Rental Policy



The Parrsboro Citizens’ Band Hall, located at 44 King Street, Parrsboro, shall be made available for rent to groups and individuals on an as available basis. Any event scheduled by the Parrsboro Band Association (PBA) shall take precedence over any income producing or charitable activity.

This policy is put into place in order to provide guidance for all members when discussing rentals but in particular for the individual making the bookings and collecting the revenues.

Rental Categories

There shall exist two categories of rental available, under three separate renter classifications. These categories are defined as:

Basic: which shall include the sound system, tables and chairs as required and access to the Annex. However the renter shall be responsible for any damage

Full + Technician: which includes Basic rental as above plus lighting, and projection equipment provided with full technical support

Both categories assume that access to the facility will be provided to the renter for the full day (8:00 am – 12:00 am). This should provide the renter sufficient time for set up prior to the event. Should the renter require access to the facility the day prior in order to facilitate setup for the event, the facility may be rented for $20/hr.


The three classifications of potential renters are:

A. Corporate or Government

B. Not for profit or community support groups

C. Charitable: special occasion or community service

Rate Structure

The following rate structure shall apply to groups as designated above. The actual rate charged varies with the season in order to compensate for heating required during the heating season.

The fee includes clean up @ $50 which doesn’t need to be identified

BASIC Full + Technician

A Corporate or Government

May – Sep 200 $20/hr for technician

Oct – Apr 250 $20/hr for technician

Half Day May - Oct 100 $20/hr for technician

B Not for profit or community support groups

May – Sep 150* $20/hr for technician

Oct – Apr 175* $20/hr for technician

Half Day May - Oct $100 $20/hr for technician

* Note: includes Janitorial fee

C Charitable: special occasion or community service

The fee charged for charitable or community support events shall be determined on a case by case, as available, basis by the Executive Committee.

Liquor License

Until such time as the Association has a regular ongoing liquor license, it is the responsibility of the renter to procure a Nova Scotia Liquor License if alcohol is to be served during an event. Equally it is the responsibility of the renter to adequately supervise the consumption of alcohol at the event, ensuring consumption remains within the confines of the facility and that abuses are prevented.


The maximum capacity of The Hall in accordance with Fire Regulations is 120 persons. This number shall not be exceeded by event organizers.

Annex Rental

It is realized that on occasion some groups may wish to rent the Annex only for small, roundtable discussions and presentations. In these instances the following rate table shall apply:

A May – Sep $100

Oct – Apr $120

B May – Sep $70

Oct – Apr $100

Film Screening Only

Should anyone, be it individual, corporate, or not for profit wish to use The Hall for the purpose of showing a film only, the set fee shall be $100 -$150 (winter rates) and shall include projectionist support.

The renter must obtain legal rights to show the film or select a film from the list of films available through The Hall’s distributor, Criterion Pictures. That list is online at

Youth Oriented Rentals

On the occasion of a rental for a dance with individuals under the age of 19, there will be an additional charge of $200.00 in order for the Band Association to be able to provide private security.

In addition, a refundable damage deposit of $200.00 will be levied and due upon signing the rental contract agreement.

The individual responsible for renting The Hall has the right to request from the renter the name and contact information of the individual assuming responsibility for the patrons and their conduct.


Access to the facility for set up, conduct of the event is under the supervision of the PBA

Under no circumstances shall the keys to The Hall be given to the renter, with the single exception noted below.

Special Considerations

Given the longstanding relationship of partnering between the PBA and the Ship’s Company Theatre (SCT), the facility will be provided at a greatly reduced rate to the SCT for its’ rehearsals. Staff of the SCT shall have their own access to the facility due to their irregular hours. All other conditions of their use of the facility shall be contained in a written agreement, to be renewed annually, between the PBA and the SCT.

Considering the anticipated growth and the development of partnerships with other interest groups in events of the Cultural Campus, The Hall shall be made available to those partners, if they are stand alone users of the hall, at a rental rate to be agreed upon by the Board. Such agreement shall be complete and in writing prior to the conduct of the event.

NOTE: When The Hall is rented for an extended period of time, consideration must be given to the Band Association for reasonable access

With an equally longstanding and mutually beneficial relationship between the PBA and the performing group the Elastic Big Band, it is deemed that the Elastic Big Band may have the use of the facility, on an as available basis within reason, at no charge for rehearsals.

Equal consideration shall be given to the members of the Wazoo Blues Band whose members contribute frequently to activities at The Hall such that The Wazoo Blues Band may have the use of the facility, on an as available basis within reason, at no charge for rehearsals.

Note: Scheduling of the rehearsal times shall be coordinated by the individual responsible for rental of The Hall in order to avoid conflicts.

Members of the Association, serving as Directors, shall be entitled to a preferential rental rate of $15/hr for up to 3 hours, or a 50% discount on the Basic, Full or Annex rates as outlined above.


While the equipment and furnishing are not for rent per se, there may be occasions when it will be permitted to remove some from the facility. When equipment is borrowed, it must be requested no less than 48 hours in advance and prior approval has to be received from the Facilities Chair or Director of Music. The individuals will be required to sign out the equipment and sign it back in once returned.

Policy Review

This policy and fee structure shall be reviewed every two years by the Board of Directors of the Parrsboro Band Association.

Amended June 13, 2017