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The Parrsboro Band Association has decided to cancel all events at The Hall until at least April 9, 2020 in order to comply with government recommendations regarding the spread of Covid-19.

The closure includes both public events and group rehearsals.     The Annual General Meeting has been deferred to a later date which will be announced as soon as it is prudent to do so.

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27 March 2020

In an effort to assist the community ithrough this period of difficulty, the Parrsboro Band Association, the Parrsboro Lions Club and Parrsboro Radio have joined forces to provide live entertainment in a series of Social-Distance Concerts.   The first concert in the series will launch on  Sunday March 29th at 7:00 pm and will feature Silver Lining:   Patti Dauphinee and Rob Bentley.  Be sure to tune in for what will be a wonderful concert.

The technical setup is ready to broadcast these Social-Distance Concerts on Sunday evenings
Go to the Live Web Events page following the link for all the ways you can tune in.

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17 March 2020


While The Hall may be closed to classes, practices, movies and performances, good things continue to happen. 

This morning, under grey and gloomy skies, a grand piano arrived.   Donated through the generosity of Bill Costin, the piano will be a wonderful permanent addition to capabilities of The Hall to host concerts of all descriptions.   Built in the 1920’s and, according to Bill refurbished completely in the 1990’s with its’ action restored to factory original condition, the piano is a huge step forward for The Hall.   

Rob Bentley spent a couple of hours playing it once it was set up and settled and has described it as having “marvellous action”  and a sound that is “perfect for The Hall”  

As keeping an actual piano from reacting to the varying climactic condition in The Hall has always been a concern and has prevented The Hall from actually owning an instrument of this calibre and sensitivity, part of the current Five Year Plan for The Hall includes the construction of a specially designed enclosed space in which the piano can be stored.   It will be a temperature and humidity controlled space and while not precisely a room – Rob himself describes it as more of a closet – the space created will be just large enough, and with large enough doors (for those who like to plan ahead) that the piano can be slipped inside and kept in a space in which it will not lose tuning, or have its’ action damaged by changing temperatures and humidity.

Defining the piano size is not quite so simple however it is almost guaranteed that someone will ask so a bit of research has revealed that, since it is approximately between 6 and 7 feet long, it probably can be defined as a “Parlour Grand” piano.    Concert Grand pianos are much larger, ranging from 7 – 10 feet in length but the sound an instrument of that dimension produces absolutely needs a much, much larger concert venue.   Just as a point of interest, smaller versions in the 5 – 6’ range are commonly referred to as “Baby Grands” and the sound they produce would be lost in a venue the size of The Hall’s Bernie Burke Auditorium.

The board and members are thrilled with this new acquisition and most appreciative of the generosity of Bill Costin.

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It is with regret that the Canadian Chamber Choir has had to announce that its' planned tour of Eastern Canada has been cancelled due to current health concerns.

The entire choir wishes to express their thanks to all and the full text of their communication, along with ticket refund policy and/or possibilities can be found here.    Please do take the time to read their message in its' entirety.

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07 March 2020


(Two "Hooligans" kicked off the night with a couple of distinctly Irish tunes)
(Photo courtesy of Harriet McCready)

Friday night saw The Hall almost filled to capacity as over 18 entertainers donated their time and talent to making it a great night of music and laughter.   With a somewhat 'Irish' flavour to the night, the fun went on for over three hours to the delight of all present.
(Claude's Irish renditions had all toes tapping)
Open Mic will return to The Hall on March 20th, just in time for spring!   See you all there.

(The "40 D's" paid homage to International Womens' Day)

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23 February 2020

(Patrick kicked the night off, warming the crowd with a hot blues number)
A great crowd warmed up the the 'theme' of cold at Friday's open mic at The Hall, with cold jokes, cold song titles and yes even a couple of cold songs performed.   The place rocked with laughter and to great music as the mid-winter blues were dispelled.
(Connie was the only one to take on a 'cold' song with her great rendition of "Cold, Cold Heart")
Many thanks to the entertainers who share their time and amazing talents to make these evenings at The Hall the best variety entertainment in the county.

(It was great to have Donna getting back out.   Welcome home!)

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Yes it is time to renew your membership in the Band Association.   Continue to be a part of the exciting activities and progress as the Association moves into the new decade.   Not a member?   Time to give serious thought to becoming a part of this tremendous organization.  
You can renew at any time there is an activity at The Hall, or by speaking to any Board member, or here on line.

Don't miss out on the benefits of being a member.

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