclement weather.   As a result the turnout was a bit on the low side however those that braved the elements had a ball!   What a great night of entertainment and laughter.  It turned into more of a kitchen party than a night of entertainers strutting their stuff as the audience sat close, and joined in on many of the performance tunes.

And as usual there were a couple of surprises.    Sandy decided to fill in on the drum kit much to the delight of all, while enjoying herself immensely.   Les came in from Springhill and with a borrowed bass, led the audience through a couple of old favourites and even one everyone knew.... almost.   A version of "You Are My Sunshine" which was not the one everyone expected.   Again, more laughter.

One of the most stunning performances of the night came from Patrick Hanlon's final blues number which blew every one away.   Between his vocals and the guitar work from himself and Ryan, you could not have asked for better blues on Bourbon Street.
(And of course the multi-talented Rob Bentley proved to all that he could sing and play, all while noshing on a bag of chips)

Open mic returns to The Hall in two weeks, February 21st and we hope to see you all there for another night of the best variety entertainment in the county.
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25 January 2020

(Claude Lambe made a greatly welcomed visit to Open Mic and had the audience stomping along with his great music)

Open Mic night returned to The Hall on Friday night and featured 20 entertainers who brought their talents in support of The Hall and to the delight of an appreciative audience.   Once again the music covered a tremendous variety of musical genres and styles, from blues to rock, country to gospel and on more than one occasion the audience sang along to old favourites.
(Ryan's guitar stylings thrilled all, especially when he performed a couple of instrumental solos)

We cannot thank enough the entertainers who donate their time and talent to these wonderful evenings.   Open Mic will return to The Hall on February 7th and we hope to see you all there.

(Carl once again proved that he has a unique connection with any audience)
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30 November 2019

(Marg and Andrew braved the roads and winds to provide some wonderful music, enjoyed by all)

Everyone got into the holiday spirit last night at the final open mic of 2019.  With plenty of seasonal music, a lot of audience participation singing along with old favourites and a small celebration with snacks and eggnog to finish up it was a fun evening all 'round.    The Band Association served up the snacks as a thank you to the entertainers and audience who have supported the open mic nights and The Hall throughout the year.

(David Brown joined us for the first time and all present are hoping he returns again and again in the new year)
Open mic will return to The Hall in the new year.

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16 November 2019    

Friday night had The Hall alive with music as once again the doors opened on the open mic night.   Great entertainment and lots of laughter along with some audience participation in support of a great group of musicians who willing donate their time and talent to support the ongoing restoration of The Hall.

(The amazingly talented a cappella foursome "4 Fun" from Oxford area performed to the delight of all)

There will be one final open mic on November 29th before the Christmas season takes over.   So of course it will be a seasonal themed offering with everyone encouraged to bring their festive favourites along to help kick off the season.   And rumour has it that there just might be some 'treats' to help celebrate.   Hope to see you all there.

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02 November 2019

Friday night had The Hall rocking to the sound of incredible music once again.  The highly popular open mic nights often lay claim to the 'best variety entertainment in the county' and that claim was substantiated last night as the cast of incredible entertainers performed music from almost every genre imaginable in popular music.   Beginning with Rob Bentley's hilarious rendition of "The Monster Mash", ably supported by a volunteer group of back up singers, the night moved through rock and blues, to country and pop, jazz and folk.

(Barry's first visit to The Hall added great vocals and some amazing guitar work)
And as usual the incredible talent of the so-called 'back row' was showcased as spontaneous solos were passed from player to player and even the percussion got into the act with Bob Jamieson starting the night on the drum kit, and when he had to leave, Ron Byers filling in until Mike stepped up to complete the evening.  

(Ray performed a terrific rendition of "La Vie en Rose")
It is the willingness to fill in with an incredible variety of talent that makes the open mic at The Hall truly a unique evening of entertainment.
(Joyce and Mike paid one of their all too infrequent appearances.   See you back more often, we hope)

Next Open Mic at The Hall will be held on November 15th, so mark your calendars now and and make sure you don't miss it.
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05 October 2019

After missing a beat to make space for the a capella workshop and concert with Cadence, Open Mic returned last night with a fantastic evening of variety entertainment.   Many 'old' friends returned to be warmly greeted by a most appreciative audience.  

The variety of entertainment, music and instrumentation was remarkable and covered every musical genre, some ad hoc accompaniments and plenty of humour which led to a wonderful evening of fun.

Open mic will return to The Hall in two weeks, without fail, so we hope to see you all there, and bring a friend.

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7 Sep 2019
(Rob Bentley got the evening off to a great start)
Open Mic nights made a marvellous return for the fall season on Friday night with a terrific turn out of entertainers and fans.   The entertainment as usual ranged from soul to blues, country to gospel and just about everything in between treating the audience to a great night of music.

(It is always a special night when Kathy makes it down our way)

Old friends came out to share their talents and new friends dropped by to add to the night.

(Greg Prouse brought his Ontario sounds for a special addition to the evening)

A wonderful start to the season which will resume on October 4th as October 20th will see The Hall filled with the a capella sounds of workshop participants who will be learning new skills from the amazing group Cadence and performing in a concert on Saturday evening.
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18 May 2019

A terrific night tonight at the Open Mic at The Hall. A great, enthusiastic and appreciative audience; a tremendous variety of entertainment; loads of laughter and even some singing along to go with the tapping toes and clapping hands. What a great way to end the winter season.

Thank you to all the entertainers who gave so generously of their time and talents and thank equally to the audience who continue to come and support the restoration of The Hall. Special thanks to Rob Bentley, Patricia Burke and Rick Sylvester without whose efforts these nights would not run nearly so smoothly.

Concerts in the Park begin on June 1st and Open Mic will return to The Hall in September.


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04 May 2019

(Flloyd Anderson, visiting from BC, performed two wonderful pieces to the delight of the audience)

Friday night saw another wonderful evening of music at The Hall as the doors opened on the second last Open Mic night of the season.  On a night that saw the return of several entertainers who have been absent through the winter months and the attendance of some new performers visiting the variety of music was nothing short of amazing.

(Dilly and Ray, joined by Ron Byers, made their first appearance of the season since returning from warmer climes)

A propos to the variety of music, the evening featured a terrific variety of instrumentation as well with two violins, two mandolins, a banjo and harmonica all combining to create some unique and amazing sounds.

The final open mic of the season will be held in two weeks time;  May 17th.   Concerts at the Park will begin on June 2nd as The Hall will be open on June 1st for the Annual Plant and Bake Sale.

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06 April 2019

Friday evening saw The Hall hopping to a tremendous variety of music as Open Mic returned once more.

(Floyd Anderson was in town visiting and gave us some great memories)

From blues to soul, country to folk a great line up of entertainers had the audience singing along and tapping their feet as they appreciated the talents on display.

(It was great having Gary Webb drop in for the evening)

Many thanks to the musicians who donate their time and talent to support the Open Mic, the proceeds of which all go to the ongoing restoration efforts at The Hall

(Charlie James joined in the fun)

The next Open Mic will not be until May 3rd as we will not hold one on Good Friday.    We hope to see you all there.   Bring a friend,  Entry is merely a donation at the door.

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22 March 2019

Another terrific evening of entertainment at The Hall this evening as the bi-weekly Open Mic night provided an appreciative audience with a wide variety of music.    The Open Mic nights have become extremely popular and we cannot thank the entertainers enough who do so much by contributing their time and talents.

(It is always a pleasure to Evange Landry drop by and provide some top notch music)

The next Open Mic will be held on April 5th when hopefully the weather will cooperate and it will not be so cold, wet and damp.   Hope to see you all there.
(Ken Embree returned and performed two wonderful tunes that had the audience singing along)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
09 March 2019

Friday evening had The Hall alive with sound of music once again as 23 entertainers contributed their time and talent to provide a terrific show for a very appreciative audience.  Some new faces added to the fun and we were pleased to welcome back David Milner and Bruce Gibson who made the trip in and added tremendously to the evening.

The open mic nights at The Hall continue to increase in popularity and add significantly to the entertainment in town during these long, bleak winter months in addition to proving to be a tremendously successful fundraiser which helps continue the restoration of The Hall
(Ken Embree performed a couple of great old gospel songs)

Many thanks to all those who contribute to the open mic nights and to those who come out and support the entertainers and The Hall.    The next open mic will be held on March 22nd.   See you all there.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

23 February 2019

(Lloyd took a mic for the first, and hopefully not last, time)

It was another great night of entertainment at The Hall as the doors opened to our Friday night Open Mic night.  Fabulous music, lots of laughter and some great sing-along songs had the audience thoroughly enjoying the evening.    Even the weather cooperated.

(Connie had us all humming along to a couple of great songs)

(As usual, the night would not be the same without a great back up band)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
09 February 2019    
(Carl Cameron started the evening off with some rainy day music)

Friday night had The Hall filled with the sounds of music and laughter once again as the Open Mic rolled out with a tremendous variety of music.  For two and a half hours the crowd was singing along, tapping their toes and clapping their hands as many old familiar favourite tunes rang in the rafters.

(Marg performed some soul searching songs which touched everyone present)

Open Mics at The Hall have become a regular feature of the winter entertainment in the county and the Band Association wishes to thank all of the entertainers who give so generously of their time and talent to support this ongoing fundraiser for The Hall, which assist in the completion of so many projects in the ongoing restoration of this iconic structure and helping make it a growing entertainment and community meeting center.

(Sandy and Garnet almost gave the audience the most moving moment of the evening)

The next Open Mic will be held on February 22nd.   We hope to see you all there.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

26 January 2019

The weather cooperated, the ice (mostly) dissipated and Open Mic rocked The Hall with a great turnout and over two dozen entertainers.  For over three hours the audience cheered, laughed, applauded and sang along to a great range of music from country to rock, blues to folk.

Open Mic at The Hall has become a favourite source of entertainment and has helped to support the continued restoration of The Hall.  Many, many thanks go out to all our supporters and especially to the entertainers who give so generously of their time and talent.
(Rob closed the night with a couple of terrific tunes on the guitar)
See you all next time on February 8th

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
11 January 2019

A great open mic night at The Hall with a terrific variety of music, a lot of laughter and smiles.    The roads were not the best so some people chose to not risk the icey conditions however those who made it enjoyed the entertainment thoroughly .

Thank you to all the entertainers who came to provide such a wonderful evening    We will be back on January 25th under hopefully better weather and driving conditions.   Mark your calendar now and we'll see you all there

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

15 December 2018
The music had a definite festive flair last night as The Hall hosted its' final open mic for 2018.    Some new, some old, some funny, some pensive:  most of the music helped celebrate the season.

Of course other talents were demonstrated during the evening as the accessible washroom got inadvertently locked and some help from audience members to pick the lock had to be solicited.   A skill that is not generally bragged about so no names but a big thank you to the person who came to the rescue.

At the close of the evening a small 'reception' was held as the audience and entertainers were invited to stay after for some refreshments put on by the Band Association to thank them all for their support throughout the year.   Many lingered to enjoy the treats and chat with friends.

Open Mic will return to The Hall in January 2019.   See you all then!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
01 December 2018

The nasty nor'easter of Thursday was forgotten last night as laughter and song rocked The Hall at the Open Mic.   What a great evening of entertainment, with some seasonal music creeping in, getting the audience ready for the Christmas Open Mic to be held December 14th.

The Open Mic nights have proved to be a source of regular entertainment for a wide ranging audience, who are regularly treated to a tremendous variety of music and frequently are rocked with laughter.   There is a family atmosphere about the evenings and everyone is welcome to drop in and enjoy the fun.   

We hope to see you all on December 14th for the "Christmas" version of Open Mic Night.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
17 November 2018

In spite of the poor weather and road conditions, a few hearty souls braved the weather and came out for the Open MIc last night.  Needless to say with the small numbers on hand, performing conditions were a little more.....relaxed than usual with very few formal introductions, lots of jokes coming out, and even several members of the audience pressed into service to perform much to the enjoyment of all.

The few, the proud and the brave all had a great time, enjoying the presentations thoroughly.

Our next Open Mic will be held in two weeks, November 30th and we hope to see you all there.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
21 October 2018

Friday saw one of the best Open Mic's of the season, with 29 entertainers on hand, performing for an almost packed house.   New faces, old friends and a terrific variety of music kept the show going until almost 11:00 pm.  

The Open Mic nights provide a steady source of donations, the proceeds of which assist the Association in the continuing effort to revitalize The Hall, funding a wide variety of projects which otherwise would not be achieved in the timely manner which they have.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
06 October 2018

In competition with several other events occurring during the 10 Days in October Art Festival, the turnout of both audience and entertainers was a bit lighter this evening at the Open Mic but for those who were there, it turned into a great evening.   A couple of new faces up in front the microphones, along with some visitors who enjoyed the night

The next Open Mic will be held in two weeks, October 19th.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
22 September 2018

Music of all kinds echoed through The Hall last night as the Open Mic night saw a great audience entertained by a wide variety of entertainers, both well known and familiar faces and several new visitors.  It was particularly great to have Bruce Gibson back with us.  The music ranged from country to blue, fiddle to accordian so there was something to appeal to all musical tastes.

These nights have become a welcome addition to the entertainment locally and the audience gets larger as the word of how much fun they can be spreads.   The next Open Mic will be held will be held on 05 November so we look forward to seeing you all there.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

08 September 2018

Open Mic night returned to The Hall last night with a terrific show. Lots of variety, lots of laughter and great seeing friends returning after the summer hiatus. One entertainer made it back after a far too long absence, and two new ones came out and we hope they enjoyed themselves and will be back. Open Mic will return to The Hall in two weeks, September 21st and will continue every two weeks thereafter. Hope you see you all come out and enjoy these great nights and help support the revitalization of The Hall.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Last night saw The Hall rocking to every genre of music you could imagine with 23 entertainers providing an almost full house with a great night to end the season.

This was the last open mic at The Hall until September 7th when the season will start up again.   For the summer of course there will be concerts in the park beginning on the first Sunday of June at 7:00 pm where weekly a wide variety of musicians will entertain and pass the hat for their favourite charity.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who makes these open mic night so successful to the continued operations at The Hall.   They would not be possible without the efforts of Trish Burke and Sharlene Lake who run the canteen and draws, or Rob Bentley and Bob Jamieson who put in so many hours setting up and then breaking down all the equipment.    And of course we would be terribly remiss if we overlooked the contributions of all the entertainers who donate their time and talents to making these nights so successful.

Have a great summer, take in the entertainment at the band stand on Sunday evenings and we will see you all back at The Hall in September.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

4 May 2017


Another fun and sound filled Friday night at Open Mic at The Hall.   A great crowd was entertained by 21 talented individuals in a three hour show that featured a tremendous variety in music and contributors from as far away as Truro and Moncton.   We can not thank enough those who contribute their time and talents to the support of the on going restoration of The Hall.   And a huge thanks to the audience which comes out to enjoy and give their support as well.

We will have one final Open Mic for this season in two weeks time, May 18th and then on the first Sunday of June, concerts in the Park will resume.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Friday night saw The Hall alive with the sound of music, with a terrific variety of entertainment.   And we welcomed back some of our 'winter absentees' such as Barb and Blair and Ron Byers.     We were also thrilled by a visit from Evange Landry, a terrific entertainer who makes it far too infrequently.   And Casey Hamel provided another dimension to the evening with two haunting tunes that had the audience spellbound.

Open mic nights are every second Friday night and everyone is welcome to stop by for a great evening of variety entertainment, and usually a lot of laughter.   The next open mic will be May 4th.   See you all there.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  ~ ~ ~
07 April 2017


Friday evening once again saw The Hall rocking to the sound of great music and a lot of laughter as a terrific audience enjoyed the sounds of the open mic.   A wonderful variety of music, from folk to blues, country to gospel kept the audience tapping their toes and singing along.

Open mic nights have become an occasion that many look forward to, both musicians and those who come out to enjoy it all.

Many thanks this evening to Jim Aylward for filling in on piano, bass and providing a couple of vocals to end the night in fine style.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
9 March 2017


A surprisingly good, and very appreciative audience, braved the weather this evening for the Open Mic night.   With some inadvertent power flickers, making the lights do their own performance and knocking out one of the microphones, along with some difficulties in avoiding microphone cables, or walking away and forgetting one's guitar is attached to an amplifier, the atmosphere was definitely relaxed, in spite of the heavy, wet snow building up outside.

However the programme was pushed through, with no break and the evening ended early so all could get home safely.

See you all again in two weeks:  March 23rd

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

24 February 2018


With the number of the 'usual' volunteers depleted by three last night by illness and vacation, the Open Mic still went ahead with the assistance of some of the wonderful supporters of The Hall.    Very special thanks to Andrew Lloyd for stepping up to host the evening, to Jim Aylward for sitting down at the keyboard, and Cheryl Goodwin for 'wrangling' the performers in order to keep things moving.

There was once again a full lineup of performers all willing to donate their time and talent to support The Hall, and the large audience were enthusiastic with their appreciation.   It was particularly great to have Evange Landry, Kathy Vansick and Donna Tait out.   Their appearances always add to the fun of the open mic nights.   Thank you making the trip and sharing your talent.

The next open mic will be held on the 9th of March.   We hope to see you all there.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
10 February 2018


Friday night a small but enthusiastic audience braved the weather to enjoy a terrific evening of entertainment.   The music once again covered all genres, from country to blues, rock to folk liberally sprinkled with moments of good humour and laughter.

Open Mic will return to The Hall in two weeks.   Mark your calendar now and don't miss it.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
27 January 2018

Friday evening had The Hall filled once again with a terrific variety of music at the Open Mic night.  Eighteen entertainers brought their time and talent to cover a variety of musical genres from rock to blues, country to 'Scottish' fiddle to the delight of a great crowd.  

Although it was a clear, cold night a good audience turned up to enjoy one of the best nights of music available, and all for just a free will donation at the door.  It is with many thanks to both the entertainers and audience that these nights prove to be so successful and entertaining.   Mark your calendar now for the next Open Mic at The Hall on February 9th

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
13 January 2018


Open Mic Night returned to The Hall on Friday with a terrific variety of musical entertainment.   From old rock to gospel, from blues to Brazil, the evening was incredibly fun.   Starting by embarrassing one of the patrons with the crowd singing 'Happy Birthday', the family atmosphere carried on throughout the evening, with some dancing, some singing along and some very solemn appreciation of the talents displayed.

Open Mic will be back in two weeks and if you have not come out to The Hall for one of these nights, mark your calendar.  This is truly the finest variety entertainment in the county.   The music ranges from country to soul, rock to blues and occasionally a poet or a comedian will add to the fun.   A night of entertainment not to be missed.   Come out and give it a try.

See you in two weeks, January 26th.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~