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New Sets and Starter Deck Bundles Being Readed for the Printer

posted Jun 1, 2016, 8:24 PM by Tim Kennard
Well, we're finally there. I am putting the final touches on the order to submit to the printer for the new sets and the new DS 2.0 Starter Deck bundle. I'm also submitting a few cards that will be available as singles, the newest of which will be a Universal card called Whisker Senses. This card is usable by any form with Whiskers and provides a bonus to non-visual Perception rolls. I've very excited to get the new cards in production.

As I've stated before, I am not able to afford a Dealer's Booth at Origins. So, orders for the new cards must be placed online though the By Dragon Storm! link at the left, or by emailing your order to If you will be attending Origins, we will have tables for our games in the RPG area in the hotel meeting rooms, as usual. We are supposed to have all of our tables in the same room. We'll see if they actually made that happen. At any rate, if you place an order and will be attending Origins, you can pick it up from me at the Convention and avoid the shipping costs. If you're doing this, you must email your order. If you place it online, the shipping charges are automatically added in. As soon as the cards arrive from the printer, I'll make them available in the store and post the final list here so orders can be placed.

I hope to see you at Origins!