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13 May 2019

Wonderful Mother's Day Tea followed by a performance by the Long Sault Trio this afternoon at The Hall in Parrsboro. Fiddle tunes and jigs, gypsy soul, amazing harmonies and great finger-picking, tales of a truck with 485,000 km, and another truck with a tree growing up through the bed, soulful sax, beautiful lyrics.   

What a great way to spend a Mother's Day afternoon. We even had some dancers! Thanks to Linda Marie Grenier, David Tilston and Victor Maltby for visiting Parrsboro. We hope you come back again!
                                                                                                                                                                                                          (Text and photos courtesy Beth Peterkin)

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12 May 2019

Song-Writing with Long Sault Trio from McDonalds Corners, ON.   Thanks to Linda Marie Grenier, David Tilston and Victor Maltby for showing us the song-writing process, complete with "altered chords" like a D flat minor 7th that makes for some interesting sounds!!  

And yes....we did collaboratively write a song, but you'll have to come to the Mother's Day Tea and Concert at The Hall tomorrow afternoon (May 12th) to hear it. Doors open at 1:15 p.m. for the Tea and is followed by a performance by Long Sault Trio at 2 p.m. Cost is just $10 at the door, or $5 for those under age 12. Bring your Mom, wife, sister, Grannie, daughter or the girl next door for a great afternoon of food and music.

(Text and photos courtesy Beth Peterkin)
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15 April 2019

The first of this year's Workshops at The Hall was held over the weekend and was a completely unqualified success.  Over 20 participants joined together in song under the facilitation of Stephen Muise, director of Men of the Deeps to learn, experience and participate in ensemble singing, some for the very first time.

Stephen brought his years of experience and expert background to the workshop and guided the group through the mundane, such as warmups and breathing exercises, to the pure joy of singing and putting one's own emotions as a signature on the music.

The workshop concluded on Sunday afternoon when the group performed five songs they had learned over the course of the two days, along with several solo or ensemble performances by individual members of the group. A large and very appreciative audience was entertained, and moved, by the music and stories.

All participants and audience members alike agreed that this was a brilliantly successful weekend of learning and joy.

The entire weekend was supported by a cast of volunteers without whom it would not nearly have been as successful.  Many, many thanks to Beth Peterkin, Anna Goulet, Tommy Strutz, Bob Jamieson, Rick Sylvester and so many others whose efforts made it all possible.

(Photos courtesy of Tommy Strutz)
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06 April 2019

It was a fun evening at The Hall Saturday evening as many people came out to sample ten different chili recipes, complete with rolls and salad all to the rocking music of the Wazoo Band.   Many thanks to all the participants, and volunteer workers, who brought this fun event into being.

The brainchild of Beth Peterkin, this was a first time event for The Hall, everyone present had a great time dressing for summer and celebrating with far too much to eat.    And yes, those were hula hoops available for play.

(Photos above courtesy of Beth Peterkin)

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18 March 2019

Hooligan's Ruff in Action
(Photo courtesy Tommy Strutz)

Saint Patrick's day was celebrated in fine style as Hooligans Ruff played to a delighted audience at The Hall on Saturday evening.   They played 3 sets that gave the audience nearly 3 hrs of wonderful entertainment that kept everyone tapping their feet, clapping their hands and most of the time, singing along. The band is made up of Louis Hebb, Robert Bentley, Carl Cameron and Martin Langford.

Thanks to everyone who came out to support the hall. It is truly appreciated.    And of course huge thanks to our wonderful volunteers who help make everything at The Hall happen.

(Photos by Colleen Smith)
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06 March 2019

The Association held its Annual General Meeting this evening prior to the blackout.   Annual reports were read into the minutes by all committees and a special resolution amending the by-laws was passed by the members in attendance after some discussion about procedural methodology.   The amended by-laws will be submitted to Joint Stocks along with the annual report.

Minutes of the meeting are now available here.

Board of the Association for 2019 - 2020
Left to right:   David Atkinson, Nancy Curleigh, Steve Johnson, Patricia Burke, Johannes Heisberger, Lori Lynch, Rick Sylvester, Brenda Wheaton, Rob Bentley (Missing:  Karen Byers)
(Photo courtesy: L Nicholl)
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16 February 2019

Today was the day to be at The Hall when the area's crafters and bakers assembled to present their works, talents and gifts all in one location.

In affiliation with the Band Association the sale included a variety of local natural handmade crafts, baked goods and art.

The day was well attended by the public and many spoke of how such an event should be repeated occasionally in order to promote local artisans.   

Tickets were sold on a gift basket the contents of which were donated by each of the participating vendors.   The draw for this basket was won by Kierstan Boyce of Dartmouth

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04 February 2019

The Parrsboro Band Association is excited to announce a new line-up of workshops taking place during 2019. These workshops present a variety of learning opportunities and a chance for our residents and visitors to explore new creative outlets in a safe and welcoming environment.

The Hall is located at 44 King Street in beautiful downtown Parrsboro and is home to a wide variety of entertainment, choral and music groups, film nights, concerts, festivals and Open Mics throughout the year. Through our “Workshops at The Hall”, we are partnering with Parrsboro Creative’s Cultural Campus program to further enhance the use of this historic facility.

Lori Lynch, Chair of The Hall says “This workshop series provides an opportunity for us to share our cultural diversity with all Nova Scotians. We are pleased to present the “Workshops at The Hall” series for 2019 and look forward to continuing this programming in the years ahead.”

Workshops to be offered this year include Song-Writing (Thinking Outside the Genre Box), Songs from the Heart (a workshop that celebrates the simple joy of singing), an A Capella Boot Camp and Screen-Writing, with several others under development. Watch the media for further details about dates and times or visit Parrsboro Creative at  or our Calendar of Events..  Further details are available by following this link.

Registration for any of the workshops to be held at The Hall can be done on line at Parrsboro Creative, or by picking up a registration form at The Hall.   Payment can be made by cheque or cash to the Parrsboro Band Association.

The Parrsboro Band Association (The Hall) recognizes the support of the Province of Nova Scotia. We are pleased to work in partnership with the Department of Communities, Culture and Heritage to develop and promote our cultural resources for all Nova Scotians.

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14 December 2018

What a fabulous evening of seasonal fun as JP Cormier and Dave Gunning took the stage for a full two hour concert of seasonal music.   From traditional songs and carols, to humorous new ones, coupled with stories of their reminiscences of their Christmases past, they entertained the full house of appreciative patrons with nonstop fun.

After the concert they mingled with audience members, autographing both posters and cd's and heard many requests to come back again next year with another Christmas special.

(Photographs courtesy of Tommy Strutz)
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13 December 2018

Patricia Burke presented a cheque for $500 to Nancy Quinn of the SCCC Foundation on behalf of the Bernie Burke Memorial Golf Tournament and the Band Association which is held annually to raise funds for The Hall.    Part of the proceeds of the tournament is donated annually to assist with the purchase of equipment for the Care Centre.

Another way The Hal" gives back to the community.

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08 December 2018

The snow added magic to the parade, and the magic of Christmas continued at The Hall for many children when Santa stopped by to listen to their wishes, had out candy canes to each little visitor and to wish all a Merry Christmas.

While the numbers were down from previous years due to the difficult travel conditions all those who attended were treated to not just the joviality of Santa, but to hot chocolate, Christmas cookies and other treats served up by Santas helpers  (aka the volunteers from The Hall)
(How can one doubt the magic of the season when one sees smiles such as this)
Hosted jointly by the Lions Club and the Band Association this visit to The Hall by Santa has become, and will continue to be, a welcome addition to the festive season in Parrsboro

(Once again our wonderful volunteers step up to create a wonderful event.   With special thanks to David Beattie for getting seasonal music working)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

17 September 2018

The songs, stories and really, really corny jokes of Celebrated Canadian East Coast P.E.I. Legend and Icon Lennie Gallant appearing Live at The Hall - Fri, Sept 14, 2018. Accompanied by Patricia Richard and Jeremy Gallant, The Hall's Parrsboro audience was treated to many old familiar and loved Gallant favorites plus some magical brand new songs from Lennie's just released album "Time Travel" (Aug 31, 2018). Hailed as his “finest recording to date” a copy can be obtained here: Highly recommended!

(Photos and article courtesy of Tommy Strutz)
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The incredible arts festival, 10 Days in October, has been on going this week throughout Parrsboro.   The Hall has been hosting an exhibition of art all week, with the doors open from 1:00 - 5:00 pm every day.   Admission is free.   Drop in and enjoy the spectacular works on display
(Photo courtesy of L Nicolls)
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16 August 2018

Although we are in the dog days of August, some members of the choir were busily assisting with the chore of collating 30 copies of three new Christmas tunes the choir will begin working on in September.   Yes.    Christmas music in August.   With only 8 practices between now and the Christmas concert for the choir, the new music has to be ready and on hand for the first practice on September 13th.

Many thanks to David Howe, Ruth McLean and Martin Langford for helping to assemble the copies.  

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
10 August 2018

It took next to no time when Eric Henwood's team swung into action to install the new promotion sign on Main Street at the foot of King.  Proudly bearing the Association's logo and motto it will point the way to all events at The Hall.

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08 July 2918

Saturday night saw the Parrsboro Citizens' Choir out to take part in the festivities of OFSN.   Starting at the bandstand to see the unveiling of the fabulous new sculpture which will grace the corner of the park, they had to skip the cake and treats to move down to the bank parking lot to spend the next 45 minutes providing participants with a variety of old rock'n roll songs.

It was great fun to once again participate in this event which saw perfect, if breezy weather fill Main Street with a great crowd.

One more summer event awaits the choir's participation:   Band Day at the bandstand on July 22nd.
(Photos courtesy of Dearran Towns and Ruth MacLean)
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01 July 2018


Canada Day celebrations were held once again this year at Ottawa House, and once again the Parrsboro Citizens' Choir was in attendance to provide some musical entertainment and lead the attendees in the singing of the national anthem while the flag was being hoisted.

Musical selections were made which would encourage audience participation in the singing, and one medley of tunes remembered the 100th year since the ending of WW I. 

The choir is pleased and honoured to be included in this celebration every year, looking forward to being able help celebrate Canada's birth date.

11June 2018

Trish called for help to do a little painting to 'tiddly' up the front entrance, stairs, ramp and rails and sure enough, more of our wonderful volunteers Dennis & Wanda Barton Clay and Doug Lake showed up and had the work done in short order.   How marvellous it is that not only The Hall, but so many other organizations are so ably supported by volunteers who give of their time, talent and energy with no expectation of reward or recognition.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

07 June 2018

The Parrsboro Citizens' Choir was privileged to have been invited to participate in a Spring Concert at the United Church in Springhill this evening.    Performing alongside "High Tide" "The Travellers" and the "Cobequid Nutones" was great fun, which offered the audience a wide range of music to enjoy.

A wonderful evening of music and thanks to Jim Scopie for inviting us. And thanks to Rick Sylvester for taking the pictures and the video which is now posted to YouTube here.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

02 June 2018

(The Hall before the doors opened showing a small section of the plant tables)

The annual Plant, Bake and Book sale held on Saturday June 2nd was once again a tremendous success.   With over 1000 plants available, a table groaning with the weight of all manners of baked treats, and a large selection of books available for only a donation, the huge crowd that turned out was not disappointed in the selection available.

(...and there was more outside!)

In addition a beautifully decorated cake disappeared rapidly at auction while the gorgeous garden armillary draw was won by Alyson Welsh of Diligent River.   Congratulations to both winners.

The garden sale is the largest sale of its type in the area and every year provides attendees with a large selection of plants to fill their gardens.  As usual there are a few plants left which are available at 47 Pier Road and can be acquired by simply dropping by, making your selection and leaving a donation for The Hall in the container provided.

It would be remiss to fail to recognize the efforts of the group of volunteers who staged this event, from the repotting of donated plants, to delivering them and getting them set up prior to the event, those who donated baked goods and then all who helped run the event.   Even more thanks goes to this group who also had the place cleared out and the mess cleaned up in short order following the closing of the doors so The Hall would be ready for an amazing concert by J P Cormier yesterday evening.   

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

01 June 2018

(The Citizens' Choir celebrated its sixth year of existence by performing pieces selected by the choir members from their past repertoire)

Sunday evening saw The Hall filled with music as the Association presented it's annual Spring Concert.  The evening featured all the groups which regularly participate in 'citizens' music' at The Hall.   All these programmes are available to anyone who wishes to participate in choral, stringed instrument or jazz improvisation, at any level of ability, and at no charge in order to make the programmes available to all.
(Participants in the Jazz Ensemble displayed their skills at improvisation on several well known tunes)

Also performing was the Elastic Big Band which uses The Hall regularly as a practice venue and returns the favour with its tremendous support by performing at the Spring and Christmas concerts, Band Day and of course, the increasingly popular Oktoberfest.

(The King Street Strummers welcome anyone with a stringed instrument wishing to improve their skills and just have fun)

The audience was provided with a wide range of musical treats which had them tapping their toes, or singing along.
(The Elastic Big Band closed the evening with some fabulous upbeat jazz music)

Many thanks to all who participated and made the evening the resounding success that it was.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~