Annual General Meeting 2019

The Annual meeting of the Parrsboro Band Association was held at The Hall on Wednesday, March 6, 2019 at 5:30 p.m. Present were: Lori Lynch, Rob Bentley, Johannes Hiesberger, Brenda Wheaton, Patricia Burke, David Atkinson, and Nancy Curleigh. Regrets from Karen Byers.

Members present were: Rick Sylvester, Beth Peterkin, Dr. Mary-Irene Parker, Tommy Strutz, Janice Horton, Rosemary Rowntree, Steve Johnson, Helen Tyson, Kerwin Davison, Martin Langford, Lawrence Nicoll, Lloyd Smith, Karen Smith. David Towns – volunteer.

Lori welcomed everyone to the meeting. The Minutes of the last AGM, February 21, 2018 were reviewed. A motion was made by Tommy Strutz to approve the minutes, seconded by Rick Sylvester. The minutes were approved.

Chairperson's Report:

Lori read her final report as Chair, a position she originally agreed to hold for 6 months while a replacement was found in 2010. Her report was one of gratitude and she stated that her position as chair was made easy, working with such a loyal and diligent Board.

Treasurer's Report:

Johannes presented a very positive financial statement for the 2018 year showing a balance of $56, 967.88 as of December 31, 2018. The report was accepted by the audience. Johannes moved adoption of his report, seconded by Patricia Burke, all in favor.

New Business:

Special Resolution

Rob presented the changes to the membership for the By-Laws.

3 iv to maintain and repair the Band Hall. Delete Bandstand. Trish made a motion to approve, Rick Sylvester seconded. All in favor.

14 v Expenditures and Loans in excess of $5000.00 as per para 34 iii below) delete. Lawrence Nicoll made a motion to approve, Tommy Strutz seconded, all in favor.

18 Change number of directors from 15 to 11. Steve Johnson made a motion to approve, Lloyd Smith seconded, all in favor.

34 i Expenditures for emergency purposes, change from $1500.00 to $3000.00. Beth Peterkin made a motion to approve, Lawrence Nicoll seconded, all in favor.

34 v The Treasurer is authorized to make transactions up to $750.00 without a second signature. Rick Sylvester made a motion to approve, Tommy Strutz seconded. All in favor.

It was agreed there is still some discussion to be carried out regarding the wording on 11 & 13 in the By-Laws and that will be dealt with before the next AGM.

Committee Reports:

1. Divas

Brenda gave a report from the Fund Raising Committee. All events were reviewed and had great financial results. She thanked all the Committee volunteers and wxtended a thank you to all the other volunteers who helped make all events a success.

2. Facilities

The Hall 2018 renovations. The following were completed: a new tracking system to hang paintings; auditorium painted with a special thank you to Brenda Moore; new addition to front of building and new window box, thanks to Del Amon and Gary Nymark; new sign in front of building; and a new sign on yjr Service Centre Lot. The Hall was used 271 times, and there were 5522 volunteer hours and this number does not include Rob or myself. Trish mentioned she is excited to see what renovations will be carried out in 2019. Eric Henwood donated an air conditioner for use in the building and will it be installed by the end of April 2019.

3. Rentals

Trish reported the rentals for the hall were amazing for 2018. The Hall is a much sought after venue for rentals in our area. This will be my final year as Rental Chairperson. Karen Byers has kindly stepped up to assume this responsibility. This will take place in the near future and an announcement will be on the website and Facebook.

4. Music

Rob reported that the music side of the organization is flourishing. The Jazz Workshop, King Street Strummers and Parrsboro Citizen's Choir are all increasing in membership. The Open Mic every second Friday remains popular and we are the only Open Mic that accepts everyone and every style of music, along with poems, jokes and a mixture of entertainment. The Concerts in the Park for charity on Sunday evenings in June, July and August remain popular.

5. Films

Lori gave an in depth report on the films held at The Hall every second Wednesday. This has been ongoing since 2007. We had a modest start with hard chairs, black plastic window coverings and a home made screen. We have come a long way since then. We now offer a first class movie going experience. We also have a 5th Wednesday Illustrated Presentation and family/kids movies one Sunday a month in January, February and March. She extended a thank you to the volunteers who have helped make “Films for all at The Hall” such a success.

6. Film Festival

Helen Tyson gave a report on the 2018 Film Festival and its successes. She elaborated on how the committee is making an effort to make the festival available to a wider audience. It is the hope of the Committee that 2019 will be a sell out year! The first announcement for the festival will be on Wednesday, February 27, 2019 with the showing of Modified.

7. Concert Series

Lori presented an exciting report on the Concert Series for 2018 which offered a wide range of entertainment from Classics to Folk. Nearly all concerts were sold out. She said to stay tuned for the 2019 announcement of performers.

8. Communications

Trish reported that mid way through the year our Communications person resigned from the Board. Trish picked up the reins doing the Communications with the help of David Towns. David updates the Facebook and Social Media and Rob stepped up to do the Member updates. Trish continues to do the Calendar of Events and Press Releases to the papers.

9. Membership

Nancy gave a great report on the success of the membership which was at 166 during 2018. We are so fortunate to have newcomers to our community become members. She thanked everyone who helped promote membership.

10. Bernie Burke Memorial Golf Tournament

This tournament remains very popular and we are now in our 20th year. We generate over $5000.00 for The Hall each year.

11. Band Day

Brenda gave a report on Band Day for 2018. It was forecast for rain so the decision was made to hold the event inside at The Hall. We raised more inside than we did in previous years outside! The first meeting was held to prepare for 2019.

12. Workshops at The Hall

Lori reported on this very exciting program that The Hall has taken on with a wide variety of courses offered. Beth Peterkin has agreed to take on the role to line up a great list of courses for 2019.

Nominations to the Board for 2019:

Lori called three times for nominations to the Board for 2019. Trish nominated Rick Sylvester. Steve Johnson, previously approached, agreed to join the Board. A vote was then taken and these two gentlemen were accepted to the Board.

With no other business the meeting was adjourned at 6:25 pm. Refreshments were provided.

A meeting of the old Board and new Board members was then called to decide on the executive for 2019.

Chairperson Rob Bentley

Past Chair Lori Lynch

Vice Chair Steve Johnson

Secretary Patricia Burke

Treasurer Johannes Hiesberger

Recording Secretary Trish Burke