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Sunday 01 August        Concert in the Park             with Kevin Wood                                     7:00 pm

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The Board of the Parrsboro Band Association is pleased to announce that movies will be returning to The Hall in the near future.   Seating will once again be limited so reservations in advance will be required and all health protocols will be strictly observed.   Details of the first film, which will be screened on July 14th, can be found on the Films page.   In the meantime, adhere to the protocols, get your vaccine and above all, stay safe  

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26 July 2021


Under perfect weather conditions, the annual Band Day proceeded, albeit much altered from years past. Two groups of musicians, with very little rehearsal time, provided a very appreciative crowd with an afternoon of wonderful music.
A host of volunteers made sure things ran smoothly and of course the sausages and hot dogs were as delicious as ever. The occasion marked a slow and cautious approach to normality after a year and a half of difficulty and was welcomed by everyone in attendance.
We would like to thank all who contributed to the success of the day and to all those in attendance who adhered to the health protocols in order to ensure that all could enjoy the afternoon safely.

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17 July 2021


The Hall has finalized plans to hold its' annual Band Day this year with a much revised, safe, new look.   There will be no large musical or choral groups as these have not had the opportunity for the past 18 months to get together and rehearse and are even now under severe restrictions.   However the day will feature music on the Bandstand on Sunday July 25th from 1:00 - 4:00 pm and as usual spicy sausages, hot dogs and cold drinks will be available to enjoy.   Unfortunately our world famous strawberry shortcake will not.

To make up for that Two Island Brewing will have a beer tasting for $5 with all proceeds going to The Hall.

This event will be sponsored by:   Crossroads Co - Op, Two Islands Brewing, Wheaton's Irving and Municipality of Cumberland with our grateful thanks.

All participants and visitors will be encouraged to follow the current safety protocols so we can all enjoy this much altered Band Day safely

The event is weather sensitive of course so we hope to see everyone on a bright, sunny Sunday afternoon.   In the event of rain, the event will be cancelled as there is simply no safe interior venue to which it can be transferred and we hope to see you all at the bandstand.

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06 July 2021


As infections drop, vaccination levels rise and restrictions ease The Hall is making plans for reopening activities associated with, in and around The Hall.   Movies will be returning in the near future which will abide by restrictions in place, seating will be limited, reservations will still be required and health protocols will all be observed.

In addition it is hoped that Concerts in the Park will be able to return, hopefully by as soon as July 18th.   Success of these will depend on the cooperation of the public and their willingness to observe the protocols on outdoor gatherings.   Events will be monitored and if it is observed that behaviors hazardous to the public good are evident, the hosting of these will be reassessed.

With the anticipated success of the park concerts, plans are currently underway to hold a much modified Band Day on the last Sunday of July.   The event will be held between 1:00 and 4:00 pm and will of course include the sale of sausages and hot dogs, soft drinks and water.   Unfortunately our world famous strawberry shortcake will not be available.

The entertainment offered will have a different look and sound as well as larger groups are still not able to rehearse indoors and no band/choir is likely to be willing to perform in public after having spent a year not being able to practice together at all.   Further details on Modified Band Day will be announced as they are worked out.

But as a final word, we would like to express our appreciation to all who have supported us through these last difficult 16 months.   Your viewership of our Social-Distance concerts and virtual open mics have kept music going in our area for many of the people who truly enjoy performing for and with you. 

Your Parrsboro Citizens’ Choir in particular would like to express their thanks for your enthusiastic acceptance of their performance of  “Farewell to Covid-19”, a virtual performance of a hopefully uplifting ditty written by members of the choir after having been launched by Randy Mosher.   This particular one of the six virtual performances completed so far has almost passed 49,000 views on YouTube which is simply staggering.   So thank you all.

A final word:  continue to observe the protocols in place; be well and be safe.

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17 June 2021

You can still take out a membership in The Hall and be part of the exciting revival of this iconic structure.  Long in use for the needs of the community, The Hall continues to progress forward and all are looking forward to the restoration of all the practices, performances, films, art shows and other activities.    So be a part of it all.  Go to our membership page and fill in your membership form for this year.   And we will see you all as soon as it is permitted to safely to so.

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11 June 2021


Work is now complete on the clapboards on the bell tower, and the new front window is installed. Another step forward for The Hall and another small effort towards its' preservation for the community. A work party of volunteers will obviously soon be needed to tidy up the paintwork but what a great new look.

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