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Calling for Card Suggestions for the New Racial Sets

posted Jul 15, 2016, 10:56 PM by Tim Kennard
Hey, everyone! I am currently working on some brand new sets, one for each race. We already have the Orcs, but none of the other races have ever had a set that help define and individualize them. There have been individual cards published in the Classic and Deluxe cards, but nothing as yet in DS 2.0. So, I am working on the other 10 Races: Human, Farlian Elf, Ebony Elf, Das Karr, Foxwings, Dwarf, Canid, Tigrean, Vermite, and Vorn. We have a good start on Dwarf, Canid, Tigrean, and Vermite; but, we really need suggestions for the rest. If you'd like to be involved in the process, please submit your ideas for consideration. Here is the link for submitting card suggestions for the Racial Sets.

Just fill out the form for each card you are suggesting. Please be as specific as possible in giving your ideas, including as much info as possible on timing, card points, effects, card name, etc.