What's This When It's At Home?
Went out ORB hunting in the dead of an overcast night this eventide..

Every time I flashed the camera there were myriad 'sparkles' (tiny points of light) in the air around my beating heart. This had NEVER been witnessed before (but I am a newbie to this fascinating sport). I though to myself that there would be some interesting images from this delightful phenomena. Guess what? Zip! Just a few desultory orbs (although one was a new variety to be indexed). I will follow up with a more thorough report later.. However, one thing is certain - there's more to this than meets the eye. Note the little orb up there as well? It goes without saying that this amorphous 'will-o-the-wisp' thing was NOT seen at the crime scene!

Let me make this VERY clear - the apparition only appeared IN THE PHOTOGRAPH.


I took x62 pictures systematically along the earie woodland circuit which is my test zone (to be repeated regularly for a long time to see if any patterns emerge). The shot above was the only one of it's tribe to feature some 'pearls of the air' (vehicles of life?). Also, if you want to go 'Blow Up' ( an old movie ) about all this you might notice that there appears to be a face in the ectoplasmicesque cloud. 


I imagined something looking through from another dimension, keeping an eye on my disturbance of the night :) - however that is as it may be..

std  ORBCross ORB

Button ORB


ORB Swarm

Another ORB Swarm

Suburban ORBS ( notice patterning )


The tiny SPARKLERS ( mentioned at the start of this report ) are my next target -
there MUST be a way of recording these myriad little devils for you all to see?

Oh, I nearly forgot - by mutual invitation I brought one of the little orbs
home with me to hang out for a while - a magical experiment really.

Lillian will NOT be amused when she finds
out that I have kept my promise! :)

PS: Face 2

( made me shiver - right at the end of this item! )


( and.. there are more - time for bed )

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