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Origins 2017 Games Schedule Planning

posted Aug 27, 2016, 4:08 AM by Tim Kennard
Origins 2017 is opening up its scheduling process for games on September 1st. I will be submitting at least a skeleton for our Club that will have 4 tables running all 13 sessions. We hope to secure the Governor's Suite again for our games. It's perfect for us. But, to make my case for getting wite, we must get enough GM's to run 4 games per session for the entire convention to be able to justify the request. So, whether you want to run a Classic, 2.0, or Hybrid DS game, or some other system, like Sean running Iron Claw or his Pony event, please help fill in this sheet right away. Remember: if you run at least 4 games (16 hours), you get a free badge; if you run 8 games (32 hours), you can also get 1/4 of a room or $60 in vouchers. For those GM's who would run games but couldn't afford to attend, running 32 games would certainly make this more affordable. Plus, if 4 GM's all do this who want to room together, we'd have an all DS hotel room for their use. So, get your stuff in here right away. No time to waste. You must be a Guild member to run games under our official Origins Club banner.

Here is the link to the Google sheet: