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MAY 16th    VIRTUAL OPEN MIC XXV                                                                7:00 pm      

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The Board of the Parrsboro Band Association regrets to announce that with the increased restrictions put in place due to the ongoing Covid response in the province, movies will no longer be screened at The Hall until further notice.   We all hope that everyone will respect the new restrictions, get their vaccines as soon as possible, and respect others in the interests of everyone’s health.  Above all, stay safe  

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09 May 2021


As the season for the Social-Distance concert series winds down Rob Bentley, from his living room, provided a brief commentary on the origins of the Citizens' Choir featureing some videos of early performances and a cross section still photos of the various community activities in which it has been involved since its' inception in 2012.   The presentation also demonstrated how the group involves other disciplines of music with flute, tin whistle and violin all contributing at one point or another.
Unable to meet and practice as a group for over a year now, Rob has kept the choir's sense of identity alive with all his efforts to create the virtual performances, several of which were presented during the course of the hour.   He did mention that the latest virtual performance of 'Farewell to Covid-19' (written by members of the choir) had at time of recording received over 1400 'hits' on YouTube.   As of the time of writing this, this fun performance has now been viewed almost 3500 times.
The choir is open to anyone who wishes to participate as a member of a choral ensemble and in fact has had one new member join, even under the current restrictive conditions so if anyone is interested, please get in touch.
Next week will feature the final virtual open mic of the season and will be recorded in accordance with the current gathering limits.

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03 May 2021


Our next to last virtual open mic aired yesterday evening on Eastlink Cable 5, on the Live Web Events page of, on and on CICR radio and it did not fail to entertain. A wonderful hour filled with a variety of music which was enjoyed by all. You can see the whole show again by visiting The Hall's website and clicking on the link on the main page, then on VOM XX!V.
There will be one more virtual open mic in two weeks as we wind the community Covid effort down for the summer. Hopefully next fall we will be able to start up with open mic nights, and all other activities, at The Hall. And remember to tune in next week for another in the Social-Distance concert series.
Stay posted for updates and in the meantime....stay safe.

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25 April 2021


This evening's social distance 'concert' took a decidedly different direction from those offered over the past year.    Yesterday evening SPAR had sponsored an hour long presentation by Kerwin Davison on his life and times, and this evening we were pleased to be able to present this charming, witty, informative and just plain fun presentation to you. 
Kerwin presented a fascinating, and very self effacing look back at his life, taking us all back, in a very personal way, through what proved to be a fulfilling, successful and thoroughly satisfying life.    Thank you Kerwin for sharing your thoughts, memories and yes, humour with us all.

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18 April 2021


This week's virtual open mic marked the beginning of the end for the weekly Social-Distance concert series.   Featuring great local entertainment and music, we hope these concerts have managed to keep music going during this past most difficult year.
This evening presented a wide variety of music, and a number of 'backdrops' by Rob Bentley who has been so instrumental in putting these all together.

Tune in again next week for the next in the Social-Distance concert series.

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11 April 2021


As hard as it is to believe, the Social-Distance Concert series from The Hall, sponsored by The Hall, the Parrsboro Lions Club and CICR radio stepped into its' second year of broadcasts with a retrospective of the Spring Concert at The Hall of 2018, videoed at the time by Tommy Strutz and used here with his kind permission.
The evening started with a new recording by the Parrsboro Citizens' Choir which featured in the background a series of photos of ships built by Rob Bentley's great-grandfather Captain George E Bentley or his brother, Captain Thomas K Bentley between 1905 and 1920.   They were all built in Port Greville with the exception of the TK Bentley which was built in Advocate Harbour. 
So with this link to Rob we would once again like to thank him for coming up with the concept of the Social-Distance Concert series and the virtual open mic nights which have done so much to keep participation in and the enjoyment of music going through this past difficult year.
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