Projects Completed

2011 - 2021

Restoration Efforts to November 2019

The Hall is a former Presbyterian church, constructed in 1884 and opened for services first in1885. For the past 45 years it has been used by the Band Association as a performance venue for the Parrsboro Citizens' Band and numerous other performing groups.

With an aggressive and proactive campaign to revitalize The Hall over the past ten years, the Board has a proven track record of success in both raising funds and administering projects, large and small. All of the following projects have been completed with public funding on only three occasions: a small grant from the government of Nova Scotia to assist with the installation of the accessible washroom; a substantial grant from the New Horizons programme which facilitated the installation of the fixed seating and a grant from the New Horizons programme which facilitated the completion of the protective cupola over the main entrance.

It is this community driven support which has proved to make the restoration of The Hall one of the most successful restoration/revitalization projects in the province.

Successful Projects completed to date:

1. Repair sills and level bell tower -$3000.00

2. Replace shingles on south side of annex, step repair - $4488.90

3. Paint front of hall -$6000.00

4. Installation of energy efficient lighting with support from Efficiency NS and NSPC -no cost

5. Installation of new electrical panel, emergency lights etc. As per requirement of Fire Marshall -$1522.94

6. Complete overhaul of furnaces, oil barrel and HW tank twice -$2072.00

7. Install two new oil tanks - $3600

8. Painting of walls in auditorium, and foyer -$250.00

9. Replace carpet in foyer -$150.00

10. Replace access door for canteen - $75

11. Paint west wall and complete parking walls -$4065.50

12. Paint Acoustic Tiles and ceiling and woodwork in main hall -$350.00

13. Installation of drapes and blinds in auditorium -$1300.00

14. Installation of accessible washroom, ramp and replacement of front steps -$10,428.26 (Access Nova Scotia grant assistance)

15. Installation of new lighting, PA system purchase and creation of sound booth in main auditorium - $10, 536.28

16. Paint ceiling, acoustic tiles, walls and replace floor in annex -$1453.29

17. Replace shingles on West side of auditorium -$9400.00

18. Replace front door and frame and required hardware -272.83

19. Paint exterior East wall -$3400.00

20. Close in furnace room with new door, lighting etc. -$1900.00

21. Basement insulation project -$1500.00

22. Purchase new tables -$1300

23. Purchase new chairs – $917

24. Insulate walls in basement - $2000

25. Paint and repair North Wall completing exterior painting - $4036

26. Replace Annex door and windows in Annex and office - $4088

27. Annex practice room renovated: paint, new flooring

28. Annex practice room window replaced

29. Downstairs washrooms renovated

30. Downstairs hall painted; carpet replaced on stairs

31. Carpet replace in front foyer

32. Construct interior closet for cleaning equipment - $486

33. Protective canopy constructed over door to annex

34. Purchase and install full size drop down screen - $5000

35. Install Hearing Assistance System - $2500.00

36. Seal off old loading dock door in Annex – $750

37. Install and rearrange duct work to improve heating to fixed seating - $1200

38. Racks for new tables and chairs - $600

39. New popcorn machine purchased for film committee

40. Installation of phase one of eavestroughing - $1115

41. Upgrade of Fire extinguishers - $287

42. Installation of backdrop track and curtains - $4098

43. Install additional Exit signs and emergency lights - $500

44. Painting of Access Parking symbols on driveway - $140

45. Install new exterior sign on tower - $580

46. Upgrades to electrical heating, emergency lights and fans - $700

47. Major renovation to the fixed seating to improve comfort, safety, accessibility and visibility - $28,000 (New Horizons grant assistance)

48. Renovation of 'green room' - $400

49. Reorganization of storage of sound and light equipment which included removal of two false walls and installation of racks, hooks etc to provide better, more organized access to equipment and cabling completed in concurrence with installation of new fixed seating and accomplished entirely with volunteer labour

50. Replacement of all cabinets in the former kitchen, now used as a rehearsal space - cabinets and labour to install all donated by volunteers - $3,300

51. Purchase new commercial fridge - $2,000

52. Purchase of new chairs - $1,200

53. Renovation of front foyer after rain damage from hurricane removed a portion of the roof - $4,000

54. Installation of new metal roof on entire facility - $35,000

55. Repairs to the exterior cladding of the bell tower - $4,000

56. Interior completely repainted by volunteers

57. New sign erected at the town park on Main Street, identifying The Hall - $2,500

58. New ‘marquee’ sign erected in front of The Hall to announce events (twin design to the one at the town park)

59. New interior system for hanging artwork - $1,500

60. Construction of new canopy over front entrance (with New Horizons grant assistance) – $11,000

61. Installation of three heat pumps to improve interior environmental quality - $20,000

62. Exterior touch up painting on steps and ramps completed by volunteers.

63. Installation of new, more accessible fixture in ladies downstairs washroom – no cost

64. Installation of solar array to produce 30kW of green energy for the NS power grid - #107,000

65. Clapboards on tower replaced and repainted. Large windows in front foyer replaced.