The Creator of the Guillotine

Dr Joseph Guillotine is the inventor and creator of the infamous guillotine. The dramatically noted "evil" machine, was actually made out of kindness to those about to be executed. It could kill someone quickly (around 2 seconds) and without them seeing what was coming. when you are put into the guillotine- your hands are tied behind your back and you are lying face down staring at the basket waiting to catch your head. The blade of the guillotine was far from light, around one hundred pounds falling from a height of almost seven feet was supposed to kill you swiftly and humanely. but the invention still struck fear into the hearts of all of those who have seen someone die by it. That definitely made it a huge part in the French Revolution.

After the guillotine was invented it was used for all different classes of people, whether noble or poor, to them they all deserved to die humanely. The guillotine was in fact, invented for that purpose.

Even though they where going to die, many of the people about to be executed  where known to walk proudly up to the guillotine and face death with a brave face. Those where proud enough to stand up for themselves until the last second until they died. And should they have been killed manually with an axe, the executioners could choose to be cruel and take expecially long, which they where known to do with people who looked to proud.  But with the invention of the guillotine- not only did it make people feel safer about doing such things, but it also made the others involved more brave seeing them do so.