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Once again this year there was a review of the strategic Five Year plan and once again there was similarity in thinking of the Board members.   When asked to produce a long term ‘wish list’ independently, the objectives articulated by each were surprisingly similar, making the formalization of the plan an extremely simple, and satisfying project.   Familiarity with the process of looking ahead also provided the Board with the opportunity to discuss some of the details of how to refine what is outlined in the Strategic Plan with details and some actions to investigate actual costs.   

The unbelievable success of the implementation of a Five Year Strategic Plan was in large part due to the ability of the Board to define its goals, and thus resist succumbing to the temptation to move away in directions which may dilute the achievement of its prioritized goals.  This has permitted the Board the option of optimism in adopting a highly aggressive and ambitious plan for 2014 and beyond, particularly as the objectives now being examined, both short and long term, are beginning to fall into the category of major projects as the smaller, more immediately achievable goals are being met, many of them well ahead of projection dates.  (You can review a 'grocery list' of the accomplishments from the past four years here)

The board selected its general categories of goals, then defined what was necessary to achieve those goals, and prioritized them.  It was found that in many cases the goals set were dependent upon the achievement of fundraising targets, volunteer recruitment objectives and other external factors such as availability of funding from government, corporate and private agencies.

Being able to present this strategic plan to such agencies is viewed as critical to acceptance of the Association by such agencies as a viable business, well organized and with a smooth running administrative core which would guarantee rational expenditure of any funds provided.

None of these objectives however are considered to be concrete objectives.  The Board accepts that some milestones may not be met, while others may be accelerated by external factors.   The plan allows for sufficient flexibility to provide for unexpected contingencies such as windfall donations of funds which will respect the wishes of the donor, or for the eventuality of funding not materializing.   What was critical to the process was producing a plan which took into consideration all facets of the complexity of the development of The Hall, and the anticipated continued expansion of events and activities.

[The new Strategic Plan may be reviewed by following the link to this page]

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