Cost, Membership and Discounts

We are reworking our training format, so the information below is outdated. Costs for upcoming classes will be similar, depending on facilities. 10/5/18

(If you were sent here by Facebook because of an old Black Friday add, we appologize. It won't let us delete it...)

Classes / Seminars:

Classes and Seminars are topic based one-time learning sessions. They will usually incorporate stress training, live fire and dry work. Members get a very significant discount.

Non-Member Cost

1/2 Day (3-4 hours) - $100

Non-Member Full day (6-8 Hours) - $200

Non-Member multi-day - $150 / day

Member Cost

1/2 Day - Two Card Punches ($30-$50)

Full Day - Four Card Punches ($60 - $100)

Multi Day - Four Card Punches per Day




Notice: We are remodeling the curriculum!

The membership price and duration will be changed, so we are not selling any new memberships for the time being. Of course, existing memberships will still be honored, and they will not expire. We will update the costs below once the dust has settled.

WE WILL PAY YOU for being committed!

Here is how it works: Members who complete their punch card before the expiration date get a rebate as a reward for their commitment.

You will have a grace period to use your hours before they expire and you lose your rebate. It will be 1 month for the 3 month plan, 2 months for the 6 month plan, and 3 months for the 12 month plan.

Share your membership.

A membership can be used by as many people as you would like. Buy one for your whole family, or you and some friends can split the cost. We just punch your card for each person that trains that week. This is cheaper, and getting the rebate is a breeze!

Bring Friends and Family.

It doesn't matter if you are a member or not. When you bring someone new with you, you get 2 free weeks of training. You can use them yourself, or split it with your friend so both of you train free. That is a $50 value.

We accept cash, credit card or check.

Email to purchase training or memberships. Tell me what you want and how you want to pay for it.