Japanese Daisen-yaki

From Magokorodo, an ebay seller, who sells Daisen ware.

" Daisen ware:
It is the Daisen ware origin that the 12 generation of Daisen Temple Zen-Ku chief priest made pottery.  
Toshiyuki Suzuki revived Daisen ware and kiln was opened in 1990.  Toshiyuki Suzuki is continuing making the original simplicity which Daisen ware has and the work which wove in present age feeling still now."

I honestly had not realized how hard it would be to find information on Daisen ware, as I only started looking after making my first purchase.  But as it has it seems it has only existed in its modern form for roughly 20-40 years, it is actually not that surprising.  I say 40 because when  reading the Bio on Toshiyuki Suzuki, there is a line stating that Daisen Yaki kiln was established in 1970.  

Though I am not sure I have ever seen Daisen-yaki piece created by an artist besides Toshiyuki Suzuki.  

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