The fundamental principle of the Association's governance manual, combining organizational structure, defining responsibilities and establishing policies, is to organize and define the roles of various committees, positions and volunteers who dedicate their time and energy to the Parrsboro Band Association (PBA).

The intention is to permit the concentration of a volunteer’s energy in areas which are of interest to the individual, organize those of similar interests into functional working groups under the direction of a single organizer. These organizers shall normally, but not necessarily always assume the Chair of their committees as members of the Board of Directors of the PBA.

In this manner one individual, as a Board Member, shall be the single point of contact for any specific range of activities, taking direction from and making recommendations to the Board of Directors and organizing other members of the Association who have expressed an interest in that particular activity.

In this way the Board members are not made to feel responsible for multiple tasking, some of which they may be reluctant to assume, preserving their energy and enthusiasm for their particular area of interest and expertise. This clear delineation of roles and responsibilities, guided by established clearly stated goals and policies, also permits the members of the Association at large to be aware of which Board member should be approached on any particular topic. The additional benefit is inevitably the elimination of confusion and the prevention of duplication of effort. This will alleviate some of the frustrations to which volunteer groups are subject when two or three eager volunteers discover that a task to which they have put their hand has been already completed by ‘someone’ else whom “someone else” asked them to do, or conversely that a much required task has not been completed in a timely manner because ‘someone’ was doing it.

None of the above of course precludes any member of the Association from volunteering to participate an any activity or serve on any committee.

Ultimately the following pages will contain all Terms of Reference, all Policies and procedures, By Laws and other governing documents of the Association. They will also contain the annual operating budget of the Association and an expanded version of the Mission Statement. In this manner it is hoped that every member of the Association, and the general public, will be aware of the organization, aims and governing regulations of the Parrsboro Band Association.