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Fundraising for The Hall



As all are well aware, the Parrsboro Band Association has embarked on a multi-year programme to restore and renovate the band hall on King Street, now known commonly as The Hall.

This programme is ambitious and is making The Hall once again a centerpiece in the community and region for entertainment, community and cultural events.

Much of our fundraising is of a very active variety, with Association members contributing time to organize improvements or
energy to actually do work on the building.   Many of the efforts are organized by the Fundraising Committee which is a small, very dedicated group which concentrates major efforts on such events as Oktoberfest, Band Day, the Christmas concert, and the annual Plant and Bake sale.   No words can express how very much appreciated are the constant efforts of this hardworking and dedicated group.   If you wish to participate in this group contact Brenda Wheaton, Chair of the Fundraising Committee.

Other sources of funding come from grants from various government agencies, usually specifically targeted on a specific aspect of the restoration or improvement, however it should be emphasized that to date the entire restoration  process has received government funding only three times: one small grant to assist in the installation of the accessible washroom; a generous grant which assisted (but did not fully fund) the rebuild of the fixed seating; and most recently a smaller grant which assisted in the construction of the enclosure for the front entry way.

There are other activities such as the annual plant and bake sale and the submission of recyclables in the name of the Association.  Others donate their talents in other ways which enable the Association to raise the funds necessary to keep moving forward.

In addition however we are blessed by the generosity of many members of the community who, having enjoyed what they have seen and heard or being supportive of the effort to continue the improvement of The Hall, have made cash contributions to the effort.
   Many of these donations have been made anonymously, with out fanfare and have helped move the project forward in a very significant way, and our thanks continues to go out to all for their generosity of spirit.

As a non-profit organization with charitable status the Band Association is able to provide receipts for a tax deduction for each and every donation, be it cash or material goods, made in support of the restoration/renovation.  

In addition the Association is pleased and gratified to accept gifts made in celebration of the memory of a loved one.   These gifts can be made quietly or can be directed at a specific aspect of the project and acknowledged publicly, even commemorated in some manner.    For instance many of the new window curtains were dedicated by families to the memory of a loved on, and the donation is celebrated (on each window) with a small brass commemorative plaque.
   Donations can be made in memory of a loved one on line using PayPal or may be made to any member of the Board, and given as much, or as little recognition as the donor desires.

We thank each an every one of our supporters who do so much to keep this project moving forward.   Without the support of the community we would not be where we are, nor be able to plan where we are going.


Recyle and Help The Hall

One of the lesser known efforts to provide funding for the ongoing renovation and restoration projects at The Hall was an opportunity provided by Durant's Recycling.   When anyone takes their refundable bottles into Durant's and lets them know the proceeds are to be credited to the Band Association, funds are added to our account.   These funds are then used by the Association to support its ongoing efforts to make The Hall an upgraded, green, comfortable and attractive community meeting and entertainment place.