Friday, March 23rd          Open Mic at The Hall                                                                           7:00 pm

Saturday, March 24th      Parrsboro Creative's Time & Tides 2nd Annual Most Excellent Comedy   7:00 pm

Monday March 26th         Jazz Improv Ensemble                                                                         7:00 pm

Tuesday March 27th        King Street Strummers                                                                        7:30 pm
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17 March 2017

Hooligan's Ruff strutting their stuff
What a great evening at The Hall as over 80 people came out to celebrate St Patrick's Day in style and enjoy the terrific entertainment provided by Hooligan's Ruff.   This annual event has been growing in popularity every year.   Now if we could only get more folks up doing the occasional jig.

And of course the evening was supported by some of our terrific volunteers with Jackie on the bar and Brenda keeping control of the rowdies.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
15 March 2017


The Film Committee is pleased to announce the selections for films for the month of May.   Two terrific films, plus an illustrated talk by Lawrence Nicholls.   Check out the details on the Films Page.

The Film Committee also announced another Family Film screening to be held on Sunday April 8th.   Full details are also available on the Films Page.

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9 March 2017


A great way to start the evening

A surprisingly good, and very appreciative audience, braved the weather this evening for the Open Mic night.   With some inadvertent power flickers, making the lights do their own performance and knocking out one of the microphones, along with some difficulties in avoiding microphone cables, or walking away and forgetting one's guitar is attached to an amplifier, the atmosphere was definitely relaxed, in spite of the heavy, wet snow building up outside.

John braved the roads from Amherst to participate.   We hope to see him again, for sure!

However the programme was pushed through, with no break and the evening ended early so all could get home safely.

See you all again in two weeks:  March 23rd

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24 February 2018


(Andrew not only hosted the evening but teamed up with Marg to provide some quality entertainment as well)

With the number of the 'usual' volunteers depleted by three last night by illness and vacation, the Open Mic still went ahead with the assistance of some of the wonderful supporters of The Hall.    Very special thanks to Andrew Lloyd for stepping up to host the evening, to Jim Aylward for sitting down at the keyboard, and Cheryl Goodwin for 'wrangling' the performers in order to keep things moving.
(Harriet was the only lady to enter the 'best hat' contest)

There was once again a full lineup of performers all willing to donate their time and talent to support The Hall, and the large audience were enthusiastic with their appreciation.   It was particularly great to have Evange Landry, Kathy Vansick and Donna Tait out.   Their appearances always add to the fun of the open mic nights.   Thank you making the trip and sharing your talent.
(But the hands down winner for 'best hat' just had to go to Jim Brown)
(Photos courtesy of Harriet McCready)
The next open mic will be held on the 9th of March.   We hope to see you all there.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~